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BBC World Cup poll - The runners-up

World Cup
by Honest Frank (U1645784) 09 June 2010
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It is the penultimate day of our pundits' predictions ahead of the World Cup.

So far, our survey of predicted finishing positions has shown England in fourth place and Argetina third.

The runners-up are revealed here:

Would be good to get your thoughts on whether this is a fair reflection of the team's chances? Are they being talked about too little as potential winners or talked up too much?


Previous day's debates are here:
Tuesday - Argentina

Monday - England

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posted Jun 9, 2010

Whats with this love affiar with Holland and Argentina. How many times they have been made look toothless (In Holland/s case), and Jusr overrtaed in Argentina's case.
People who keep saying that they are great on attack and lousy on defense, perhaps go back and see the Dutch knockout stages.

Most overatted attacking team thus Duthc bunch. SUre they will slaughter a team in gorup satges or a weak team, but first decent team they get exposed.

2008, Agianst Russia, Pathetic, defnese kept them in the game, attack toothless, one goal on a header by RVN on a long free kick.

2006 Agianst Portugal! To say their attack was Sh Y te is insult to sh y te. Defense kept them close. Did not create a single shot.
2004 Toothless in QF against Sweden. Lucky for them Sweden for just as bad, after failing to score in 120 minutes, Holland won in PKs.
Sem final agianst Portugal, 3 goals were scored all 3 by Portugese, except one of them in wrong net.

At some point you just have to stop with excuses, and just accept that any organized defense will neuter the Dutch in other words they are not that good.

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comment by Dan (U14327786)

posted Jun 10, 2010

Well look at it this way,

Spain have got a seriously hard route to the final. Just look at this:

Pool: Easy
Last 16: Portugal
QF: Italy
SF: Argentina
F: Brazil

All these are in the top 8 of FIFA rankings. Could that be much harder?

Now look at England's probable run to the final:

Group: Relatively Easy
Last 16: Ghana
QF: Mexico or France
SF: Brazil (probably lose here)
F: Spain

All these are easy (I put Mexico in because France have lost the plot)

NOW what do you think?

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posted Jun 10, 2010

NOW what do you think?
I think Uruguay will win Group A and beat England in the 1/4 final!

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comment by Dan (U14327786)

posted Jun 10, 2010

Oh well some dreams do come true, D Jeezus.
But that one won't.

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posted Jun 10, 2010

Oh, leader606 says something won't happen, so thats that. Uruguay may as well go home now!

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posted Jun 10, 2010

leader606 - you make out England are 'tournament specialist' and have done it all before! - where exactly have you got this air of invincibility from regarding France? France have more than enough quality players to beat England - and i dare say Ghana would give England plenty to think about as well

people speculate on who the favourites are, who are strong, who have quality players ect....however the proof is in the pudding - the teams that perform when it matters.. they're the ones that are ultimately labelled 'great' - not the ones who win all their qualifying games, or win handsomely in friendlies - they go down as the 'also rans'

for example that is why (currently) Italy have 4 gold stars on their shirt and Spain have none

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posted Jun 10, 2010

Spain got a tough run.
Gets worse whenyou consider that probably Portugal will NOT meet them on the last 16 (if this was the case, they would win it easily since Portugal is a very known adversary for Spain despite Christiano Ronaldo) but Ivory Coast who I tip to snatch second place on Group G.
As for Argentina, always when they come really 2nd best from the qualifiers is that they really grow and show some WC quality. I believe that Messi will really shine on the Argetinian shirt like he has not done so far.

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posted Jun 28, 2010

The English players all play in the PL. In the PL, they are surrounded by the best of the foreign players in the world. Players who elevate the level of English football and thereby lifting up the level of modest English players as well. In a good team, a modest player can rise to hig levels...

All the modest players together, hence the English national squad together, are modest as a team...

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posted Jul 2, 2010

D Jeezus Chamakharoni (U14332417)
posted 3 Weeks Ago

Spain, Brazil, Argentina and England.
Who saw that coming?!

My semi final prediction;

Holland v Uruguay
Spain v Argentina

Holland v Argentina final


1 out of 1 so far.

Come on Uruguay, Argentina and Spain!

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posted Jul 2, 2010

Oh and leader606, so quick to slate other peoples predictions! <laugh>
Holland are in the semis mate, made you look a bit silly for your over the top condemnation of people predicting them to do well.

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