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Premier League Manchester United
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Has anyone have any idea if scholes will go into coaching after he retires? Has he intimated his plans anywhere in interviews (they are few and far between, he is a fairly private bloke).

I mean, coaching and not management, he would be a great addition to any teams back room staff in helping the younger players in a club or even country.

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posted Aug 20, 2010

A general point more than one related to Scholes, but people nowadays talk about 34 & 35 year olds in the same that that a decade ago 40 & 41 year olds were talked about.

35 really isn't old - the application to have played top level football for 15 years certainly is, as is coping with the obvious niggles & injuries you would've accrued -

But I find nothing admirable per-se in a 35 year old still being able to play. I'm 34 & in the best shape I've ever been in, thousands of 35 year olds are twice as fit as at 25.

Sheringham, Windass & James playing beyond 40 is an achievement, where I imagine age probably will catch up with you but you'd think all 35 year olds spend their afternoons sat in their own urine watching countdown, if you listen to some commentators.

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posted Aug 20, 2010

Scholes is no more a dirty player. He is a bad tackler everyone knows this. But there is never anything really malicious in it. He is certainly not a leg breaker. It is pretty easy to forgive as he is not someone who tries to end people's careers but a clumsy tackler who more than makes up for it with some of the greatest skills and attributes ever seen on an English football pitch.

For all the haters - seriously give it up would you. Trying to claim any moral superiority over 'your players' is as daft as me trying to claim any 'over mine'. EVERY club has it's gents, it's hard tacklers, whingers and divers these days. ALL OF THEM. But trying to sully Scholes by making him out to be a nasty cynical player typical of Man U as opposed to your angels is just daft.

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posted Aug 20, 2010


'you'd think all 35 year olds spend their afternoons sat in their own urine watching countdown, if you listen to some commentators.'

LOL!!!!! Classic!

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posted Aug 20, 2010

But as you get older, your ability to

o play 2 games in 48-72 hours is lessened

o healing time from injury is longer.

PL match on Sunday, CL match on Tuesday/Wednesday - Scholesy cannot play in both.

We need a backup play-maker. Who ???

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posted Aug 20, 2010

I've never liked the hype Scholes has received, there's no question he's a top professional, but he's never been truly world class.
If someone is world class they dominate and influence the most important games, like in world cups, CL finals and in the top PL games and Scholes has always fallen short at this level.
He's a flat track bully in the same mould as Lampard. Scholes best years came alongside Roy Keane, who was world class, in the same way Makelele and Essien have made Lampard look good.
After 2 games, of which one was effectively a pre-season friendly and the other against a Newcastle team with a past it midfield of Smith, Barton and Nolan, to start going on and on about how he's still brilliant is tiresome.

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posted Aug 21, 2010


'I've never liked the hype Scholes has received, there's no question he's a top professional, but he's never been truly world class'

The problem here is very simple. Zidane possibly the greatest footballer of our generation thinks Scholes is the best midfielder of his. This is y'know Zidane who actually played against him - can spot another maestro when he sees one from real live actual experience of being a pro + won literally everything - EVERYTHING - at club and international level so kind of rises above anonymous blogger or armchair pundit. Zidane said it - it's true - case closed.

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posted Aug 21, 2010

I hear Plum Tucking's argument against what Zidane has said about Scholes. Using some of Pele's silly comments as a case, that being a great player doesn't give you more validity than the next person, when commenting on other footballers. It would be the same argument i would have used in the same situation if i was trying to make your point. (not that i would think it is true). However, all these guys can't be wrong.

Players quotes.

Micah Richards : "He's always in the right position, always seems to be at the end of the box when the ball drops in. The complete midfielder - when he's fit, he's the best. Some go missing but he's in the right place at the right time. He's my favourite player of all-time, unbelievable. If you give him a chance it's a goal, isn't it?"

Glenn Hoddle : "There isnt a player of his mould anywhere else in the world."

Terry Venables : "Hes the best one- or two-touch passer in the country. He sees the game unlike any other player."

