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US Open
by fedor (U14524201) 18 June 2010
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Aere a bit like michael jackson fans. Obviously follow someone who has been outragousoly morally wrong, and will try and turn it into a positive.

Reading the views, that documentary should have the tiger woods fans droppping off. Since he is playing very poor golf, whom can only judge him on his personal life. Which shows him to be less than normal.

The hypsnosis vietnam does not surprise me one bit, not only was i correct in predicting that he would never win a major again(in 2008, and look whos right). But i also said he was not very gifted compared to alot of the tour pro's. Eradicate his mental belief and you have a very average tour player.

Add the fact that the guy was a even better scrambblee than the car park king seve and you have a game that has no longevity.

Tom watson, the golden bear, ernie els etc, are all naturally gifted sportmens with relatively poor putting. So those repsected players aging has no effect on their already poor putting(relitively poor of course). Tiger woods game is completely reliant on his putting and chipping skills since his iron play id average and his wood and driving play is laughable. Always has been.

Some of the comments make me laugh on here, some people are actually supporting him???What for, his boring golf?? His dull personality??? quote like "hed be a good laugh on a night out" etc shows how moral decently has declined in the western world. Lets be honest he wasnt getting those girls(very low in the food chain type girls) for his looks.

The one good thing that came out of all these scandals was that he could at least be like john daley, admit hes trash and use that as a new gimmick. But knowing him and the evil img try and bring back his boring machine like personality.

Face it folks, woods is not fit to lace the boots of the federers, the klitscko brothers, the michael phelps(trunks) boots.

There are to many hungry young golfers out there far more gifted than woods. It is over, watch how he will fail in this major, bear in mind when he had his indestuctable aura(now gone) he won this by 15 strokes.

I predict he will miss the cut in this one....i suggest you worship some real golfers out there...

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comment by fedor (U14524201)

posted Jun 19, 2010

Laugh it up all you want folks, but that "rise and fall" of tiger woods exposed him worse than i imagined.

Chokeing women? And people on here were supporting this??

I hear time and time again people saying "it non of my business what he does in his past time".

But it is when he geting thrown millions/billions for being a family man/role model.

He wasnt friends with the nice roger federer at aLL, but the evil charles barkley etc. He has children, and they are going to see this as arole model. And its none of you lots business? Hes paid for abortions, which is morally very wrong.

The guy is unbelievable and you still support him over rightous players such as muckleson.

I can hear your arguements now,"i watch him for his golf". Do you really??

I said he would never win another major after the knee injury in 2008. Over two years later the guy looks like he will never win a tournament again, and lose his laughable number 1 ranking.

Leta talk golf, as that is what tiger woods fans like to do, to mask out his morally dubious life. The guys iron pla is shoddy, his driving as always is laughable, and to make things worse his putting and chipping is declining(something i admit he was invincibleat).

So less with the sarky comments and more with trying to rebuttal my arguements...

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comment by jpjames (U6661240)

posted Jun 19, 2010

Mr Woods is a devious character

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posted Jun 19, 2010

Hard to rebutt opinions written in some incomprehensible language.

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comment by Tom (U13703048)

posted Jun 19, 2010

I think I speak for many people when I say that we do in fact watch Woods for his golf, if not, what do we watch him for? I think that what is most remarkable is that for someone who is so wild off the tee, he still manages to win more than everyone else week in week out.

Don't get me wrong, I was very disappointed to hear the revelations about Woods and I think that most people who still enjoy Tiger's golf recognize that what he did was stupid and that he has fallen in stature considerably and I do agree with Fedor on that matter.

However, I don't think anyone who is a Tiger Woods fan believes that they are turning his infidelities into positives and I completely disagree that Tiger Woods fans are 'a bit like Michael Jackson fans'. What Jackson was accused of was far worse than What Woods has done (although I'm not saying Woods was in any way right, quite the opposite) so I feel that that comment was unnecessary.

I agree with Fedor that his game has gone downhill and no doubt because of what has transpired over the last six months and I feel that Woods deserved every bit of bad press that he got. I do however feel that for someone who is terrible with every part of his game except his short game, 95 tournaments is impressive. I think that people can support whoever they like and I am a big fan of Mickelson and the other pros out there who are brilliant at this game.

I also think that Fedor has only acknowledged elements of the Woods documentary that support his argument. Woods was not brought up in the same way as other people or other golfers and I feel that some of his upbringing is reflected in his infidelities (although he has no excuse for what he has done).

Although I agree with most of Fedor's comments about his personal life, I don't watch Woods for his personal life, I watch him for the golf that he plays, even if it isn't conventional. And for a 'shoddy' iron player, 14 major titles and 71 PGA tour victories isn't half bad.

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comment by fedor (U14524201)

posted Jun 19, 2010

Great post tom.

My main point is woods has lost his biggest asset, his metal strength. Golf at top level is 90 percent mental. Hence why els are far more altheletic and superior ball striker to woods has won 3 majors and woods has won 14.

But woods game is not one for 40 year olds. Its take a mental toll.

I also will root mickleson to knock woods off the number one spot and that will be the complete final nail in the coffin.

Im still nervous about st andrews, as that course is built for poor long game player like woods. He can literally spray it anywhere and go unpunished bar the 17th.

You will see woods outside the top ten in two years time, not this prediction...

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posted Jun 20, 2010

This article looks a bit sick with Tiger shooting 66 and a 5 under 31 on the back nine where only five players bettered par. As for boring golf that never has been Tiger's style.

Whoever wrote this rubbish knows little or nothing about the subject.

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posted Jun 20, 2010

Tiger reignites the game <cool>

This is the worst article in history. He's only played 3 or 4 tournaments since a 6 month layoff. It was only a matter of time before he got it together, curtains for the field.

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posted Jun 20, 2010

fedor (U14524201

Your article not only borders on delusion and imbecility, it is also a frenzied attempt to resurrect and invent assumptions that are totally out of scope. What crime has Tiger commited in being the best Golfer ever? Is that hard for short sighted people like you to accept? What is all these about his Game going downhill and his personality shattered? Tiger Woods owns no one anything except his family. He is where he is today because of hardwork, dedication, sheer brilliance and rock solid mental strenght that is second to none. That is THE REASON he has won more majors and big tournaments than any of the current golfers. It is no fluke, it is genuis and that is why most people watch him incuding myself. Enjoy it.

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posted Jun 20, 2010

Well said Boomshakar. I feel fedors comments spring from a very dubious agenda that he is wanting to spread. As you rightly said Tiger's private life is the business of him and his family. His record speaks for itself, no one in the modern game even remotely comes close to it and fedor wants us to believe that this is all due to some mystical self belief that somehow wills the ball into the hole time after time? I don't even count myself as a Tiger fan but I want him to beat Jack's record just to say I witnessed the greatest ever.

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