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Lewis Hamilton nears perfection!

Formula One
by hazsa19MKD (U14332667) 15 June 2010
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This arcticle is largely inspired by theabsolutepits, who yesterday was confused as to why there were not many articles praising Lewis Hamiltons fantastic performance. Well this article aims to recognise a stunning victory.

The British driver started the race on super soft tyres after a sensational qualifying performance that saw Mclaren end the domination of Red Bull in qualifying. However, he started on a strategy that many on this forum thought gave the Red Bulls a clear advantage.

He started well, and kept the quicker Vettel behind him until his first pitt on lap 7. A poor stop from the Mclaren team saw Fernando come out ahead after a measured and calculated battle down the pitt- lane. Hamilton expertly regained this lost position after a mistake by the Spaniard into the hairpin while attacking the race leader Buemi.

During this time he also managed to complete some sensationally fast laps to keep the gap between himself and the Red Bulls below the all important 18 second mark. He pitted for the last time on lap 26, meaning he had to complete 44 laps on medium tyres while keeping the two- time world champion behind him. The Brit also gained on the ever- impressive Mark Webber who had pitted just the once.

On lap 49 he finally took the lead from Mark Webber after another perfect example of how to over-take. All the while, Fernando Alonso hounded and hassled him. The young driver confirmed afterwards that this was the most challenging part of the race, as he simultaneously looked after his tyres and held onto the lead.

Jenson Button again drove really well, and started to pressure the leader after a wonderful opportunist move on Alonso in the closing stages. Hamilton responded with a fastest lap to show his fierce competitor that this weekend, he was simply too good.

Lewis Hamilton showed at different stages that he could defend, attack, and look after his car and tyres in a near- perfect performance that was free of mistakes. He took the chequered flag in a time of 1 hour, 33 minutes and 53 seconds, and later stated that it was a 'sensational feeling' that reminded him of his first win back in 2007.

Lewis has finally proved that he is able to adapt to this years rule changes just as well as anyone. Jonathan Legard, in a rare moment of insight, claimed that the Mclaren engineers had commented on the way he had adapted his driving style away from the flamboyance we saw back in 2007 and 2008.

This all bodes well for the British GP, with rumours circulating that a virtually 'new car' will be brought to suit the high speed corners of our favourite weekend. If you do not yet have your ticket, GET ONE, you may be in for a treat from either of our World Championship winning drivers.

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posted Jun 15, 2010


The way this season is going, we are in for some heart in the mouth do or die racing, no matter what and we would be in for many drivers who have not made it on pole win from another position.

Look at the season, we are now in a place no driver can let up or take it easy now, even Jenson has improved from last year, for me as a basher to say that, this means ALL the main drivers are going to raise their game.

But the most exciting would be Hamilton, without a shadow of a doubt, he now has the frame of mind of a true complete driver, who is hungary, pushed by his team mate and knowns factually he can overtake every driver on the grid.

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posted Jun 15, 2010


The article was aimed at praising a drivers performance in what we all know is a strong car. But we all accept the car is a large part of F1 before we decide to watch it every fortnight.

But regardless of that, I don't think it was as simple as Mclaren= best car = 1-2. There were so many factors in the victory, one important factor was a wonderful drive.


Thanks for the 5 stars, and I agree, there is no danger of a snoozefest, and I love watching Hamilton because he pushes everything to the limit. This weekend he got it right, there will be others where he doesn't.

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posted Jun 15, 2010

hazsa19MKD (U14332667)

Maybe Andrew Benson should be taking notes from this article, he seems to have a real problem with praising Hamilton ;-)

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posted Jun 15, 2010

its because he pushes it to limit why i still get a bit twitchy watching the latter stages of a race if he's leading then after i think dopey pillock he was fine all along best example although not leading the race has the be Monza 2009, cant quite remember if he was successfully catching Button but he was pushing like crazy for sure

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posted Jun 15, 2010

Hazsa, it was my comment on theabsolutepits article that inspired your title though wasn't it? ;)

Great article though 5<star>

FranDaMan, tickets are still on sale!!!

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posted Jun 15, 2010


fully aware of what your article was all about -
i just added my own opinion that with the car advantage the mclarens enjoyed on the day at a circuit that was tailor made for the mclaren"s it should have been a walk in the park for both mclaren drivers drivers --

i personally was suprised they made such hard work of there 1-2 ---

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posted Jun 15, 2010

comment by Pandora's gearbox (U13981284)

don't steal my thunder!! <steam>

I will be honest, I like a mix of perfection and excitement. I do not necessarily have to have swathes of overtaking to make a race exciting, though I can appreciate the views of people who enjoy that side of the race.

Man and machine in perfect Harmony.

I like the balance over a year, with different cars suiting different circuits, overdoing it, mixed up qualifying.

So far, I have really enjoyed this season, and I hope to enjoy the rest of it, with the development race well and truly joined, as there are so many variables, however well the drivers perform!!

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posted Jun 15, 2010


Although I was only claiming two words, you were the inspiration behind this article and my comment.

As for the above, comment, couldn't agree more.

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posted Jun 15, 2010

I think the ammount of hate towards Lewis suggests clearly that he is the best driver out there to beat.

History shows that the most sucessful/talented sportsmen gets the most hate/attention.

As the saying goes: 'You bash those who threaten you most'.

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posted Jun 15, 2010

comment by
SupaSix-1 (U14406530)

In an article specifically to praise Lewis for a great race, you feel the need to contribute with that!

You have ruined a well thought out, well presented article.

Oh, and when it comes to bashing, maybe you could look at your own behaviour before commenting on bashing.

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