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Yossi Benayoun is a decent signing

Premier League Chelsea
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Benayoun is a decent footballer and will be a great squad player to have, he doesn't complain if he's out of position or doesn't start regularly. Yossi plays as an attacking midfielder in the centre or he can play on the left or right wing, he is an average player but has dribbling ability, is good with the ball technically, can cut inside and slide in a decent through ball to the Strikers and score a few goals.

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posted Jul 6, 2010

What are you talking about 'he doesn't complain if he's out of position or doesn't start regularly'?! What are you basing that on?

When he wasn't starting for us last season he complained a fair amount I seem to remember!

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posted Jul 8, 2010

He is a very good player, don't forget a hatrick in the champions league (admittedly against Besiktas) and a decent signing for you lot. I wish him the best of luck at Chelsea.

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posted Jul 10, 2010

Good signing for Chelsea as a squad player, i really liked him, he could be awkward in a good way at times for other teams and he bagged a few goals as well. Would probably suit the Chelsea formation setup better than at Liverpool.

Chelsea only need decent squad players to help them remain competitive and bleed a few young players. We need to sell fringe/useless players (*cough* babel *cough*) and use the funds to buy actual quality.

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posted Jul 13, 2010

A decent squad player. We needed to sign someone like that. It has cost us, but renewing contract with Cole would not be free - assuming Cole was on 4mil per year and Yossi will probably get a bit over 2mil, this is not a mysterious move. Over three years, 12 mil for keeping Cole vs. 6,5 sigining+6,5 wages for Yossi is on the same level. It is not a case of a "free" Cole vs. "paid-for" Benayoun. Roman might have had a say in this, tho.

As some said, we wanted to get rid of some of our older players - but I suspect the reason wasn't just that they were old, they were not performing well enough, either. So we offloaded Cole and Deco and Ballack and we signed Benayoun. He is likely better than either of those two - not mentioning that Deco and Ballack were on obscene salaries as well. Simply by not renewing those three contracts, we have the funds to sign Benayoun and pay him for three years - and there's even some change left.

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posted Jul 15, 2010

J.Cole for Benayon???

I'm puzzled by this. J.Cole is a better and younger player. Money-wise they might cost us same (free J.Cole+salaries = Benayon's fee + salaries); but you can still squeeze that much more from J.Cole in 3 years time, while Benayon would be heading to retirement house in 3 if not 2 years.

I guess Roman just like Yossi more than Joe... Hmmm, why would that be for?

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posted Jul 18, 2010

I think that it was terrible to sell benayoun. Unless Hodgeson is completely changing everything around, he was critical to our game plan - we need a replacement !

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posted Jul 19, 2010

for gods sake this is a CHELSEA board so theres no room for moaning kop fans

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posted Jul 19, 2010

Excellent piece of business by LFC
Joe Cole is younger and has better stats than Yossi.

CFC paid 5.5mill for Yossi & LFC got Joe for 1/2mill more a year than he was getting paid at Chelsea.

we should do more business together (apart from Fernadnosmiley)

I can see both players doing well this season.

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posted Jul 21, 2010

Some say Yossi was Liverpool's best player last season and some say that he struggled to get into the side. Well I reckon that's down to Rafa's strange rotation policy- he seemed to drop players for the next game after they had a great game. For me, apart from Gerrard and Torres, Yossi was always Liverpool's 'danger man' and was mightily relieved last season that he wasn't a starter when Liverpool played Chelsea at Stamford Bridge. Cole is a geeat signing for Liverpool but I reckon Chelsea have bagged themselves an absolute bargain and am confident that he will have a big impact on the team. Everybody's banging on about age (Yossi is 30)but the flip side of that is 'maturity' and Yossi has that in spades. His passing vision and dribbling skills are on a par with Joe Cole but his team mentality for Liverpool was great. People complain about his comments last season but you would complain too if you played a blinder, only to be dropped for the next game (something which Rafa seemed to do on a regular basis- I remember Crouch plaaying a blinder and scoring a spectacular bicycle kick and other goals, only to be dropped in the next game against Bolton (which Liverpool lost)Welcome to Chelsea Yossi!!!

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