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I was right about Bendtner, and so was he

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I told you he would be world class at the world cup (as he also predicted he would be himself of course).

Goals scored by the WC world class players

Nicklas Bendtner 1
Cristiano Ronaldo 1 (against North Korea, lol)
Lionel Messi 0
Wayne Rooney 0
Fernando Torres 0

He joins an elitest group of players

Hope he scores a pile of goals for Arsenal next season.

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posted Jul 6, 2010

AuHasar: I wondered when anyone would notice the Scandinavian rivalry ok


Who do you hate most?

The Danes, the Norweigans, the Finnish or the Welsh?

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comment by HKBCCAN (U9720409)

posted Jul 6, 2010

RVP will be giving a rest after the WC so he won't even be training with the team till mid Aug. This leave Edurado, Vela (if healthy) and Chamahk to start the season.

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posted Jul 6, 2010

here we go again. season has not even started and one of our worst players gets injured, it could only be Arsenal, come Wenger, sort it, of get some cover thats actualy half decent.

we dont want the same excuses as of last season, you have time to prepare and take into account those injury prone, which in our case seems the whole team at some stage of proceedings.

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posted Jul 6, 2010

What needs to be said because i explained in my comment above, I wasn't confrontational before.

but enough has now been said by the plancton... those who buy the rubbish, keep citing the foolish one time saying... and have no understanding of football...


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posted Jul 7, 2010

AuHasur: Seeing as England have not even beaten Sweden in over 40 years, England are quite easy as rivals for Sweden erm

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posted Jul 7, 2010

Why is Arsenal even worrying about Bentner at this stage?
I thought Wenger was intended to rebuild this team for next season!
There are so many good strikers out there that took part in this 2010 world cup in SA. There are many more who missed the world cup.
Why not do like MC and go out an sign some good players for a change?
I do believe it is about time that Arsenal spends a little money for the aquisition of some high level players type accross the pitch. We need a good Goal Kipper, a big strong fast center and outside back, a good strong, tall and fast holding mid-field player to complement Song,and especially the front line to help Shamak. (Van Persie is OK but too frigile. Bentener is not heathy enough either and is too slow and too weak on the pitch.
Mr Wenger please do the right thing this time around....

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posted Jul 7, 2010

That is not a stastistic to take to the bank.
Scoring one goal among all the loosers you listed is not much of a complement.
Bentner will not score a boat load of goals for Arsenal. He is not and wll never be a Tierry Henry for Arsenal.
Keep in mind even our mid-field players did score more goals than him last year as they have in the past. For a striker that is not what I hope Arsenal is looking for. We can do better I hope.

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posted Jul 7, 2010

HonatSteel you're far too selective regarding simple evidence, and assumption like so many of the doubters.

Arsenal might need a sea change, but Bendtner has been a saviour for some matches for instance against Hull, last season. And as I said before, Bendtners goals and performances dramatically helped Denmark get to the World Cup, so you are another who assumes, without adequate stats to back you up.

Wenger acheived 3rd without spending like Man City, Spurs, and Liverpool - all of whom finished lower down. The plancton who say Arsenal were lucky to get 3rd, obviously only watch football with an infantile attention, and likewise buy all the shallow jingoism aimed at Arsenal, and Arsenal players in the media, that they'd never admit to Arsenals high standard of football season after season, while their clubs suffer season long fits and starts.

The solution is never to spend.. spend.. spend.. that is a simplistic notion, that leads to overspending where risks of incompatibility exist, for example - Robinho/Man City.

Wenger buys players, knowing full well the needs of the player and the needs of the team shoud be met first and foremost.

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posted Jul 8, 2010

Do you think Fernando Trorres should give back his world cup winners medal when Spain win with Torres not scoring any goals?

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comment by mws257 (U14222233)

posted Jul 21, 2010

Bendtner Out for start of the season?

This is great news...Arsenal may score a goal, even might win the game.

Is it possible he could be out for the whole season?

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