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Would you keep Fabregas or do a swap deal with Barca for Ibrahimovic. You would have the best striker pairing in the league possibly Europe? But you would lose your playmaker

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posted Jun 14, 2010

Fabregas will go, in his heart he would rather be playing for Barca next season, no doubt about that, this is the reason Barca feel justified in their pursuit of Fabregas, and to be perfectly honest Arsenal are like a poor-mans Barca, they can't touch Barca in status, wealth, squad, playing squad etc.

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posted Jun 14, 2010

@ Chris (U2460104)- the fulham keeper is schwarzer... andplease don't go rating him based on the game against germany. He has been a great keeper for a long time in the premiership AND he is beeter then ANY of the keepers currently at the emirates.

I do agree that we need to spend the money. I'd let Cesc go for 35m and Yaya toure... we have playmakers coming out of our pores!! Wouldn't want Ibrahimovic though. Wenger doesn't like trouble makers...

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comment by John (U14423769)

posted Jun 15, 2010

Ibrahimovic isn't good enough to play for Arsenal. Fabregas should go to Barcelona and get his few substitute appearances next season, if that's what he wants. Gourcuff or Mesut Ozil would be capable of filling in his role. Just a shame their price tags will soar after the world cup.

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comment by st2000 (U14384907)

posted Jun 15, 2010

comment by AckermanM (U14516095)
posted 2 Days Ago

If there is anybody who behaved badly that's Arsenal and Wenger who seduced young player and his parents by offering him big money back in 2003.
Arsenal took advantage of the fact that in Spain players can't sign professional contract before reaching 17.
Barcelona hasn't received anything for raising great player. When Cesc moved to London he was fully shaped and taught of Barca's style, he was one of our most prominent youngsters and we had huge expectations of him.
Now we just want our alumnus to come back home, luckily so does Fabregas.
Opinions about superiority of Premier League over La Liga are ridiculous.
Seven years in Arsenal without a single trophy it's definitely enough for Cesc, he just wants to make a real step forward in his career, join best club in the world and start winning something. There is no point for him to stay in this kindergarten, with Wenger's policy Arsenal will never win anything.
Cesc was just too impatient, could have waited for his chance like Iniesta and Xavi did, but Wenger vel kidnapper seduced him.
60 million it’s definitely too much but I’m calm and sure that Cesc will make a move, which is the only right thing to do for him. Barcelona can offer him way much more than Arsenal and finally he realised that.
Rumours about Ibra’s leave are pure fiction. Swede will stay in Barca and he will show his greatness in next season.
If your going to post at least get the facts right. Firstly, it's been 5 years since Arsenal won their last trophy, not 7.

We understand if your upset that Fab wanted First Team Football, he got that at Arsenal. Not only did he get that but he also got the nuturing from Wenger - that has made him into the player he is today. Remember, Fab has gradually got better and better - you make it sound as if he was this good straight from your Academy, he wasn't. It was only since te end of this season that Barcelona have started uping the stakes to get him (Purely because he had an immense season - Yes that's thanks to Wenger)

Fab left to get First Team Football, which was likely one of the selling points to him signing a Proffesional Contact with Arsenal. Something that wasn't on the horizon at Barcelona in a long time.

Things have now changed, just this time Fab is in contract - Unlucky.

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posted Jun 16, 2010

tripledoublewinner (U14502660)
You talk sense, for 6 seasons Wenger has wasted the boys talent using him as if he is Vierra like, the boy is too slight, SELL him or get him a big strong/durable/quick partner!...if not let the boy go, afterall he was tapped as a minor!
How would Gooners feel if last year a bigger team, say ManU/Barca tapped up a player like Wiltshire?.....

Wenger stop the double standard.

What an ignorant comment.

Denilson plays in midfield in that role and Cesc has scored 15 goals, hardly the tally of someone shackled to defensive duties.

Ronaldo went to Man Utd when he was 17 and then sold for 80 million so the mancs do it as well, every club does it.

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comment by Nelly (U14242194)

posted Jun 17, 2010

Personally, if Barca come back with a sensible offer (40-50 mill in the current market)then I'd take it if I were Arsenal.

I'd much rather we bought two centre halves and a genuine defensive midfield player with the money than hang on to a guy who's been bitten by the 'even more money over there' bug.

Yes, I know he came from Barca originally, but it's tiresome seeing the 'big two' declare 'they are coming here' whether the players current club like it or not.

And yes, he 'should' win more at Barca, but with 'the special one' now at Real, I doubt that's a 'given' any more. I can see Jose making life very, very difficult for Barca from now on..... ;)

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posted Jun 20, 2010

How would Gooners feel if last year a bigger team, say ManU/Barca tapped up a player like Wiltshire?.....
He wasn't tapped. Barca didn't want him and Wenger saw potential in him, and Barca agreed a fee of about 500,000

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posted Jun 23, 2010

Sell Fabregas yes but not for anything less than the original asking price - 60m. I would not want to see Ibrahimovic or any other Barca players in exchange. Lets hope Wenger learns from this and steers clear of signing Spanish players. It's simple - they come over gain a decent reputation and then jump at the first chance to return home. Real and Barca will always have the money and the arrogance. Far better to sign German, French or Eastern Europeans whose leagues don't have the financial parity of the Premier League. We only want players who want to play for the club - I don't want to see Fabregas prolonging his move for another year with fake badge kissing and back tracking on why he wanted to go. If Barca can't find the money, he is going to be one embarrased young man come August. If he does stay too, it means we are likely to miss out on the likes of Ozil and Gourcuff as one year on they are likely to have moved to new clubs. 60m would be enough to sign Ozil or Gourcuff for 20m, Toulalan for 15, Hazard for 12m and a centre back like Mertesacker for 10m. We weren't far off the pace last season - add these players plus Marouane Chamakh and Laurent Kocsielny and we should have a great chance. Imagine how gutted Cesc would be if Van Persie captained the team to the title while he had to settle for a runners up medal after Mourinho's Real took La Liga!

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posted Jun 23, 2010

How about BARCA trading Messi for Cesc?
Arsenal also deserve to have great players in its club just like BARCA does.
May be Wenger should approach Messi aqually and see how BARCA would respond to this possibility...

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posted Jun 26, 2010

i would not like to see fabregas sold less then 60million , and if he is sold i like to see chamakh and Gourcuff pair up again because they do a excellent work together and gourcuff will do well with others as well , and i think tht he can get a bit more out of theo walcott. But fabregas wuld be stupid to go but i think we shuld get the Gourcuff this summer , because lyon's chairman said "he would break a brank to buy Gourcuff" , and if we dont win anything in the next season fabregas will be gonna and we wouldn't have the players in the next summer transfers. And i think fabregas would turn into the next Thierry Henry , if he sit's on the bench until xavi retires.... But on a good note we will have a good amount of money to spend on players , and i think wenger will bring in some good young talent. But i think to cover up the season's without trophies , we will have to win the champions league and The European Super Cup , which doesnt seem likely with the team we have got now... So SELL FABREGASS GET GOURCUFF FOR 20 TO 25 MILLION AND SPEND THE REST ON OTHER EXCELLENT PLAYER THEN GO FOR THE CHAMPIONS LEAGUE AND THE EUROPEAN SUPER CUP...AND finally show how big arsenal the gunners are!!!!!! (and then we can tap on barcelona's pedro lol)

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