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Summer tours - things to think about

International New Zealand
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I'm picking a clean sweep to the southern hemisphere. No surprises there. History suggests that the home nations in particular will struggle. Here are some things to think about:

1. The rules will be refereed in a similar way to the s14 (as I understand it anyway, the rule interpretations have been standardised between hemispheres). It favours the SH sides in that they have been playing that way for months (not sure about the European sides). But NH have an advantage over NZ and Aus in that both these sides are struggling to adapt to live without competition for the ball in the rucks.

2. Most teams chances will be affected by injuries. This is particlualry true for NH teams (e.g. England) where players are at the end of a long season (I talked to a mate of mine who played an English season snadwiched between 2 NZ ones and his body was wreck at the end of 20 months + of continuous rugby).

3. SA have the two top sides in the S14 and players like Bekker and Fourie look like thay have taken another step up.

4. Australia is actually the best performed nation overall in the s14 and have some real talent coming through, particularly in the backs.

5. NZ is a mixed bag. Only Canterbury have performed well in the s14. However, new players are starting to come through (Guilford, Dagg, Cruden, etc).

6. Ireland have the best chance to win in NZ (they usually do well over here and hit NZ first up - NZ usally performs at it's worst in the first game of the year).

7. Wales has a realistic chance of beating SA in Wales (most of the SA first team is likely to be rested and Wales have performed well at home).

8. England may really struggle in Australia (NZ). Australia are out to prove a point and are on the up.

9. France could win in SA. That's the French for you. Their team looks on the up and they are the best performing NH team when playing in the SH.

10. Scotland could really struggle in Argentina, especially if the Argentinian 1st team is available.

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posted May 17, 2010

I can't see Fiji being overly competative against Australia. They have limited preperation time for a start and they have players are coming from around the world. It's good to see that the IRB is pushing for tours of these countries in the future.

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posted May 17, 2010

irelands chances of winning will depend on our new front row and how it works as well how much our injuries to ferris etc hinder us and of course who plays because this is shaping up to be one of the more open ireland team selections in recent times with question marks everywhere props, lock, blindside, flyhalf, centres, wings

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comment by Jack22 (U12371173)

posted May 18, 2010

I think it will be a clean sweep for NZ and Aus, but SA might lose one against the French.

I think Scotland might do better in Argentina than people are suggesting, maybe a test win.

If England can win their mid-week games AND at least perform in the tests, I will be happy, but it will probably be the case that England by the end of November, will have not won a test in 8 test matches...

Ireland - lost
Scotland - drew
France - lost
Aus - prospectively lose
Aus - ditto
NZ - probably lose
SA - probably lose
Aus - probably lose...

So that wouldn't make for healthy reading with a RWC year around the corner...

Basically, England need to prove they have still got it by getting a W in Aus, and beating one of the big three in the autumn, or they will lose a lot of credibility going into the Six Nations.

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posted May 18, 2010

I think Ireland could beat the All Blacks first up, and England push Australia very close, or even win, in the first Test.
The French are a complete enigma and could just as easily go over and thump the Springboks as get thumped.
Wales are on a hiding to nothing facing the All Blacks twice after they have had a warm up Test against Ireland.

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comment by Nathan (U9208515)

posted May 18, 2010

Interesting post Jack 22, we do have a tough schedule ahead of us. thats why I think the time for trying out new players is over. now if someone is in incredible form (ala Josh lewsey in 2003) then he should play, but we need momentum so trying out fancy midfield combos or youngsters who aren't proven at test match level can wait until the 2012 6 nations.

this isn't negative. this is about saying this is our best team now lets go out there and beat australia in their own back yard. I can't think of antything more positive to be honest.

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comment by Dan (U14327786)

posted May 19, 2010

I don't know. It seems that Australia will be hard to beat at home. But i expect Scotland to beat Argentina. Possibly twice - who knows?

France will 'cloque up' a few decent wins, as Les Bleus rool the Roost.

BUT a warning message to all England fans.

RWC 2011 - "oh we're so lucky, avoiding all of the big guns in the draw..." Yeah - whatever guys. The draw was well tough with Agentina AND Scotland. Oh and if we did get past them we WILL have to play France or New Zealand. Win against any of them. Yeah right.

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comment by gerry (U14455529)

posted May 19, 2010

summer tours is an opportunity to try out some younger players....guys with wales or ireland particularly have had 12 months continuous rugby,most of them need a they beat us over what....the experience gained overrides the results....

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posted May 19, 2010

I'd take the opposite stand. I know players are worn out, but teams have to be able to demonstrate thay can be competative for next year. It's a psychological imperative, especially for teams like Ireland and Wales. They have to be able to demand respect.

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posted May 28, 2010

The Ireland vs NZ game will be very interesting to see, I believe the All Blacks will probably win this BUT it could be very close, especially with the amount of injuries in the ranks of All Blacks, nevertheless they will (all being well) still have at least 10 very experienced players including messrs McCaw and Carter.
Along with strong support from the likes of Reid, Rokococko, Woodcock, Mealamu and the ever dependable and classy Conrad Smith I think we should have enough about us to win.
Also Rodney might come into the frame at some point???...

NZ by 7 against Ireland
NZ by 15 plus against Wales on both occaisons.

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comment by WillNZ (U14496696)

posted Jun 3, 2010

Don't make to much of the NZ S14 form. We have 5 teams with talent spread throughout were as AUS & SA only have 2 teams each really packed with test players. Granted we've usually coped with talent in depth but it's a bit of a transition year this year. ABs should win tests but it will be close. NH teams are always up for it and if they 'smell' weakness they'll have nothing to do but go for it. AB confidence is unknown and if the NH teams get on the front foot could make it very difficult.

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