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Avram Grant - Best quote ever!

FA Cup Portsmouth
by PompeySparks (U5850226) 06 March 2010
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"Football is more than football. All these people are so happy. You can break many things but you cannot break our spirit. The spirit of the players and fans was high. Other people maybe thought we would break but nobody can break our spirit."

My favorite quote ever!

Avram Grant is a true legend. I think he's one of very few people who REALLY understands what PFC means to the city. I hope more than anything he stays with us next year. But if he goes I wish him all the best and will be nothing but thankful for everything he has done.

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posted Mar 7, 2010

Grant is a buffoon!

What is the cost of making these sad people delirious and who has had to pay it? Well it's 70m and we've all had to pay. Some will pay more than others, the local St. Johns Ambulance will feel the pinch as they've not been paid and dozens of small local businesses, some of which might go under and I don't doubt people will be made unemployed as a result so they've all had to pay but it's all been worth it because Harrison will get to take his bell and his cronies and parade like a clown at Wembley.

Doesn't it warm the cockles of your heart.

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comment by Quayfee (U7461379)

posted Mar 7, 2010

I'd just lke to thank all the Brum fans who have stated that Pompey deserved the win.

I honestly think that we were, on the day, the slightly better team, but it was close and a hard fought , classic cup tie. Looking forward to the rematch on Tuesday.

@originalkoppite (U9537450): Please qualify your comment about Grant... Is this the same grant that has taken a group of players that were down, out and playing like strangers and turned them into a team that are playing with confidence, passion and some understanding? The same Grant that has, in 3 months become a club legend?

There are meny Pompey fans who have been affected by the clubs dire financial situation. But is it the fans' fault? I think not. So your lambasting of the fans for the dreadful behaviour of the owners is completely misplaced. If you feel that strongly, why not join one of the protests that pompey fans have organised in the last couple of months rather than having a pop at innocent people on this public forum? Poepl in glass houses mate...

Anyway, to any Brum fans reading this I would like to wish you luck in getting in to Europe on your league position, but without points on Tuesday :o) Sorry, but we need them more.


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posted Mar 8, 2010

Ok, my last two posts in this topic have been pulled!. (For the record BBC, i am in no way racist or religionist. The movement i was referring to is a political movement, not a race/religion. Although i accept that movement has hidden behind the religion it is asscociated with and therefore understand your mistake).
Anyway IV, it's a sad fact that football has been infested with an awful lot of money from some very dodgy sources. It's well documented that "super agents" have been orchestrating the take over of clubs around the world in an attempt to control the movement of players/money. In my opinion, this needs to be out in the public forum and fully investigated by FIFA. The mainstream media doesn't report this because they are largely owned by associates of these people. Anyone trying to get the message across in the main stream media is very quickly silenced. IV i agree that far too many fans don't care what's going on or where their clubs' money comes from. I would urge them to wake up! However when you have fans coming on here and posting that the plight of their club is more important than the events in places like Haiti, i have little hope of that happening....Is it cheating? No sorry, i think it's far worse than that. It's corruption.

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posted Mar 8, 2010

Kopout, you need to get your facts right before you rant. The debt to HMRC is around 12m, where you got 70m from is beyond me! However, i agree with the rest of your post. The effect on the local community, caused by those responsible is dramatic and unforgiveable. That is the owners though, not Avram Grant or the fans.

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posted Mar 8, 2010

Not a fan but I do not know what the heck was koppite trying to say but Avram can be very proud of the team bonding he has achieved at Pompey inspite of the in and out parade of managers and the miserable state of finances the club has endured.
Piquionne is a winner and so is o'Hara. Gotta go when you gotta go but'll miss you Pompey.

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comment by Peter (U14341179)

posted Mar 8, 2010

Avram Grant is getting the best out of the squad he`s left, really amazing under such circumstances. He`s underrated for sure and should have got offers from top clubs after being forced out of Chelsea.

Try to keep him!

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posted Mar 9, 2010

What I was trying to say is Grant is on record as saying that Pompey shouldn't have been deducted points for going into administration. My question is what planet is this man from?

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posted Mar 12, 2010

Grant is on record saying that deducting points is wrong. Not just for Pompey. His point is that why punnish the players and the fans for the idiots who can't run a clubs finances properly? It's a fair point, but until someone thinks of a way to only punish those who are to blame then a points deduction is the best they can do I guess.

I guess you're lucky that Liverpool are minted, well run and debt free hey?

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