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Centre Back Pairing

Premier League Newcastle United
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If Campbell signs today, we’re looking strong for depth at CB. With S.Taylor, Coloccini, Williamson, Kadar and Campbell we have a group of players who will compete over the course of the season for their right to be in the starting line-up and this can only be healthy competition, this will make all of them want to work harder, put in as much effort as possible and try to cut any mistakes out of their game that may get them dropped.

We also have Perch who can cover at CB if needed and Kadar can also cover at LB if Enrique becomes injured or fatigued over the season.

After having two years in English football, I think Coloccini will now step up to the plate. His 1st season in the Prem, he did look slightly out of place, but he was in a team drained of confidence and a team that were leaking goals for fun, from not just bad defending, but overall bad team spirit, and play.
Last season, Coloccini was a fair shout for player of the season, he looked solid and made few errors.
His footballing skills are there for all to see, his control, composure and passing are all very good. What he does lack in is speed, but as Campbell showed us last season at Arsenal and Terry with Chelsea, you don’t need speed to be a good CB.
Some will say that Coloccini only did well because he was playing in the Championship last season, but he came up against some very physically tough players and did very well.
Even in the Premiership, he wont be playing against the likes of Torres, Rooney and Drogba in every game.

Kadar is not ready for a 1st team place yet, but is very decent backup, the lad seems to get better and better with each game I see him play, and he looks so confident out there as well, which is great to see in a player of his age.
He’s a no nonsense defender as well and very tough going into a tackle, he reminds me slightly of a Hungarian Nemanja Vidic (and no not just the way he looks when his heads shaved).

Williamson did well last season also, he’s good in the air and looks confident all the time.
Can he play in the Premier League?
I saw enough in him last season to suggest he can, but although he is tall, he does look quite light weight. But then he did look reasonably strong as well.
We’ll see this season if he can make the step up, but Pompey didn’t buy him when they were in the Premier League for no reason and neither did we.

We all know what S.Taylor can do, and we all know he will put in 110% every game. I feel very sorry for him at the moment, as injuries seem to be cursing him and all he wants to do is just play football for our club.
Hopefully he is back in a short space of time and can overcome his injury problems, and with Campbell working with him, I feel he will be brought along very well and turned into a very good CB and captain material.

We all know what Campbell can do as well, if not then just ask some Arsenal fans, he was superb last season, and hopefully we will see some of the same for us this season.

But if every CB is fit, we have a problem on our hands, who do we play together?

Personally while Taylor is out, it should be:

Campbell – Coloccini

But then when Taylor is back….?
Obviously we need to see how Coloccini gets on in the Prem, but if he plays well…?

I think S.Taylor is a really good RB, and although we have another two, I think he is the better one out of the three…so…

S.Taylor – Campbell – Coloccini – Enrique

That’s a great back line IMO.

And then for away games, you can change it around to make more cover for the back four…and to hit teams on the counter…

Something like…


What’s your opinion??

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posted Jul 28, 2010

I still think he can do really well in the Premier League. His only problem is a lack of pace but as long as he has quick players around him I don't see this as a huge issue.

He has enough experience not to get isolated against quick forwards and his positional sense and strength will make up for most of that.

I think its a good signing in general both for the player and the club. Judging by the defensive performance in South Africa, he wouldn't be that far away from winning more caps.

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posted Jul 28, 2010

Gutted he's left us but hopefully should highlight the need for Wenger to buy another defender + keeper, preferably an experienced player like Hangeland or Jagielka would do the job perfectly

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posted Jul 28, 2010

Is it Newcastle fans complaining about Sol being old and/or slow or WUMs ??

If it is the former then you are a bunch of muppets considering most Arsenal fans inclusing the manager would have loved for Sol to have stayed on with us.

So let me get this right: good enough for Arsenal who challenge for honours but not good enough for Newcastle who just got promoted <doh>

Sol's decision baffles me, why turn down Arsenal's 1 year deal to take up a 1 year deal with Newcastle ? I thought he must've been offered 2 years or more.

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comment by GeoMax (U2100830)

posted Jul 28, 2010

"Is it Newcastle fans complaining about Sol being old and/or slow or WUMs ??"

It's not the Toon fans, we're happy to have him, the posters having a go are fans/wums of other clubs <ok>

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posted Jul 28, 2010

Hes not got a lack of pace really, he can run in a straight line no pretty quick, he just turns at the speed of a boat.

What is Chrissy H doing signing that traitor, shame on him!

He'll probs be decent cover for you though

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posted Jul 28, 2010

Think there is no dispute that Sol can be a benefit to any team, especially to a newly promoted side. Another smart signing by Hughton, especially with virtually no money. It was indidcated before the transfer window that little or no money would be spent, im quitely confident that we've got a good balance of youth and experienced players in most positions on the pitch and we can keep our selves out of the relegation zone. Then again with Newcastle nothing is ever simple. :-/

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comment by U14469614

posted Jul 28, 2010



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comment by U14469614

posted Jul 28, 2010

good enough for Arsenal who challenge for honours but not good enough for Newcastle who just got promoted




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comment by AFCBee (U13722034)

posted Jul 28, 2010

Sheite stop posting. Thats not a request, it's something that needs to happen. You give Man U fans a bad name and that takes some doing.

And P.S Barcelona are the greatest club in the world. Not a fan, but its a fact.

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posted Jul 30, 2010

How can a Man Utd fan say that 'the league wasn't right without Newcastel' last season. What a ridiculous statement, and coming from a Man Utd fan, I'd expect better. So let me get this straight - the league missed the presence of Newcastle, that giant of a club. You mean, the Newcastel that hasn't won anything since the 60's, and hasn't won the title since the 20's......hmmmmm.....nope, afraid you've lost me there. Yes, they have a big fanbase but just because of this, it doesn't make them a true big club. Infact I consider Wolves to be a bigger club than Newcastle.

It's only in England that we consider Newcastel to be a big club, beyond these shores I doubt that's the case. I mention the time when I was chatting to a friend from Italy who laughed when I said that Newcastle were a big club....'but what have they won in the last thirty years' he said.....he has a point. We wouldn't consider an Italian club to be 'big' if it hadn't won anything for over fourty years, would we? exactly.

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