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England - Algeria

18 June 2010
Cape Town
World Cup
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England coach Fabio Capello has dropped Robert Green for the experienced David James for Friday's World Cup match against Algeria in Cape Town.

The change is one of three made by Capello, who has also brought in Liverpool's Jamie Carragher at centre-back for the injured Ledley King and drafted in Manchester City's fit-again midfielder Gareth Barry in place of James Milner.

Emile Heskey has been given the nod ahead of Jermain Defoe and will partner Wayne Rooney in attack.

Has Capello got it right? Are you happy with the line-up?

Give your thoughts on the action throughout the night as the match progresses.

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posted Jun 19, 2010

And to think here's a wee urchin down our way been banged up in the slammer for conning 149,000 out of one poor soul!!

Watching that shower perform last night ..... it makes you think eh?


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posted Jun 19, 2010

Agree with all these comments about dropping Heskey for J Cole, then play Gerrard off Rooney where he can cause most damage. Its blindingly obvious. Also, I thought Capello stuck to picking 'form' players. Heskey is a joke. 50+ Caps and 7 goals, doesn't even a get look in at Villa. Anyone else laugh their head off when he tried to do a step-over in the first half!! Have we also seen the last of James Milner also? Also can't understand why SWP is even in the squad let alone getting time on the pitch - must be something to do with Pearce having a word.

Is it too late to appoint Roy Hodgson?!

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posted Jun 19, 2010

It just all went so horribly wrong. Going into this tournament, everything was supposedly set in place for England to mount a serious bid to bring the trophy home. Qualification was fantastic, unbeaten and 9 wins out of 10, we have a manager in Fabio Capello who is well respected around the world and supposedly world class players who will bring it all together on the pitch in South Africa.

But how wrong we have been. Yes, maybe the reaction is over the top and a little predicted but at the end of the day given the talent we have at our disposal, England should easily be beating the likes of Algeria if we have any serious aspirations to go far in this tournament. If we struggle to beat a team who even lost to Slovenia, then what hope have we got against the likes of Argentina and Spain?

England looked horribly lost and bewildered last night, bereft of any sort of ideas in the attacking third. Several passes were misplaced, threatening attacks constantly broke down and the pressure of playing in a major tournament for England really got to the players. But that is part of their job and the most frustrating aspect to what was a dire performance.

These England players live pampered lifestyles, are not in touch with reality, are multi millionaires in mansions and are paid a stupid amount of money to win football matches. It was what they are paid to do so if they aren't, serious questions have to be asked. We weren't good enough on the night and the players lacked passion an hunger.

There was no desire or conviction in our play, no urgency to press the accelerator to put the Algerians under constant pressure. We didn't test their goalkeeper enough, Wayne Rooney looked disinterested and he cut an isolated figure at the end of the match. Emile Heskey is amazingly rubbish and should not even be in the squad.

Yes, the players looked dejected and they should be annoyed because the performance was pathetic, an awful attempt playing for your country. It should be an honour playing for your country, but the players play with fear and are scared to make mistakes. But why? Playing individually for their clubs they are outstanding but collectively in an England shirt, there is nothing there.

From the start I have said that England have absolutely no hope of winning the World Cup. We always bottle it and this tournament looks no different. It was a shambles. Changes should be made but we will not go far in this tournament at all. Disgraceful.

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posted Jun 19, 2010

Wasn't sure whether to watch the England game or commit suicide. Think I made the wrong decision!!!!

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posted Jun 19, 2010

Lampard is a first class bottle merchant. He bottled it big time at World Cup 2006 and is bottling it in World Cup 2010.

The one paced technically limited Lampard is being shown up again. Without the multi million pound assorted cast around him he has yet again struggled to make any impact. His sterile play and lack of energy in the engine room of the team has set the tone for England thus far in the tournament.

His deficiences are hidden at Chelsea by the players around him. What is expected at his club is to work off the excellent play of Drogba in the full knowledge that Chelsea's excellent other CM's will pick up the pieces as he trundles forward at unleashes shots at goal. Lampard does have an excellent shot, but even that has deserted him on the biggest stage of all (again!!!)

Lampard has to be dropped. Cole should play on the left and Rooney as a lone strike ras he does for his club, hopefully linking with Gerrard as they have done in the past to good effect.

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posted Jun 19, 2010

comment by breezebrick (U14119709)

"Wasn't sure whether to watch the England game or commit suicide. Think I made the wrong decision!!!!"
Why? What did you decide in the end?


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posted Jun 19, 2010

I'm with Rooney, who cares if he is paid thousands and our fans have scrimped and saved to go. The players obviously care, its the peak moment of their careers, how on earth does booing help anyone? They know they were rubbish, they dont need to have it rammed down their throats by the people who put so much pressure on them that they are visibly scared to make a mistake. The fans and media have put the fear of god into the players. We have never been close to favourites for this tournament, anything beyond the group stage would be an achievement. Stop moaning and get behind the players, it hurts them as much as the fans if they dont win or play well.

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posted Jun 26, 2010

<laugh><laugh> What a thread. It's just rant, after rant, after rant. Quality stuff. <laugh>

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posted Aug 13, 2010

Aren't vuvuzelas great?


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posted Aug 14, 2010

my shout

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