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Gay beats Bolt at Diamond League

by TOAO FN (U14376673) 06 August 2010
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followed by the rest of the field.

9.84 Gay winning time.

Wanted to be first with the news.

Lolo Jones should have been DQed.

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posted Aug 7, 2010

can someone explain what this means?
"Powell, unable to race on Friday because of ongoing back problems, was the last man to beat Bolt over 100m, two years ago in the Swedish capital.

It was in that race Bolt set the current 100m world record of 9.58s and was the last time he defeated Gay, one year after their first head-to-head in New York in 2008. "

two years ago in a race he got beat bolt managed to set a world record?

that's just rubbish writing.

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posted Aug 7, 2010

Tyson will give 100% any day and every day,you don't beat him easily unless you are doing the same..Bolt was beaten from the start of the race and tied up when he saw tyson moving away..

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comment by etuoyo (U14365746)

posted Aug 7, 2010

Bolt is not at his best no doubt about it. However, let us be honest he has never been put under real pressure like he was against Gay. At the Olympics he was never under threat. When he set his first world record in (New York) he had a big lead on Gay from the start. When he won the world title last year he was already well clear at 20m. When he lost to Powell at Stockholm he was behind but you sense he doesn't take the challenge from Powell on the circuit the same way he takes it from Gay. If he loses to Powell on the circuit people will just say Powell will be unable to do anything when it matters. With Gay it is different. People know he is a championship performer so if he beats Bolt on the circuit people will stand up and say wow maybe he will do it again when it comes to the championships.

So this time with Gay ahead Bolt was put under real pressure for the first time since he became world recorder. And he really tightened up and could not respond.

Yes Bolt is not 100 per cent (neither is Tyson) but do not take it for granted that Bolt will win when it comes to the World Champs next year if they are both fit. If Gay gets a break at the start Bolt may tighten up and not be able to run the type of time he can when ahead and relaxed.

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posted Aug 7, 2010

Great Post Etuoye

I totally agree, it reminded me of 200m 2007 in osaka, when bolt was behind gay, he was quite tight (altho he was still a novice).

In berlin BOLT got teh best start out off all, and killed the race there and then. Granted Bolt needs a slow start for GAY or even Powell to have a chance of winning.

Also, alot has been made of powells finishing, especially versus Gay, but Gay is Such a good finisher maybe he makes powell look bad.

I think its a shame people diss powell, although he runs sub 9.9 and people on his case for getting caught.

However, when a young frenchy runs sub 10....

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comment by lsabre (U1743466)

posted Aug 7, 2010

I would like to point out that Tyson Gay's winning time of 9.84, and by extension Usain Bolt's runner-up of 9.97, merited a lot more taking into account the cooler evening conditions, the relatively slow more distance-oriented track and the still windy conditions (0.0) at the time of the race in Stockholm.

If the race had taken place somewhere like Zurich, I reckon that Gay's time would have been around 9.76 to 9.78 or thereabouts (even more so with a slight taiwind behind), so I don't think it was accidental that all other runners in a top quality field came home in 10.10 or slower... Just to get a little better perspective of the race that gripped our attention yesterday.

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posted Aug 7, 2010

I was pleased for Gay after all the unfair criticism he got for playing second-fiddle to Bolt. People tend to forget that Gay is the second fastest man in history.

And in Bolt's case, well it's refreshing to see that the man is human after all, although to still run sub 10 seconds after coming back from injury is no mean feat. It's the kind of reminder to keep Bolt honest and to appreciate that even he can be beaten, if he runs below par on the night.

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posted Aug 7, 2010

Silly people, rejoicing over a "lame duck" getting beaten. Even Gay himself didn't see the funny side of it.


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posted Aug 8, 2010

has bolt peaked

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comment by md_fan (U1645535)

posted Aug 8, 2010

"It was very refreshing watching top class sprinting again, after that dross we were exposed to at the European Championships"

What do you mean by dross? Times above 10 seconds?

Sprinting can be dramatic and exciting regardless of the winner's time. If you have ever stood directly at trackside and watched these guys fly past you would not make such a comment - even a 10.5 second sprinter looks blazing fast in real life. TV does not do them justice at all.

Sub 10 seconds is great but don't disrespect the sprinters who run in the 10 - 10.5 second range - they are still phenomenal athletes.

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posted Aug 9, 2010

md_fan...completely agree...

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