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Lionel Messi

Premier League
by Kragzie (U8832168) 06 April 2010
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is the best player since Zidane and could go on to become the best player since Maradona and as a result, of all time.

Don't discuss, it's not worth it- it's just the way it is.

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comment by Daninho (U1767636)

posted Apr 7, 2010

barca and messi are a very good team but i guess arsenal football suits barca and they can shine, a defending team like the italians are poison to them. i remember chelsea vs barca and chelsea deserved it more, played better then barca last year.

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posted Apr 7, 2010

Messi is probably the best player on the planet, bar none, at the moment.

He's definitely the most technically gifted and from an attacking point, there is no one superior. His dribbling and balance is scary.

All round player I'd still rate Rooney ahead of him; he's got more strings to his bow - heading, passing, tackling, workrate, strength etc etc....

I think people should hold off claiming he's the greatest of all time, c'mon! He's got some way to matching the accomplishments of some greats; Pele, Maradona, Zidane.

He's not even cert to retain his world footballer of th year award. If Man Utd win CL and England do well (or at least better than Argentina) in the WC and Rooney has a major part in these, he'll likely take the crown.

Yes last night was a truly great performance by an individual but people forgot he wasn't really that amazing in the 1st leg.

Correct me if I'm wrong but I can't remember Messi having a truly great performance outside of the Nou Camp against a CL or top La Liga team?!

The guy is 22 years old and has been muscling his way into Europes elite players for the past 4 years, in the past 2 years hes probably muscled his way to the front and seems to be pulling away from the current crop. I stand by the argument that players should be measured at the end of their careers and Messi still has a long way to go, but this fact alone should get peoples attention, another 15 years of performing like he is, is a mouthwatering prospect to any football fan but of course anything can happen over the course of a career, he might get better or he might get worse but he seems settled, he seems to have a level head and I think maintaining these will be key for him if he's make the most out of his footballing career.
To the people saying that Messi couldnt handle English defending; what am I missing here? Didn't Messi put 4 past an English defence last night? What secret is it that all the other 19 teams in the league know about defending that Arsenal dont and with knowing this secret how do 17 of those teams still manage to be below Arsenal considering the advantage they obviously have over them.
Why isnt Cristiano Ronaldo strolling through defences and scoring more than a goal a game with Madrid like he did at United?
Why didnt Henry replicate the form for Barca that he produced for Arsenal?
For every single one of these questions theirs easily a .."why didnt Forlan score as many goals in the Prem as he did in Spain?".. In case you havent noticed, football is far from an exact science. Players are people and all people are different.
The Rooney and Messi debate has popped up all over this forum and understandably so as this is a predominately English forum and the media have been ramming Rooney down peoples throats for the whole season. Hes playing great, hes been one the top players on the planet this year there can be little doubt but I also feel that his nationality and the fact that its world cup year have clouded peoples judgement on how good he actually is. As someone posted the other day; for me Rooney isnt just doing what Drogba has been doing for the last 3 years. Thats not taking anything away from Rooney as i rate Drogba as one of the best forwards in the world at the moment.
If you look at the seasons they have both have, their teams performances, the style they play and their importance to the team its hard to argue otherwise. However, no ones on here arguing that Drogba is a better player than Messi. I know im going to get slated for saying Drogs and Rooney are on about a par atm but its just my opinion.

Im looking forward to the World Cup till I see Messi on the centre stage, I hope he can finally do for Argentina what he's been doing for what seems like so long for Barca.

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posted Apr 7, 2010

Wbo's better? Isn't he, like Inesta and Xavi, too small to make it in the professional game? <laugh>

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comment by renoog (U13513755)

posted Apr 7, 2010

10 vs 11

This just got interesting <devil>

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comment by ted (U14284693)

posted Apr 7, 2010

I have the feeling United will hold out infact they might even score a fourth goal......

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comment by davser (U1195784)

posted Apr 9, 2010

Exactly, some people just don't want to admit Messi is incredible, presumably because of some reluctance to admit La Liga has the world's best player in it because it is somehow anti-PL to admit it.


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posted Apr 12, 2010

Messi is playing out of his skin, to a level that seems almost impossible, yet he has a team set up around him, geared to enabling him to perform. Every attack goes down his side. I don't really think anyone can comment until his career is finished, and potentially he has a lot more to do.

For him to reach the level of Zidane (best player ever imo as I never saw maradona/pele etc), he has to win the world cup with argentina. International is where it's at, and what people remember the best, so if Messi wants to be the greatest, the international stage has to be his target. In 1998, Zidane propelled France to the World Cup, and nearly replicated this feat in 2006. I cannot wait to see if Messi can do the same.

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posted Apr 14, 2010

some great players(e.g maldini)never won a world cup. yet they are still great players.

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posted Apr 14, 2010

A lot of people judge greatness on players being European Footballer of the year.
Well Kevin Keegan won it twice,and he said that Kenny Dalglish who never won it was 10 times better than he was.
Michael Owen won it,and to even suggest that he's on the same level as Ian Rush who never won it is madness.He might be at the same level as Ian Dowie,never in the same class as Rush.Torres is the nearest striker to Rush since Rush.

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posted Apr 14, 2010

Indeed Lionel Messi can be the BEST Player ever and also incomparable Football Player in the history of football. 1. I see humility in him in the field of play and takes his profession easy. 2. He always remember his Creator GOD in jubilation when scores a goal. 3. He does not always aim at scoring but making it possible for his team mates to score (no selfishness on his side). 4. He loves and respects his opponent. A player with these attributes will definitely soar higher. I always say 'In the beginning was Football, and Football was with Messi and Football is Messi. Lionel Messi is the TRUE meaning of Football' May Lionel Messi Live Long

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