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How the Premiership is affecting England

Premier League England
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The problem with the English Premier League is the football is too fast for International level. It's almost a completely different sport. Teams play at 100 miles an hour every week and England Internationals then can't cope when it's slowed right down...the players no matter how good they are in the EPL are being shown up against teams used to holding onto the ball for longer periods.

Is there a solution to this?

Well the excitement of the EPL is great and entertaining but it would be better for England if there was a European league...we need the clubs like Man U, Chelsea, Arsenal etc to break away and form a league with Bayern Munich, Real Madrid and Barcelona etc...
The FA can then set out a blue print for the Premier league 1 and 2 with a reduced 18 teams in each. The Premier league teams can then have a greater emphasis on home grown player development and compete in a Europe. The winners of all the leagues and the European league can then play in Champions league cup.

It is important that not only do more English players come through to play first team football but they get to compete against other European sides so they can be tested against higher opposition. This is obviously something for the future but the FA may have to embrace it if the top European clubs form a breakaway league.

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posted Jul 1, 2010

Benzeguero - remember the English sides failed in the CL too last season. The days of English topping the CL is over:(

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comment by ryan (U14450913)

posted Jul 1, 2010

comment by Benzeguero (U13752346)
posted 6 Minutes Ago

Tbh, the way I see it is this. If we want our national side to become world beaters, the quality of our league has to suffer. We need to have a higher percentage of of english players playing in the premier league and also somehow ensure our youngsters get more game time.

If it became a straight choice between having a strong league, probabl the best or an amazing national side, capable of becoming world champions, I'd take the strong league anyday.

It's not that i don't care about the national side, it's just that I care far more about United and the Premier league doing well in the Champions League than the world cup.


Is the Spanish league not strong? European Champions!

Is the Italian league not strong? World Champions!

Is the German league not strong? Made England look like amateurs!

And exactly how strong was the French league when they won the World Cup?

And talking of the strength of leagues, FC Twente were lead to the title in a so called 'weak' league in Holland by, Steve McLaren, who was publicly vilified the last time England fell from grace. Have they got a weak national side?

Having a strong league should make the native players better, more hard working and install a greater desire to make it.

Do you think the young players do not get picked because of their passport or because they are technically inferior. If that's the case, your point doesn't make sense. If playing young English player who are technically inferior will make the EPL weaker then how will those same players make our national side stronger?!?

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posted Jul 1, 2010

Please stop making excuses for the pathetic performances. Look how far some teams have come when a lot of their players play on different continents etc.

If the PL is too fast then surely the other teams wouldn't be able to handle our attacks?

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posted Jul 1, 2010

I completely disagree with Chris Waddle. If you look at the teams that are playing well at this World Cup, Brazil, Argentina, Spain, Germany. These four teams indicate that it has got nothing to do with where you play football. The majority of the Brazilian squad and Argentinean squad do not play in Brazil or Argentina and the majority of the Spanish and German squad play their club football in Spain and Germany respectively. It just shows that there is no pattern. Plus it is the coaches who have the power to change the way teams set out to play football, and there is enough foreign coaches in the EPL.

There is not enough depth to the English game which leads to lack of competition for places.

One of the reasons Spain have been so successful is that the functional units play together week in week out. Pique and Puyol at centre back, Xavi and Iniesta in the middle (and Villa from next season), Silva and Villa.

If English players start moving abroad the chance of this happening is going to reduce even more dramatically. Currently nobody in midfield for England plays for the same club side. So you have Gerrard and Lampard trying to supply Wayne Rooney and Emile Hesky/Jermaine Defoe. There are no units of players who know each other, for England there are just units of players who go out to beat each other each week.

Reducing the pool of quality English players in the PL is going to do nothing except destroy English football on a club level and an international level.

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posted Jul 1, 2010

Do agree that it would be better if we had more players abroad though I'm not sure it's down to the way we play over here - if this were true how come our teams seem to do pretty well in the Champions League?

I think it's more that would give us a bigger pool of players to choose from with a wider range of experiences; climates, cultures, being away from home (oh boo hoo we're bored) and obviously football styles!

As it is we have 4 top teams in this country to choose from one did badly this year and one didn't get any players selected.

Last thing I want to say, look at Spain always underperformed till recently, didn't have many players abroad till a few years ago. (I think, could do with someone backing me up on that I did read it on a blog here once)

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posted Jul 1, 2010

Premier League is NOT english becos England do NOT play in the sort of way you would see in the PL week in week out!

Why is PL the best League in the world & what made it the best league in the world?

I hope the answer does NOT include the word english becos majority of the things in PL is NOT english!
Bundesliga is German becos Germany play in the style/mould of Bundesliga teams ie Bayern, Werder, Schalke etc.

La Liga is Spanish becos Spain play in the style of teams like Barca/Real etc.

Serie A is Italian becos Italia play in that sort of style & have that sort of spirit/mentality like Inter/Juve/AC etc.

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posted Jul 1, 2010

The majority of the EPL may not be English but the football continues to be played at a high tempo because that is what the fans want to see, so yes it is still English but populated by more skilful players.

In fact, it was often argued that somehow the tempo of our game would be unsuitable for foreign players, they have proved it isn't.

We can only compete the day England players look as comfortable on the ball as their foreign counterparts. Too often it is easy playing England as Algeria proved. Play a pressing game and England players resort to playing the ball to whoever is available rather than trying to be creative.

I don't think it has anything to do with where you play your football it is about how you are taught to play the game. Playing abroad may improve your game it is unlikely to redefine it.

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posted Jul 2, 2010

The reason no one wants to move abroad is due to the high wages that teams in the top half of the Premier League pay. Most footballers only care about money and their bank balance after they hang up their boots. No one cares about medals or looking back and seeing how succesful they were.

Players like Frank Lampard, Gareth Barry and Steven Gerrard all get found out when they come up against players with superior technical nous and have the hunger to win things. They may end up with the bulging bank balance, flash cars and "Good looking" wags but that counts for nothing when at the end of it all all you have is a handful or medals to look back on and the what if's of International glory?? <laugh>

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posted Jul 5, 2010

A lot of you are missing the point. It's not about the Premier league being a better league than others like Spain or Germany it is the way in which the football is played in the Premiership. We watch teams week in week out attack attack attack...and it's great entertainment. If you watch the German league or Spanish league you will see a completely different type of football. It is much slower and there is more emphasis on teams controlling the ball. The players get used to playing like this and then fall naturally into their national sides making them compete better.

English players suffer because of this and can not adjust to the technical abilities of the other nations. If more English players played abroad then naturally we could keep the Premiership exciting but have our best players gain valuable technical experience that would benefit England!

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posted Jul 8, 2010

It's not the EPL it's about how players are produced, in other words the problem is the coaching in the UK.

Until technique is regarded as more important than winning at youth level football, British teams will continue to churn out athletic, strong, committed, technically inefficient footballers.

The whole coaching system and ethos needs a complete overhaul. Investment in the right areas is also required. The number of qualified coaches in the UK is pitiful when compared to the likes of Spain or Germany.

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