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Benitez to coach Inter

Premier League Liverpool
by alatriste (U13814394) 06 June 2010
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It seems as if they don't listen to English pundits in Italy.

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posted Jun 10, 2010

i'd rather watch teams like United, Arsenal, Spurs and LFC who have built up their history and successes through young players, time, passion, commitment and determination and at the very least earn their success with a hard earnt identity.


You're a youngish Liverpool fan - what "success" can you recall? And what great young players have come up through the LFC youth system in the last quarter century? Your only "identity" is that of also-rans.

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posted Jun 10, 2010

In the past 4 years how many italian teams have been in the quarter finals of the champions league, compared to english teams.

13 times an english team appeared in the last 8 compared to 4 times an italian team has.

So before you go sprouting nonsense about people needing to watch italian football have a look at the facts.
Italian football WAS once very good, but has been in decline for some time now. The Prem league is far higher quality, and much harder to win.


Just because PL teams have 'dominated' the later stages of the CL over the last 6 years that does not make them better or the PL higher quality.

For all our so-called 'domination' we English clubs have only taken 2 CL trophies during this time. There are no prizes for runner-ups or semi-final appearances.

English teams just learnt eventually how to succeed in the CL (not European Cup) as previously by and large since 1992 we had failed miserably, with United being the only competitive force. Remember how dire Arsenal used to be in Europe?

To say the PL is 'higher quality' is such a simplistic statement it is completely invalid. Serie A and La Liga are more technical and always have been, probably always will be. Just take a look at mid-table or even bottom-table matches in both these leagues and you will see the difference. Possession and ball retention, tactics, flair, intelligent play is present right down to the bottom of the league.

Watching mid-table and bottom-table matches in the PL are often dire, there is no technical ability and it is simply route-one football with no intelligence at all.

Top PL teams have been more successful in the CL over the last 6 years than other leagues but that doesn't make the PL 'higher quality' or 'better' from top to bottom at all. It just means that: the top 4 in the PL have been more effective in the CL knock-out format than their top competitors in other countries.

In case you never noticed, the PL has rarely attracted the most technical and flair-like players since its inception in 1992, and even when we do e.g. Ronaldo, Robinho, Fabregas (soon to be), once they begin to peak they all disappear abroad. It's not a coincidence.

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posted Jun 10, 2010

same time next season he will be fired. a trophy-less inter next season.

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posted Jun 10, 2010

comment by Cynical_Joe MUFC OK (U14170688)
posted 1 Hour Ago

why would rafa do well in serie a when he didnt do well over here in the premier league??


Rafa is walking into the CL holders and the strongest team in Serie A. He will also have a transfer budget many times higher than Liverpool and an owner in Moratti who has never hesitated splashing the cash for big players.


lol walking into the cl holders. what a joke

hes gna make inter milan into liverpool mark II. he'l bore even italian fans with his brand of 10 defenders.

he'll swoop for kuyt, ngog and lucas

balotelli will be relishing the prospect of running rings around benitez

benitez has showed he cannot manage personalities in the dressing room

he lost one of the most important players in alonso all because he wanted barry (who is krap) and he didnt even get barry.

he has bought in something like 545438142 players and sold something to the tune of 2549578392 players.

he has a total spend of over a trillion pounds over his 6 year tenure.

so u tell me why would inter even be confident of retaining their league title.

they wont win any title this season. fachht laugh

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comment by Rorb (U2165012)

posted Jun 10, 2010

La Liga is nice to watch, if you ignore two teams dominating (similar story?), and apart from the diving form of gamesmanship.

Would be nice to have a physical, technical and tactically aware league. winkeye

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comment by mr_mr (U9456935)

posted Jun 11, 2010

i have a feeling he wont do a good job in Italy. just becaus its Inter, & they are treble winners, & Jose played a simular style, i still dont think Rafa has what it takes to motivate such a team. imagine, you have Jose as your boss then you have Rafa lol. Jose is a winner, Rafa is just a control freak. Milan or Roma will win that league next season...

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posted Jun 11, 2010

'If Rafa can't win Serie A next season our accusations of him being incompetent on the domestic front will ring even truer.'

He's in a no win situation in that respect. If he does win everything he did it with Mourinho's team yet if he doesn't win everything it's his fault.

Did people apply the same criteria in 2005 when he took a very average Liverpool side past the far superior Chelsea side.

Tactically Benitez is unsurpassed, he is the only manager who repeatedly beat Mourinho sides, and he took Liverpool to the number 1 rated side in Europe. Unfortunately for him our domestic league is a bit more heart and a less of the head.

Italian football is very cagey, very tactical, all about controlling the game. Benitez thrives on that, anyone who thinks he will fail in Italy is an idiot. He may not repeat Mourinho's treble but he will be a success.

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posted Jun 11, 2010

Kemlynroad i think your getting a little obsessed with tactics and formations. There is hardly a team in England who dont try to get close to stop other teams playing where as in Italy teams are happy to let the opposition have the ball until it gets into the final third. You say its easy for any team to get men behind the ball? Teams like Utd late in games permantly have 4 and 5 men in the opponents penalty box trying to score a winner, now if your players are not good enough to keep possession in this situation i hardly think it would be easy to get back if a team is breaking quickly? When teams are playing well and are successfull at the pace football is played in England tactics and formations are not as important as many think, players constantly change positions and help there teammates out. Hunt in packs? All winning teams win the ball back quickly, but its more important to have players who hardly ever lose the ball when they have it. Imo Benitez sent his Liverpool team out not to lose games rather than to win them which is backed up by the draws they had when they had there best chance in twenty years to win the title. I may not have seen as much of Liverpool on the television as you but i have seen times when Benitez has took off Torres when your team has been desperate for a goal with only one striker on the pitch and even the face of Gerrard has told a thousand stories. Imo it is much easier for players to carry out the managers plans or tactics in Italy or Spain due to the fact that the football is more technical in these countries.

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