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World Cup England
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I surely cant be alone in thinking Englands whole build up to the World Cup has been massively overhyped. First Rooney gets a yellow card and the whole nation goes in to panick mode that he is uncontrolable and is going to get sent off and loose England the world cup. Then today Capello has a go at some photographers and people are suggesting that Capello is cracking and not up to the job. The pressure on the players surely is increased massively because of all the media like the Sun "Maybe, Just Maybe" When realistically it would be a massive achievement to get 4th

There Rant over

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posted Jun 11, 2010

As obvious as his galloping hairline, Rooney is going to do something as stupid as Zidane, in spite of what the other teammates are assuring us, and in turn, blow his, and probably, England's chances in the process.

And in spite of his fallacies, Rooney is clearly the best player the overhyped, overrated England team has.

I hope I'm wrong, and we achieve the impossible, but, come on, when Capello even started talking of the England "curse" when we lost Ferdinand, it's like that deja vu feeling again...we dare to hope, but it all ends in tears.

My only hope is that Capello acts as smart as he's supposed to be, and has a solid plan B, that involves the real possibility of no Rooney in the team.

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posted Jun 11, 2010

I actually think people are finally starting to have realistic expectations. I don't know (or much care) what the gutter press are trying to force into the collective consciousness, but most I know are saying semi-final is respectable and achievable with an outside shot of winning it all.

That seems about right to me.

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posted Jun 11, 2010

comment by Soooosaan (U14513222)
posted 3 Hours Ago

Of course its overhyped, its about time the media realise that the UK also contains Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - and lets not forget NI beat England in Belfast ......

I'm for the Ivory Coast

Hmmm & what group are they in??????

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posted Jun 11, 2010

and lets not forget NI beat England in Belfast ......

by that logic, pundits should focus on the USA more than spain. they did beat them once after all...

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posted Jun 11, 2010

why is everyone so obsessed with calling england arrogant and guilty of over-hyping players. are we supposed to sit around saying well we won all but of our qualifiers so we're happy. Its not like everybody's come out saying that we've already won it as much as the ridiculously jealous Scotland likes to go on about. (yes we like to go on about 1966 but it is the biggest prize in sport for us, imagine the results against england that get brought up constantly to the factor of about a hundred million billion).
How many other countries are sitting around thinking;
'shall we reach for as far as we can realistically go and maybe a little further'
'No, lets settle for the bare minimum'
Its like they think we should feel bad for being excited because they're not good enough to qualify.
Look at Maradona's reaction to qualifying, if that had been us it wouldn't have been 'Capello's a bit of a nutter' no it would have been about how much england are sure they've won it. There may be hype surrounding england but then again it is the world cup, what's really over-hyped is the perception that everybody from england always expects that we will win the world cup.

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comment by murphy (U14514287)

posted Jun 11, 2010

am not english but wish them well in world cup but have to say the hype and presure you put on your team is a joke. when the players step on the field its 11v11 it dosent matter if you are a small country or not the team who will win is the one who playes from the heart and if the so called stars of england can do this then they will have agood world cup and if you win or loos do it in style

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posted Jun 12, 2010

Couldn't agree more with our James Appleyard

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posted Jun 27, 2010

Well thats just confirmed what i said. Maybe just maybe we might reach the same stage as South Korea and the USA

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