Alan Shearer : "If you ask footballers to pick out the player they most admire, so many of them will pick Paul Scholes. He can tackle, and his passing and shooting is of the highest level. Hes the most consistent and naturally gifted player weve had for a long, long time."

Eidur Gudjohnsen : "I'm more an admirer of Paul Scholes than I am of Ronaldo. Ronaldo is a fantastic player, but he has 10 other great players around him every week...Scholes is one of the most complete footballers I've ever seen. His one-touch play is phenomenal. Whenever I have played against him, I never felt I could get close to him."

Edgar Davids : ""Every one of us (midfielders) is just trying to become as good as him. Everyone can learn from Paul Scholes."

Edgar Davids : "I'm not the best, Paul Scholes is."

Tony Adams : "I really rate Paul Scholes, because he hasn't got the high profile of many of the Manchester United players, he doesn't get too much attention, but he is one very good player. He is an intelligent player, he works hard and he scores some great goals. He is not flamboyant and is a quiet lad off the pitch but he is a tremendous asset to Manchester United and to England. He has already got my vote as player of the year."

Cesc Fabregas : "He is the one whose level I aspire to. He is the best player in the Premier League."

Patrick Vieira : "The player in the Premiership I admire most? Easy - Scholes."

Thierry Henry : "I can't understand why Scholes has never won the player of the year award. He should have won it long ago. Maybe it's because he doesn't seek the limelight like some of the other 'stars'."

Zinedine Zidane : "My toughest opponent? Scholes of Manchester. He is the complete midfielder."

Zinedine Zidane : "Scholes is undoubtedly the best midfielder of his generation."

Sam Allardyce : "There is not a better midfield player in the world."

Kevin Keegan : "What United have got that Chelsea haven't is Paul Scholes. I think he is different to anything else in English football."

Marcello Lippi : "Paul Scholes would have been one of my first choices for putting together a great team - that goes to show how highly I have always rated him. Scholes is a player I have always liked, because he combines great talent and technical ability with mobility, determination and a superb shot. He is an all-round midfielder who possesses character and quality in abundance. In my opinion, he's been one of the most important players for United under Sir Alex."

Ray Wilkins : "I'm saddened because I think we as spectators, not only in this country but right through out Europe and the rest of the World, will be missing one hell of a footballer."

Gordon Strachan : "Paul Scholes has been the best England midfield player for 30-odd years. You'd probably have to go back to Bobby Charlton to find someone who could do as much as Scholes. When the ball arrives at his feet he could tell you where every player on that pitch is at that moment. His awareness is superb."

Veron while at Chelsea being asked in an interview who's the best english player : "Paul Scholes."

Peter Schmeichel : "People say he is a great player, but you have to define what a great player is, For me, it is a player who has a bottom level that means his worst performance is not noticed.If he is having a bad game, a team-mate might feel Paul Scholes is not quite on his game, but a spectator wouldn't notice. Scholes, of all the players I have played with, has the highest bottom level. His reading of the game is unsurpassed.He has an eye for a pass, for what the play or the game needs at that precise moment, that I have never seen anyone else have. He controls and distributes the play and the game better than anyone I have ever seen."

Peter Schmeichel : "Still the best player in that United midfield."

Laurent Blanc : "Scholes is the best English player. Intelligence, technique, strength... all the attributes are there. At Manchester United I saw what he could do on the training field. Phew!"

Michael Carrick : "Paul Scholes is just fantastic. When you play alongside him, you realise what a special talent he is."

Michael Carrick : "He is a legend and he's going to be remembered for a long time. Just to play alongside him and learn from him has been an absolute pleasure. I think he is a footballer's footballer; he has been at this level for so long. As long as he is part of us we always feel we have a chance. We appreciate the way he goes about his business. I have never met a character like Scholesy; certainly not someone who is that good."

Park Ji Sung when asked by the clubs official home page which United player he would like to see in the red shirt of the Taeguk Warriors : It has to be Paul Scholes.”

