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Peaking before they should?

International New Zealand
by philsterboy61 (U1809020) 17 July 2010
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While I am glad for a NZ victory against a formidable Springbok side, I hope we aren't seeing a all too familiar pattern here. The ABs once more peaking a year out. I am 50/50 about this. Anybody else feel the same way, or am I just being pessimistic.

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posted Jul 18, 2010

Don't bother going there Kiwi.
You could name plenty of examples but its not worth it.
The fact that he can reel off Englands three massive sporting conquests make him appear desperate.....don't make the same mistake.

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posted Jul 19, 2010

This time it IS different; there is quality throughout the NZ team. Watching on Saturday I just couldn't believe that such excellent and strong SA players were time and again made to look sluggish and short of ideas. And in Weepu NZ have a new gem; he's bulked up quite a bit but still retains fantastic game awareness to link the forwards and backs so effectively.

The WC will be NZ's to lose; but I don't think they will this time.

PS - I'm Scottish winkeye

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posted Jul 19, 2010

The (incorrect) sin-binning was entirely derivative of PDVs attitude in the media - continually defending the indefensible, and last week was a classic example.

GH then was at pains to point out that Lewis had missed the Botha incident, but that AR was "the best referee in the world".

Agree that McCaw got away with an awful lot, however he was given a clear "final warning" after which he was not penalised. You can only play the ref. this is just professionalism.

The Springboks will need to grow up a bit in that respect and work it out, last thing you want is a giant chip on your shoulder about being "victims".

Personally I thought it about evened up for the ridiculous penalty award for Rene Rangers excellent tackle which lead directly to a SA try.

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comment by Rob (U2704284)

posted Jul 19, 2010

The common trait about SH rugby is that someone has always had it better. NZ/SA forget that they created the book on "rule-bending" and whinge every time something doesn't go their way. McCaw has made playing a referee an art form and he is the best player in the world. Coincidence?

I hope NZ can keep this form going until the WC. It will make it a brilliant atmosphere if the ABs are doing well at home

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comment by Dan (U14531400)

posted Jul 19, 2010

Some fair points mate, I have no bias when it comes to rugby though, I am a huge fan of the AB's and SH rugby in general. You are spot on also with your observations re SAFFA and Oz commentators and I absolutely agree that there will always be a little bit of home team bias.

However, isnt a bit tedious continually knocking SH rubgy ? There IS more to rugby than the Tri Nations/Super 15. Ever been to Munster ? Paris ? Murrayfield ? Cardiff ?

From a skill perspective no question they are out ahead but both competions feel to me at least manufactured and lacks the diversity and passion of the Heineken Cup or 6 Nations. Regardless of the team/country watching the same 3 teams play a "league" each year (in reality a 2 team contest between NZ/SA at present) is hardly an exciting competition full of twists and turns.

Dont get your own nickers twisted here but I remain baffled as to why there is not a Pacific Islands team in the competion to add some spice, at least the Argies will give the NZ front rown something to push against I suppose.

No NH or SH bias here just dont think the game stops and starts with anyone wearing black.

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posted Jul 19, 2010

Kiwisparks- The kiwi's are the current Rugby league world champions!!

Are they, are they really, ?ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzZZZZzzzzzzzz, what, oh sorry, well done ok

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posted Jul 19, 2010

They did not however have an open bus parade around all major cities because it was the best thing that had happenned to them for 40 years.
And propel half the team into greatest to ever play the game status.
Just a pat on the back for achieving their realistic goals.

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posted Jul 20, 2010

EWB, you are a waste of space who is boring everybody. Go away you idiot.

From an Englishman.

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posted Jul 20, 2010

He who laughs last- cheers

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