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Benitez HAS to stay!

Premier League Birmingham City
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I am posting this article in pure desperation, as it seems he is actually destined to go........

But WHY?? People say he doesn't score enough, but so what! I am a great believer in stats and dont believe in coincedences. I dont believe that it is a coincedence that When Benitez has started Birmingham have won more than lost. Whats more, the partnership he has with Jerome is such that the win ratio was even greater.
Games when Benitez Started;
Premier L-------11------7-------3
FA Cup-----------3------0-------0
League Cup-------1------0-------0

Games when Benitez and Jerome started;
Premier L-------10------7-------2
FA Cup-----------2------0-------0

I've really enjoyed this season, but that is in no small part thanks to the flair and ability of Benitez. His partnership with Jerome is the pefect combination as he actually allows Jerome to play to his strengths by holding the ball up (something Jerome cannot do) and creating space for Jerome to run into. One without the other has always seemed pretty ineffective and games I've watched without one or the other (except a few) have been complete dross.
Now, I understand that with months left on his contract, 7-8m is a hell of a lot of money to be shelling out. But I hope there is some way to keep him, as he will probably end up with another Premiership team, and having had the year of experience he needed to get used to the Prem he WILL be dynamite and will probably at some point rip our defense to shreds!
I hope I never have to see that.

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posted May 14, 2010

The question is what service?

Look at when we played without Benitez...

How many chances and space was created?

Not a lot.

We are going to need a quality winger who has either plenty of pace and can beat a man.

Or one who has great vision and can cross a ball with perfection.

McGeady has some pace, but not enough and he can be inconsistant like McFadden.

Adam Johnson would have been perfect but when Man City was interested sadly no other clubs had a chance.

The KiD

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posted May 14, 2010

Yeah because we create so many chance don't we???

Unless Boyd is going to create the space and chance himself (which isn't going to happen) then it wont matter at all that he CAN score goals if he gets service.

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posted May 14, 2010

Well for free i am sure McLeish would take the punt.

Especially at set peices Boyd could poach us a few goals.

Its now about getting the right players.

Faddy can create chances for sure, Boyd would not be fast like Jerome and so would not end up miles ahead of Faddy.

This means we will have a slow build up to our side, which means we must get a CM who can pass the ball about and a Winger who can beat his man, and maybe another who can cross.

I think Boyd + Faddy will leave us with no pace and we could be pushed back to much.

I think Boyd plus Jerome wont work, Jerome will not be able to old the ball up and bring Boyd into the game.

If we added a pacey Winger then maybe the combination of Jerome and the Winger can create gaps for Boyd to exploit.

The KiD

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posted May 14, 2010

after watching Blues playing some pretty boring stuff at the start of the season i thought (we are doomed), then along came Benitez and the team roared into life ,very sorry to see him go, hope he comes back soon. kro.

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posted May 14, 2010

Hmp,very disappointed !

I will reserve judgement and wait and see who AM brings in as a replacement striker.

But if next season's forward line is Jerome and McFadden then won't be too impressed.

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comment by Lee (U14399473)

posted May 14, 2010

I'm sad chucho has been rejected but AM didnt seem to like him and the games he dropped him for kK Fahey were a joke,top it of with a new contract for o'conner too,twit

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posted May 14, 2010

Having watched McCleish in his position of Rangers manager I can say that McCleish only lets you go if the money isn't there to keep you or he has someone better in mind.
Mcleish signed some duds for us purely down to constraints of finances and the "appeal" of the SPL.
But he dosn't have those constraints at Birmingham as far as we are aware so I'd expect him to bring in someone of calibaer.
McCleish pretty much only had enough money for 1 true quality signings at ibrox - he bought Arteta with it.
True Story.

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posted May 14, 2010

Well i think its a case of McLeish does not see Benitez as worth 7M

Benitez could do well if we played him more of a creative force rather than goal scorer, but can we afford that luxury we have McFadden for that and we have had simular in the past Kapo, Quincy and its a case of not having the right players and tactics to complement players like that, we wont play a diamond we wont play 4,3,3 and in a 4,4,2 maybe Eck would prefer a better Striker who can score goals and let the chances be created by a better winger.

Lets say we have 30M cash, if Foster costs 5M, N'Zogbia or McGeady 10M well thats half the budget gone.

Leaving 15M and would we really be better spending half that on someone who can score goals rather than Benitez.

If Chucho would cost 3-4M plus addons i am sure McLeish would have signed him.

McLeish wanted Jones, Babel, Pavy etc.

He just never wanted them for the prices they would have cost.

The KiD

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posted May 16, 2010

Considering how the clowns at St Andrews always took the pee out of Savo Milosovic when he played for us calling him Missalot etc.,perhaps now we have had the Benitez fiasco they might decide to shut up.
He has missed sitters,missed penalties,shot wide from six inches and scored one goal at home from om the goal line by some indeterminate part of his anatomy.
The man was a complete clown which makes me wonder why Small Heath have not signed him.He would have suited them down to the ground.

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