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Live - Hungarian Grand Prix

Formula One
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Lewis Hamilton said he and his good buddy (oh, and McLaren team-mate) Jenson Button were laughing at the on-board footage of Red Bull yesterday, such was their incredible pace. Can't imagine the championship leader and reigning world champion will be giggling like giddy schoolgirls if Red Bull cruise to a one-two today...

But that's looking a white-hot prospect after the dominant Sebastian Vettel and Mark Webber easily locked out the front row in qualifying... unless Ferrari's Fernando Alonso can sneak past Webber on the clean side at the start.

Can he? Can this race - the last before Formula 1 breaks up for it's traditional mid-season summber break - be anything other than procession for Red Bull. Can cheeky chappy Hamilton hustle his way onto the podium?

Unload all your thoughts on everything F1, and let us know where you're watching and who with, here on 606. Let's race...

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comment by katie (U14572425)

posted Aug 1, 2010

I think this whole schumi-barrichello incident has been over-dramatised...the one time a driver actually attempts to RACE they are criticised.

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posted Aug 1, 2010

Most entertaining forum on the BBC. Half of you lot are mad! LOL

Especially the ones who are in love with their driver - brilliant - take a bow 'El Che'

'The Great Alonso' <loveblush>

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posted Aug 1, 2010

"Now that Schumacher is competing on a level playing field, he looks very ordinary. It appears that even he believed all the hype regarding his supposed greatness. Must be a bit of a come down."

You don't win 7 world championships by being ordinary..

I agree it was out of order today and deserved a punishment, there is a cars length but I dont think they messure that with a ruler...

But most people dig at him just because they are jealous of the success he had with Ferrari..

He has not been in the sport after 4 cars have been created, coming in with a very new car and tire set up, in a car which is not fast enough to complete... this is why he is not doing great!... He is also 41 yo, so not exactly at his peek.

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comment by Manong (U14572617)

posted Aug 2, 2010

The Schumacher move on Rubens was potentially lethal. Schumacher was watching Rubens in his right mirror then deliberately moved right towards the pitwall.
The FIA should consider the consequences if another car was exiting the pits, then how could Rubens escape a collision?
Schumacher showed he is currently a mid-field performer and would do anything for a point. Disgraceful!!!!!

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posted Aug 2, 2010

Schumacher's on track activities have always been on or about the limit, think Hill, Villeneuve and Hakinnen experiences, but Sundays episode could have been cuplable manslaughter if the worst had happened. F1 doesn't need that, young drivers do not need to believe this is acceptable. A 10 place grid drop for the next race is not adequate censure!

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posted Aug 2, 2010

I disagree with what Schumacher did, it was a dangerous manoeuvre but I hate the way everyone ALWAYS comes down on him. The thing that bugs me about F1 is how inconsistantly these 'rules' are enforced. Vettel has cut across the path of P2 off the line and run them towards the pit wall in the last few GP's and nothing has been said.

Anyone remember Massa/Webber in Fuji '08? Identical to Schumacher/Barrichello yet nothing was said, what a surprise.

Either punish every offence, or punish none. It's ridiculous.

He's punished because he's Michael Schumacher.

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posted Aug 2, 2010

Sorry, I actually thought there was nothing wrong with Schumacher's move, great close racing! Senna used to do the same but no one said anything about him, did they???

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posted Aug 2, 2010

True, Schumacher is the guy everyone loves to hate, but I think the proximity to the wall is the main thing. Vettel didn't run Alonso anything like as close to the wall as Schumacher did with Barichello, at least as far as I could see.

Referencing an '08 race isn't particularly relevant (even if the incidents are identical) because the rules evolve from year to year. Webber probably should have been penalised then, but that's not the point. Before each season (and throught the season) the FIA review footage of incidents like the Webber / Massa one and decide how it should be handled in the current season.

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posted Aug 2, 2010

If there was another car leaving the pit lane then one allmighty crash would have happend, and i think there would have been serious injury to Rubens. Vet needs a good talking to by the FIA as well because he is another driver that has no respect for other drivers.
Schumi is a great racer but he will do anything to gain a point or defend one.
On another point winning the drivers title dont mean your the best driver, with the vast difference in the performance of all the teams cars it just means you had the fastest car. Schumi eather had the fastest car or he had a N2 to throw a race or back the field up, team orders are bad simply bad.

F1 is all about who can bend the rules the furthest, who has the biggest budget, oh and development.
you cant have a race if its not equal for all cars and drivers.

F1 is exiting but it realy is just $$$ signs and egoes.

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comment by IconYu (U14538410)

posted Aug 3, 2010

You think the Sun will write this up as attempted murder by the Stig?

"During the race weekend Rubens Barrichello was seen to be sporting a 'I beat the Stig' T shirt. This was seen to some as a direct provocation.

'When I walked by the Mercedes pit the air temp dropped even further than when they announced my move to McLaren.' Jenson Button said obviously looking distressed. 'I really shouldn't have worn that present from Rubens'

When the questioned at the Top Gear studio, the Stig's only comment was to repeatedly kick our reporter in the shins whenever Rubens Barrichello was mentioned."

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