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Lambert for England?

League One Southampton
by Rikachu (U13867804) 28 March 2010
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I get the point that he is only proven in the lower leagues, but scoring 30 goals is no mean feat, and he leads the line superbly with assists and holding the ball up. Could you imagine Heskey scoring 30 in League 1? Probably not, yet he's still almost nailed on to make the plane. Capello has nothing to lose by giving Rickie a try out in a friendly, maybe not in time for South Africa but Euro qualifiers?

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posted Mar 29, 2010

A decent goalscorer can score at any level.
Everyone knows Lambert is Prem class. I just hope he doesn't get taken in, and then spend 37 games a reason sat on a Premiership club's bench!

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posted Mar 29, 2010

Ricinhocfc, you completely missed the gist of my post. Once again, why all these watered down cups? As if clubs don't already have enough to play for.

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comment by Chris (U14403038)

posted Mar 29, 2010

It's a shame everyone here is trashing the idea of Lambert for England based on where he's scored his goals.

Ebanks-Blake and Chopra can't score in the Premiership because they get dwarfed by most ball-boys. Lambert is as good as an attacking, strong target man you'll find in England at the moment but what sets him apart from the Emile Heskeys in the world, and most other strikers I've ever seen, is he can score from anywhere. Literally anywhere. Not to mention his other qualities.

I'd like to see Emile Heskey score a volley from 40 yards on a rainy day in Luton (YouTube it).

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posted Mar 29, 2010


You clearly dont understand the concept of why this trophy is here.

I think it serves a brilliant purpose. It gives clubs from the 3rd and 4th leagues a chance to play in wembley when pretty much all of the players will never get the chance to.

It gives teams who dont have a hope in hell of reaching the final of the FA cup a chance to win some silverware.

Most of all, it makes for a memorable day for the two teams who make it to the final and it provides some much needed publicity to what are arguably more exciting leagues than the top tier.

The reason for poor sponsorship is unfortunately a necessity.

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posted Mar 29, 2010

Oh......I see. How dumb of me. But, don't lower league clubs get to Wembley as is by the promotional playoffs?

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posted Mar 29, 2010

What purpose would be served by getting rid of the JPT? By your argument, we should get rid of the League Cup as well because 'clubs have enough to play for.'

If you aren't in the PL, then the only hope of glory you have is the league, and the only chance of Wembley is in the play offs. The JPT therefore gives lower league sides a cup competition which they can actually have a chance of winning.

Try telling the 70,000+ who turned up on Saturday (and Saints could easily have sold another 5-10,000 seats) that the JPT is a pointless affair, quite rightly they would tell you where to go.

Your attitude is so typical of a number of fans since the inception of the Premier League, it is as though only the football played in that division is worth paying any attention to and that anything outside of it is not worth anyone's time. As a fan of both Chelsea and Southampton (due to family divisions, before I get ridiculed), I can honestly say that I got at least as much pleasure from Southampton's JPT win as I do from any of Chelsea's success. I suspect for other two-teamers, the same is also true.

Fans care about the JPT, the teams care about it- that should be more than enough to justify its existence.Not to mention that JPT finals tend to be far more enjoyable to watch than the dross served up by sides in so called bigger competitions.

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posted Mar 29, 2010

Back to the Lambert argument, had he been Spanish/Italian/Brazilian/<Insert 'fashionable nationality here> had scored 30 goals in a lower division in either of those countries, he would have been instantly snapped up by a Premier League side.

He's scored 30 goals, yet all anyone has said of him is 'I bet he couldn't do that in the PL'. Now whilst I'm not denying this 'might' be the case, people are stating this as though it is fact. For all we know he might score 20+ in the PL. You can't honestly believe that he wouldn't do at least as well as some of the distinctly average strikers in the PL. Other than the strikers playing for the top 7/8 sides, who is better than Lambert?

Imagine if Lambert was given PL quality delivery with his aerial ability? Look at how many goals Rooney has scored from crosses, a direct result of the fact Utd now have players on the wing who are more willing to cross him the ball (and well) than do 9,999 stepovers and try and take on the opposition alone. Sure his heading has improved, but a large influence on his increase in goals has to be down to the improved delivery to him- its all very well getting in the right areas, but pointless if the delivery is substandard.

The point is that if it were so easy to score in League 1, then why doesn't everyone bang in 30? Weaker defences are cancelled out by weaker teammates, at least in part, which makes Rickies 32 goals (and counting) a fabulous achievement which doesn't deserve the slander 'he's only done it in League 1'.

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posted Mar 30, 2010

comment by NandoWolf27 (U8088648)

posted 23 Hours Ago

Ebanks-Blake scored 50 goals in the CCC over two years but can't hit a barn door in the Prem.

League One is a poor league, the gulf between the CCC and Prem is massive, between League One and the Prem it is astronomical.

Hang on there a minute. League One a poor league? Depends on you're definition of poor but I'd have to disagree.

Having watched Saints in the old Div 1 and Premier League, Championship and League One I'll say this.

The Championship is the worst league
The Premiership the least competitive
League One the most exciting

The quality of football in the Championship for the most part is absolutely dire and not pleasing on the eyes.

Premiership has fantastic quality and some teams can be fantastic to watch but dull the lower down the league you get.

League One - maybe due to poor marking and the space players are given has some wonderfully simple football but also full of entertainment.

I'm not saying better just more exciting and entertaining.

I'm starting to sound like Bob Mills...

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posted Mar 30, 2010

Championship maybe not England, get real!

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posted Mar 30, 2010

Derek Hales

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