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ATP Matches of the Day - 13/08/10

Masters Series
by pottiella (U7028587) 13 August 2010
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A daily update on the key matchups to look out for in the upcoming day of play on the ATP Tour.

**Matches will be ordered by approximate timing of play rather than appearance by court. Therefore there may be some overlap of matches.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Toronto Masters ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

ROGERS CUP, Toronto QF - The field is becoming so competitive that it is hardly surprising we lost some high seeds yesterday in favour of in-form players who did come into Toronto rusty.

Today though, the Big 4 carry on into the quarter finals with four formidable challenges awaiting them, and it would not be any more surprising that yesterday if a one or two of them fell to lesser ranked players.

The uncertainty is refreshing and the prospects are tantalizing, for what should be four edge-of-the-seat matches to decide the semifinal lineup.

Centre Court - Andy Murray vs David Nalbandian
Andy Murray may be the defending champion, but Nalbandian is arguably the most in-form player in the world at the moment; and for all his experience, the ranking difference means very little in this match. on the other end of the scale, Murray's form has been worryingly off-kilter and inconsistent. The balance is in that, all this considered, he has shown sudden sparks of his old effective game during the tournament, courtesy of his natural comfort on this surface and the conditions. The question is whether he can maintain it which he could not do against Monfils. If he can, we are in for a cracker of a match; but recent events suggest Nalbandian is looking at his second consecutive top 5 scalp, and in much easier fashion than yesterday - leaving Murray to drop to no 5 on Monday.

Not Before 19:30(BST)
Centre Court - Rafael Nadal vs Philipp Kohlschreiber
Although the world no 1 has yet to drop a set, his first two matches has exposed some rust in Nadal's game, such that Anderson (to his credit) managed to come back and almost force it to a 3rd set. While Kohlschreiber can be of a similar calibre to Wawrinka of Nadal's first match, he does have a certain tenacity (when he wants to) that Wawrinka doesn't, and this will test Nadal if Nadal arrives with chinks in his armour. The chances are though, that Nadal will still be one step ahead, and Kohli is several times more likely to implode than any blip Nadal might have, so except another straight sets, albeit still tightly fought, win for Nadal.

Not Before 00:00(BST)
Centre Court - Roger Federer vs Tomas Berdych
Perhaps the match of the day in terms of uncertainty and weight of significance, Federer and Berdych face off in a rematch of their Wimbledon clash that saw Berdych overthrow Federer on the latter's most favoured grounds. Federer may be far more warier than he was at Wimbledon, and Berdych has himself shown to have holes to punch through recently; so this could be even closer and far more unpredictable than anyone could have hoped for. Tough to call on the basis form since AO, but Federer will always have that bit more experience to draw on. Federer to slip through in 3.

Followed by**
Centre Court - Novak Djokovic vs Jeremy Chardy
For all of Djokovic's straight sets victories, the reality is that he has been a little all over the place, much like Murray - sparks of brilliance that keeps them in the top 4, but plenty of room for the opponent to capitalise and cause the upset. Hanescu should not have been a match, yet pushed Djokovic on serve enough to suggest that Chardy - already take down two top 10 players to get here - is perfectly capable of doing what Hanescu and Benneteau couldn't. However, Chardy himself has thrown away chances and is still too inexperienced at this level to be a sure thing, even if he is playing some sharp tennis hard to pierce through. For all the pressures of getting to a Masters semifinals, Djokovic has scraped through enough times to be able to do it again.

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posted Aug 13, 2010

Thankyou. We have a big black cat that won't let anyone go to sleep before 14=00 so Berdych/Federer will do nicely.

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posted Aug 13, 2010

Biscuits: I thought that too! at least we were spared the close-ups of his teeth...kind of puts me off the food!
Anyway, back to the tennis: tough one for Fed tonight and Djpker might have to grind it out against Chardy but presumably a night match will be easier on his allergies..

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posted Aug 13, 2010

that,ll be 8pm for me then,,magic <biggrin>

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posted Aug 13, 2010

Will be interesting to see if Federer has a game plan with Annacone (I have often, not always, had the impression he has gone out and just seen how it goes). That said, I suspect this match is unusually not on Federer's raquet. If Berdych hits very hard and its a day when they stay in, there's maybe not a whole lot to be done about it.

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posted Aug 14, 2010


Seeing as how we're gonna have to use this
post (narrows eyes and glares at Pottie)

GOOD LUCK TONIGHT ANDY <zen><zen> Ohmmmmmmmm


<run> <run>

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posted Aug 16, 2010

"Murray will absolutely destroy Nadull tomorrow, it will be glorious. When was the last time Nadull even beat a decent player on hard? He can defeat chokers and mediocrities like Wawrinka and Kohlschreiber, but Murray is way too good on this surface."

NID. Nadull is nothing but another top 10 player on hard and any decent hardcourter will always beat him. And Toronto is slower than Cincy and the USO as well... bodes well for the "greatest hardcourter in the world" and "clear favourite for the US Open", hahahaha.

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posted Aug 16, 2010

Nadal beat Soderling in January 2010 on a hard court : I imagine that even you can concede that Soderling is a "top 10" player on hard courts, although I expect you will find a way to worm out of that concession,

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posted Aug 17, 2010

Yes I can, and rather easily. It was a meaningless exhibition match.

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posted Aug 22, 2010

I think it's very plain to see that Nadal is proven in every way that it's possible to be . Of course some folk won't be happy unless he wins every match 6-0 6-0 6-0.
Whilst merrily and happily littering this board with double standards . You gotta laugh !!

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posted Sep 12, 2010

Clear favourite for the U.S Open indeed . And so it comes to pass. Doubters have the grace to blush at least.

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