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Controversially Sent Off....

World Cup
by kez_7777 (U14322756) 20 June 2010
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I have never liked Kaka in the slightest but what the hell is going on .... "controversially sent off".

More like some of the most blatant cheating ive ever seen in my life. I'm embarrased for the African..... hes been watching too much european football. Is he still lying there.

As usual FIFA, the folk who actually cant regulate football, the simplest job in the world will let it go.

I cant believe Kaka left the feild, why didnt he run into someone on the way off the park? The world cups been nothing but boredem and a massive anti-climax

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comment by jinius (U7565050)

posted Jun 20, 2010

Another case of conveniently ignoring all the Brazilian diving that went on especially moments before the Kaka dismissal. Not to mention the blatant handball by Fabiano!! I am not surprised as there seems to be one standard for some and another for others. How can I put this without being modded? If you were blind I don't think these differing standards would exist.

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comment by ocube (U1538804)

posted Jun 21, 2010

"I'm embarrased for the African...."

Were you also embarrassed for the fabiano handling the ball twice before scoring or for Lucio rolling on the floor like a 4 yr old girl each time an opponent was within a yard of him.

Another one sided view...

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posted Jun 21, 2010

Lets clear this up from an impartial view.
Kaka never attempted to hit the player, Keita ran in to him attempting to get the Brazilian playmaker booked.

The referee cannot act unless he has seen it. He clearly hasn't in this case nor has he referred to his Assistant Referee, it seems he has only listened to what the Ivory Coast players are saying and acted upon that.

As for Luis Fabiano, he should count himself lucky, yes he did use his hands and the goal shouldn't have stood, but, the referee has made another howler by not noticing a double hand ball and given the goal. Don't blame Luis Fabiano, blame the referee for his incompetence.

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posted Jun 21, 2010

It's pathetic that the red card can't be rescinded. If FIFA were to allow video tribunals to punish cheating then that would cut out a lot of the 'gamesmanship'. It wouldn't affect the results but any player shown to be cheating to gain an advantage should be banned from the next game.

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posted Jun 21, 2010

Cannot believe the criticism of Kaka. My sons are Madrid fans and I watch him play regularly. He is a perfect role model for youngsters. Remember he turned down millions at MCFC because he felt he would learn nothing football-wise there. He was totally blameless and to be honest IC were dishing out some really dangerous tackles..

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posted Jun 21, 2010

I am sorry but I have been watching Kaka for a long time. In Brazil he was never off the floor and as a Santos fan there was only one player who was at that time worse and that was Diego.

Kaka lost the plot yesterday, but before that he lost his concentration. At 3-0 Brazil was calling for more goals to ensure superior goal difference and what we want most a "show de fuetebol". But during a corner prior to the Ivorian goal he tried to make a joke hugging with Drogba. Rightly so Drogba would have nothing of it (perhaps he even felt Kaka was arrogant!). The corner came in just over Kaka who was not watching play and the Ivorians broke quickly for Juan to save Brazil with a last ditch challenge. Brazil players all arrived to defend the corner but not in time to get their shape and Drogba scored a nice deserved header.
If Kaka is so professional why was he then involved pushing a player off the ball. A deserved Yellow. Given that this has happened why then would he risk further involvement.

YES the Invorian should be embarassed, but absolutely you can see the intent on the part of Kaka to make contact, his reaction confirms that he was aware of the Ivorian. I dont condon the Ivorian reaction, but I do not believe Kaka was innocent and was saddened by his conduct after 3-0 yesterday. He let Brazil down and we were fortunate, not to concede more. Lets face it Brazil were fortunate with the 2nd goal.

Against Portugal Dunga now has no choice but to change - GREAT. There are players on the bench that I would like to see get there chance.

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posted Jun 22, 2010

agree with dungolfin. regardless of the details of this incident the level of playacting to get other players booked/sent off seems to be increasing. FIFA really need to look at implementing some sort of post-match review panel that can punish and suspend players for this sort of blatant over-reaction and clear cheating.

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posted Jun 22, 2010

Santista02 I've just watched the reply about 10 times now and cannot see what you mean by intent from Kaka. Yes he was aware of the Ivorian and raised his arm but what else could he do. Put yourself in his position someone is running toward you and is going to run into you. Try and stop yourself from raising your arm. You won't be able to. It'll be there before you even think about it as an automatic response to impact.

Whatever else went on in the game, handball, dangerous tackling this kind of gamesmanship is frankly deplorable but I expect FIFA to do diddly squat about it!

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comment by lee (U14522403)

posted Jun 22, 2010

Kaka wouldn't have gotten sent off had he not pushed an Ivorian player minutes prior. The ref didn't see the incident, so all he had to go on is Kaka's previous behaviour and the Ivorian embarrassing himself by rolling around on the ground.

This aside, it's interesting how hardly anyone mentions Brazil's penchant for diving in the match. FYI BBC: Elano wasn't tackled. He was tackling the other player (quite poorly) and stuck his skin into the sole of the other player's boot. It's too bad he was injured because he's a great player, but frankly he deserved it. If this gamesmanship is what Brazil calls 'the beautiful game' then bring on the hard tackles.

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comment by beano (U14503491)

posted Jun 24, 2010

the problem kaka and dunga have is it's not in their best interests to challenge the second yellow coz if he does, then picks up a yellow in the match against portugal then he won't be allowed to play in the knockout portion of the tournament.

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