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Great Effort Fulham

Premier League Fulham
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Celtic Fan here, all I can say is unlucky, you didn't deserve to lose like that.

You can hold your heads up high though. What a great European adventure it's been. If Zamora was 100% fit it might've been a different story.

Best of luck next season

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posted May 13, 2010

Boro fan here.

Hard luck Fulham! I watched the game last night and although I think Forlan's second strike was on target, Schwarzer never had a hope of saving it after it bounced off Hangeland.

I was gutted when we lost in the UEFA Cup final to Sevilla, but we got hammered 4-0, so at least we could accept getting beaten by a much better team on the night.

To go out in the way you did is especially cruel, but as others have said, you can hold your heads high for going far beyond anyone's expectations and giving hope to ther clubs outside the "Big 4".

Good on yer lads! applause

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posted May 13, 2010

Spurs fan here. Just to add my comments to those here. Well done Fulham. Gutted for you but don't be too hard on yourselves, you've had a really good season. cheers

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posted May 13, 2010

lets face it,

last night we totally fell short!!!

while i really praise the boys/club for achieving FAR BEYOND ANYONE's expectations, getting this far in the competition, i also cannot fail to point out that PROGRESS too has GREAT CONSEQUENCES (raised expectations) attached to it...

we were just not good enough, giving the ball away carelessly, almost always being the second (even third) at chasing or attacking the ball.

its just too fair that Atletico won.

i still wonder what went wrong.....i haven't seen fulham play with so much inferiority complex as last night.

i almost had a heart attack in the last 15 minutes of the first 90 minutes.

we fell short....and that's the fact!!!

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posted May 13, 2010

Well done Fulham.
The better side did not win.
From a fanatic gooner who does not like to see other English teams prosper in Europe I was actually gutted last night.
You will win something with Hodgson though cos he is a top class manager.

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posted May 13, 2010

Athletico only in the final because a good goal by Benayoun (semi 1st leg) was disallowed and then they won it with an offside goal that was given. Linesmen eh?

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comment by David (U13898307)

posted May 13, 2010

It was a very very close final but the better team did, just about, win. Fulham were excellent but Atletico were doing all the pushing in ET, Fulham were starting to hang on rather than take the game to Atletico.

It was a really good final and Fulham's achievement is excellent, but the most deserving team did win.

It's better to lose like that than to lose on penalties IMHO.

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posted May 13, 2010

Was gutted for you guys last night. Been an incredible run and hoped you would win it. Thought the first goal was offside and some strage decisions, but thats just the final for you. Was the same when we (Celtic) got beat 3-2 off Porto in 2003, although Jose Mourinho and his disgusting "dive every time anyone is anywhere near you tactics, won out in the end".

Always next year guys, unlucky

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posted May 13, 2010

Fact is Atlectico Madrid were/are a better side technically. They boast world class players and on paper they're a better side then Fulham so i wasn't suprised at the outcome. Fulham did their best but you also have to be realistic too. Madrid were always going to win it. If i was a betting man i would have betted on Madrid winning without any thought.

Considering the resources, money, players etc Fulham have Roy Hogdson has done a maginifcent job.

I for one wish Roy to be the next England Manager. If there's any British Manager in considering for the England Job then it has to be Roy who's managed International sides and have the experience and is English.

Well done Fulham for their effort but they did their best but unfortunely for Fulham and their fans Athletico Madrid were always going to win it.

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posted May 13, 2010

Just to add my tuppence in too.

Congrats to Fulham. I know exactly how you feel having gone to Seville to watch Celtic lose in extra time (and I too have never forgiven Mourinho and Deco for their tactics).

Job well done boys, but Athletico have 2 awesome strikers, no shame in only just losing to them. If only.....

Kudos to Hodgson for getting the Manager of the Year - much more deserving than 'Arry. ok

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posted May 13, 2010

Was gutted for you too last night, but there's no disgrace in losing to a side like Atletico and to knock out the teams you did along the way and go so close is an achievement in itself

Well done Fulham applause

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