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What next for Floyd and Manny?

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It looks like this fight will never happen, Mayweather is just too scared.

They both probably have 2-3 fights left in them before calling it a day.

Their options are pretty similar in who they can fight but who will they fight and when its all over who will be left with the better legacy?

Potential fights for them

Bradley 147lbs
Alexander 147lbs
Khan 147lbs
Margarito 147lbs
Mosley 147lbs
Williams 147-154lbs (maybe)
Cotto 154lbs
Martinez 154lbs

Have I missed anyone out and what path do you think each fighter will take?

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posted Jul 17, 2010

Thing is, they have to hurry up aswell, because in 18 months time, you could really see Khan, Bradley, Alexander or some other young fighter getting an upset win against these guys.

They will want to retire before getting beat again, especially in Mayweathers case.

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posted Jul 17, 2010

The fighter not on the list that both fighters are avoiding is Berto at 147 lbs, who would be an awkward and dangerous opponent. I am not saying Berto would win, but he could cause problems, that neither fighter would not want to encounter.

There are always two sides to ever story, so I won't read too much into this. But it is dissapointing that this super fight has not taken place. The biggest losers are the boxing fans.

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posted Jul 18, 2010

I reckon Mayweather is scared of manny. he can't see any weakness to exploit and knows that he is the weakest out of the two. he will want to preserve his unbeaten record until he retires and he will say that he is the best pound for pound fighter because of his record, ignoring the fact he has avoided manny. i hope i am wrong because i think it would be a great fight, it has the potential to be one of the best of all time.

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posted Jul 18, 2010

Mayweather needs to speak out as man. He does not want his undefeated record tainted or he does not want to be knock down like Ricky Hatton. Whatever reason he may have but he needs to speak out as man. devilyikessteamsorrytowel

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posted Jul 19, 2010

Khan??? Ha you can take his name off the list until be prooves himself atleast!

Mayweather - Would love to see him fight Manny, not going to happen so Devon Alexander or Timothy Bradley for me although i doubt either of these will be Mayweathers next opponents!

The Pac-man - Will probably go for Margarito as he's already beaten Cotto.

I feel Mayweather did not fight pac-man because he feels he is the one that could upset his unbeaten record although others could aswell.

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posted Jul 21, 2010

Listen to this interview with Floyd Mayweather on a radio phone in guys. The guy who is interviewing him knows his stuff about boxing and he owns Mayweather here.

There is 2 parts to the interview and it lasts about 20 mins so put your feet up and get ready to laugh.

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posted Jul 21, 2010

No. Unfortunately. It's the one we've all been waiting for. May, and his team, doesn't want to risk it. They think that the chances are May would lose. Pac's up for it. He's a risk taker and for him the risk is a good one. He fancies his chances and a lot of us reckon he would win. Let's forget about it and move on.

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comment by aaron (U14561025)

posted Jul 22, 2010

i dont no why mayweathear wont fight manny i think mayweathear would destroy him its the fight everyone wants to c and the money they will get will be huge and it would be a fight everyone would no for 100 years if it doesnt happen it will b a shame

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posted Jul 23, 2010

Watch this interview. It's best interview Video.

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