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I cant wait till next season

Premier League Manchester United
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Ok so this season was a good season, won a trophy got to quarters of the cl and runners up in the league.
Considering everyone was writing us off at the start of the season i think we proved alot of people wrong.

So for next season i can see us winning the double pl and cl.
The youngsters have gained more valuable experience and with some more youngsters coming through and with the signings we have already made i think its going to be a good season.

chelsea are going to be an old team and have no good youngsters coming thru, liverpool well enough said with them as their no challenge anymore, city are all talk and cant walk the walk, arsenal well there like nick clegg arnt they great up until it comes down to it.

So next season we will take back wot is rightfully ours

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posted May 10, 2010

The midfield needs a makeover, that has to be the priority. I think Carrick may be the one to make way, and whilst I do rate him I think it's understandable. Coming in I would love to see Sneijder, although that is possibly wishful thinking. I do think there'll be a bid for Milner too.

Up front is tricky. With Fergie liking Rooney onhis own in big games, it does make it tricky to have another big name forward.

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posted May 10, 2010

Don't forget we've bought Guadalajara (spelling? money spinner on the shirt name!).

He looks like a promising young talent but may not figure for a season or two!

Players I don't want at United: Ribery, Joe Cole, Higuain (unless we can swap for Berbatov).

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posted May 10, 2010

I'd jump at the chance of Higuain at the club, if Real wanted to do some kind of deal then fantastic. I'd also be interested in Joe Cole on a free, but agree 100% on Ribery.

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posted May 10, 2010

Fair play Chelsea - what a way to win the title - forget about how Stoke, Villa, Sunderland and Wigan fell apart for the hammerings - you can only beat what is put in front of you, and Chelsea were ruthless when they had the opportunity to be.

To transfers, I dont think United's squad actually needs much tinkering at all - Rafael should be given the chance at RB now, he will hopefully learn from his mistakes (one in particular) and he looks a fantastic player. We have the best LB in the world, and Fabio is another bright young player to back him up. Hopefully Rio can stay fit next season, but after him and Vidic, we have Evans and Smalling coming in from Fulham - he hasnt looked great since the signing was announced, but Fergie has a good eye for these things.

In midfiled, we could have a "new signing" if Hargreaves is fit, plus Anderson to return from injury - I really do believe in him, if he's given a chance he will be quality. Fletcher is playing brilliantly also. The there is Gibson who looks a tremendous player too. With Scholes/Giggs and Carrick to use as impact subs, that looks good to me.
On the wings, Valencia and Nani should be 1st choice on either side, and hopefully there progress will continue.
Up front is interesting - I think Macheda will get more opportunities next season, Owen I think will stay and provide some key goals, and then we come to Berbatov - wonderful player, but is it working with him?? I cant see him staying, so maybe a signing there perhaps.

What I want to see though is another class of young players starting to break through - our reserves won the reserve title, with a team of mainly young players - I think the average age over the season was something like 22!
PLus the under 18's are top of the academy league. :)

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posted May 10, 2010

I mean Hernandez!! What a plum sorry people! For some reason I had his club name in my head! Lol

Must be the hangover from drowning my sorrows after yesterday!! <doh>

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posted May 10, 2010

I know what I am about to say will smack of sour grapes but it is not meant in that way. Chelsea deserved their win because over the season they got more points but....if Valencia scores his tap in at Blackburn we would be sat here talking about a fourth championship in a row. More to the point if it wasnt for Drogbas dodgy goal at Stamford bridge or the clearly offside goal at OT we would be champions also. I realise these things happen but my point is for all Chelsea's showboating, United were as close as possible to them without overtaking them, which tells me we aren't far off. Take Drogba out of the chelsea team and see how they do, make chelsea play a month without any defenders.
anyway enough of that, on to how we solve it. I actually think our midfield is ok with a lot of potential and the defence is solid. I do think attack is where we need to improve because if Rooney isnt there...Berbatov as good to watch as he is is just not good enough!!! Buy a 30million striker and were sorted.

p.s. I was at the Hull Liverpool game and Liverpool cheered the Chelsea score, sad to see a once proud team cheering someone else protecting their record....

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comment by steve (U14057933)

posted May 11, 2010

time is right for a clearout. Some of the team may be international class but they are not United class. By that I mean Anderson, Park, Fletcher and a few others. Notice I didn't mention Berbatos. That's because he isn't worth mentioning. As for Owen, his injury absences have proved most people right and I fear the future for Hargreaves is not as bright as some would suggest. And let's face it, if the forwards were scoring more goals, there wouldn't be any worries about the defence

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posted May 16, 2010

Pablo442 - Yes it does sound like sour grapes, very much so, with all your mentioning about the decisions surrounding Chelsea, you would not have been so close has you not had the "Man Utd" exta time against Man City, or the many dodgy decisions that United get year in year out. I do not think that United or any United fan can moan about decisions, united get an awful lot of decisions that are incorrect and biased towards them.
At the end of the day, United lost why cant United and their fans accept it gracefully

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posted May 16, 2010

Lukethebody: RE the richest football club, my point was that people were moaning about Chelsea and spending power and how rich they are.. whether its first or second they still are way ahead of all the other english clubs, so really cant say anything about money!!

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posted May 18, 2010

United are in good shape for next season, with a few strategic forays into the transfer market.

What is more important is that the ownership situation is sorted out. If we had won a 4th premiership in a row it would have completely deflated any takeover efforts.

At least some good came out of failing to make history!

Chelsea deserved their title this season - they should have been out of sight months ago, but faltered, and eventually got it together when the pressure mounted at the end.

This season, the "Big 4's" standards dropped, and the rest upped their game. It was the most open and exciting Premiership I can remember. It was for this reason that Man U were still in with a shout going into the last game. We didn't really deserve to be on the basis of the football we played for much of the season.

If Fergie buys well, you won't see another season like this!

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