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Norwich City
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I had a feeling the club would make a statement. You see, the Norwich board are intelligent and allow Cowling to run his mouth about epic payments and discipline struck down upon Narrrwich!



total costs 500,000 and no compensation package.

Colchester recieve 425,000

that fellow canaries is what we call BARGAIN OF THE CENTURY!!

I think I speak for all of us when i say to ColU and IN PARTICULAR ColuMike





Mikey I am COMMANDING you to show your face on here after that, you have just been dominated hahahahaHAAhahHAhaaaa!!!

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posted Jun 1, 2010

Best 500k we ever spent?

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posted Jun 1, 2010

If he gets us into the Premier League, I would say yes.

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posted Jun 1, 2010

certainly its a bargain! however, what has been proved is that we were a bit naughty in our dealings - i'm not too proud of that this evening. but the key thing from all of this is that i'm delighted we did it - onwards and upwards!

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posted Jun 1, 2010

I see your caution superman but what we did was hardly criminal. The FDC concluded a points reduction would be "wholly innapropriate" in this case which indicates it was not a huge breach.

We were naughty, but after years of whiter than white, roll-over and they'll take it Norwich city. I think we are allowed one discrepency.

Enjoy the moment sir. I have engaged smug mode.

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posted Jun 1, 2010

There is, of course, the small matter of 125,000 suspended just in case we're stupid enough to do the same thing again within the next two years :-D

Somehow, I think that money is pretty secure <ok>

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comment by Paul (U13853057)

posted Jun 1, 2010

Two things spring to mind for me, firstly it seems right at the top end of compensation which is a little disappointing
Secondly it appears the club had money put aside ready for it. This makes me think it was a considered risk from the start and, frankly, it worked a treat!
Great news on the whole, looking forward to the world cup and next season so much- I'm hopeful of a good showing from england and Norwich under Paul Lambert being really strong!

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posted Jun 1, 2010

if you look at it like this though paul, it doesn't seem too bad.
going rate for a league one manager - and a good one at that:

simon grayson - blackpool to leeds: 220k

paul lambert - col u to norwich: 250k
ian culverhouse - col u to norwich: 125k
gary karsa - col u to norwich: 100k

+75k fine

seems fairly standard to me!

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