David Beckham said that, among his teammates at Real Madrid, which included Zinedine Zidane, Ral, Ronaldo, Lus Figo and Roberto Carlos, Scholes was the most admired opponent : "He's always one of those people others talk about. Even playing at Real Madrid, the players always say to me 'what's he like'? They respect him as a footballer, and to have that respect from some of those players is great."

Brian Kidd : "Paul Scholes had the best football brain I'd ever seen in a kid. Let's face it. Paul Scholes is in a class of its own."

Rio Ferdinand : "I can honestly say Paul is the best player in the England squad. For me he is the complete player."

Rio Ferdinand : "For me, it's Paul Scholes. He'll do ridiculous things in training like say, "You see that tree over there?" - it'll be 40 yards away - "I'm going to hit it". And he'll do it. Everyone at the club considers him the best."

Phil Neville : "Paul, for me, is the best player in the England team. It worries teams. Speak to any other international team and they will single Paul out as England's key player. For me, he doesn't get the full credit that he deserves. He is a world-class player and deserves to be up there with the likes of Zidane and Figo."

Gary Neville : "I wouldn't swap Paul Scholes for anybody. He is quite simply the most complete footballer I have ever played with. He is the best."

Gary Neville : "Paul Scholes is the best player I've ever played with. There's talent in every part of his game."

Steve Bruce : "He's the best player in Britain in my opinion and he has to get himself fit just before we are due to play at Old Trafford. I cannot pay Paul a bigger compliment than to say that he's the most complete footballer in the country. The best bar none."

Roy Keane : "An amazingly gifted player who remained an unaffected human being."

George Best : "To be honest I think England have lost their best player. Certainly he's the most consistent and naturally gifted player we've had for a long, long time."

Sir Bobby Charlton : "I am sorry for England because they don't have any player like him. You can talk about others but there is no one else like him. He is the best technical player England has without any question. He could have had a lot more caps if he had carried on. And if I was the manager he would have ended up with more than I did easy"

Sir Bobby Charlton : "Hes always so in control and pinpoint accurate with his passing a beautiful player to watch."

Sir Bobby Charlton : "Paul Scholes is my favourite player. He epitomises the spirit of Manchester United and everything that is good about football."

Sir Alex Ferguson : "Very few players can do that, but Scholes is one of them - and I knew he was one of them. That's why, without question, I think Paul Scholes is the best player in England. He's got the best skills, the best brain. No one can match him."

Sir Alex Ferguson : "He has an awareness of whats happening around him on the edge of the box which is better than most players. As a kid he always had a knack of arriving in the penalty area just at the right time, but hes proving just as effective from outside the box because hes using his experience in the right way. It doesnt matter who I am thinking about bringing into my midfield, Paul Scholes will be included, as he would in any side in the world."

Sir Alex Ferguson : Sir Alex Ferguson gave evidence in court on behalf of one of his former trainees and listened to the prosecution barrister's list of United's top players.

"You've missed Paul Scholes - and he's my best player," Ferguson chided her.

CRISTIANO RONALDO - "He is a fantastic player - a key player in many games. He helps the team a lot. You learn many things from him as he is a mature player and has been at United a long time. It is always fantastic to play alongside someone of his quality."

ANDREI SHEVCHENKO - "They have two of the world's best young players in Cristiano Ronaldo and Wayne Rooney, but the player who most impresses me is Paul Scholes. He is United's most important player, he makes most things happen on the field. He is a legend, as is Ryan Giggs. The older players help guide the young players and give them balance."

GORDON STRACHAN - He can score goals, hit crossfield passes, play one-twos, beat people and win headers in the opponents' box, so if you take that whole package I don't think I've seen anybody as consistent - and he's been doing that for 10 or 11 years."

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posted Aug 24, 2010

The case rests. Scholes is the best. FACT.

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comment by Jayme (U14595564)

posted Aug 27, 2010

Paul scholes is the best center mid in the world fact! you can have ur xavi's and ur pirlo or whatever his name is no one compares not scared to get stuck in and have a shot or a pass that seems impossible nothing is for scholesy!

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