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Live - World Cup day 13

World Cup
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Seems a bit early for a 'day of destiny' doesn't it!?! I'm afraid that's what England are facing today though, in their make-or break Group C clash with Slovenia (KO at 15:00 BST).

Only a win for Fabio Capello's men will make certain that they progress, and Algeria and the United States (who also meet at 15:00 BST) are very much in the hunt for a place in the last 16 too.

Later on, we will see the conclusion of Group D, where Ghana face Germany and Australia play Serbia (both games at 19:30 BST).

The winners of Group C play the runners-up in Group D in the next round, and vice versa so, by tonight, England's fate - and their next opponents if they do make it through - will be decided.

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posted Jun 24, 2010

The Germans will have no qualms trying to butcher and hack Messi to death, as they did to Diego in the past. The English side will play as sportsman and give the Argie's a match.

The Germans will play like ruthless cavemen since their current squad has no skilled players on it, except for the polish Pololski

It doesn't sound as if you've watched Germany much this World Cup.

They've looked nothing like the ankle-crunching teams of yesteryear.

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posted Jun 24, 2010

Seems my prediction about Japan is coming true.
What do you expect though? Wenger was the one giving them advice.

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posted Jun 24, 2010

ITsonlyagame - you're right I haven't. I think I saw the highlights of their first game.

It's too painful to watch them because they 'used to' always go out and pragmatically decide to hurt players. They even did it 4 years ago when that pig Klose charged into and injured the Argentine starting keeper. The goalie had to be replaced leaving the team with only 2 subs for the rest of the game and extra time.

I really hopw England crushes them and also, I would like for Rooney to inadvertently smash a volley into Klose's face and nose, leaving him in a bloody puddle.

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posted Jun 24, 2010

Andy, for the first time in my life (41 years) I surprised myself watching Germany play in their opener vs Australia.

They seem to have changed a lot under Löew, even since the Euros 2 years ago, where they made the final even though I'd say they were in transition.

They now try to play patient, passing and creative football.

I also think Ballack's absence is a blessing for the wider football world. Without him leading by example, none of them seem to eager to stick a nasty boot in...up till now anyway.

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posted Jun 24, 2010

That opening line should read:

"Andy, for the first time in my life (41 years) I surprised myself ENJOYING watching Germany play in their opener vs Australia."

Much like you, they've always been the team I most wanted to lose (followed closely by Italy).

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posted Jun 26, 2010

fingers Crossed they loose

Well I am keeping my fingers crossed england loose. You may think this odd as I am english but what does it for me is the sheer vulgarity of it all. Flags on cars and houses is so tacky. The england side are very average and I find it amazing that this is not widely perceived. They are energetic and competent but they cannot pass the ball with any confidence for more than 3 or 4 passes in a row. I don't think capello can rectify this old historical problem but for me what really does it is the hype. They beat slovenia, slovenia that is, and suddenly they have a good chance, i can't see the logic. I really do hope they are defeated and we can focus on the true footballing sides, and the silly flags can come down. it is so tacky its untrue.Good luck germany.

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posted Jun 27, 2010


"Linekar, hanson and co were speaking like we won the world cup. what the !?!?. was i watching a different game. England were poor, improved, but still pretty pathetic. If we play like that in the next round we will lose regardless of whether its serbia, germany or ghana."

You must have been watching a different version from me then. They were enthusiastic because, yes, it was a much improved performance but nobody so much as hinted that it was good enough to go the whole way.
All they said was that it was big improvement but they also said that England need to improve even more to go further in the tournament. Sometimes people like you make me wanna puke, you rubbish your team even when they improve by a mile on the last 2 games.Why can you not acknowledge that it was a big improvement on the first 2 games? Why can you not get behind the team instead of being so negative? We don't need fans like you, have you ever considered moving to Scotland you sound like one of them.

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comment by alfie (U1730704)

posted Jun 27, 2010

Glad we've had to change colours..I reckon England play better in Red :-)

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posted Jun 27, 2010


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posted Jun 27, 2010

I know that this is like beating a dead horse, but why not try?

This game called soccer(football) is badly in need of technological support. The pace today is such that the human eye is not quite good enough. Other sports have already realised this. Today we saw two terrible decisions, non-decisions actually:

(1) The Lampard shot that was obviously over the line, obvious at least, to the cameras and the announcers who had a chance to replay the thing over and over again.

(2) The blatant off-side goal awarded Argentina v Mexico. The score was 0-0 at the time, and actually Mexico were looking the better team.

This discussion always disintegrates into whether the result was impacted. We will never know. However, the REAL issue is that there is no means to review disputed plays especially whenever a goal is involved. Even if each team was permitted only one challenge per game, these mistakes could have been reversed?

FIFA, you are living in the dark ages, hang your heads in shame!!

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