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Crouch & Wright-Phillips

International England
by Hyypia_Is_God (U13792194) 03 March 2010
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I have to say that I don't think Defoe or Walcott played particularly bad during the first-half. It was more of a case that the team was literally all over-the-place with the defence and midfield looking extremely shaky.

However, you can't ignore the fact that Crouch and Wright-Phillips really did help to change the game. Both of them haven't exactly set the world alight at their clubs this season. However, they would have definitly given Fabio some food for thought.

Where do you see them in the team now? I personally see Wright-Phillips as our 2nd choice RM behind Lennon now and it be worth starting Crouch and Rooney together whenever the opportunity arises.

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posted Mar 4, 2010

It always gets me that people say 'quarter finals is a failure'. Where are we ranked in the world again? Semis would be a super achievement

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posted Mar 4, 2010

terry got booed and thanked the crowd after for support???? his face must be 10 inch thick......

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posted Mar 4, 2010

My favourite part of all these comments is the number of people saying ' take a reality check'

I only saw the second half but I'll say this - milner looked good, Gerrard looked like he was playing in a friendly (I know it was but there is no excuse), I have to say that carrick looked like his more recent rubbish form, But the player that once again stood out for me is Barry!

I'm no Citeh, or Villa fan - But I think that boy HAS to start!

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posted Mar 4, 2010

Why does everyone say if Rooney gets injured thats it?

I think we'd be better without Rooney. He is a terrific player no doubt but if we are going to stick with 4-4-2 then we have better options. A 4-4-2 you pick the best partnership up top not the best individual and who sets him up most.

And another thing, the only reason Heskey will play not Crouch is because Heskey makes Rooney score. Well a partnership of Crouch and Owen would score more than Heskey and Rooney i bet.

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comment by benchy (U14350244)

posted Mar 4, 2010

sjb and xcalibur, your posts consist of ifs, buts and maybes.

Yes Peter Crouch was offside and their keeper made an error but both goals counted and we won the game 3-1. A good result considering we were playing a team who have just the Africa Cup of Nations. Their team may not comprise a whole host of superstars but they are clearly a group of players who have spent time together and know how to play with one another. The South Korean team spent an extended period of time together before the 2002 World Cup and ended up beating Spain (albeit getting the odd lucky decision).

NUFC, not sure how serious you are but I understand that you should play the 11 players who work best together rather than individuals, but you still have to pick players who are on form. Owen barely plays and when he does he just picks up another injury. With the form Rooney is in, he has to start. Hopefully he doesnt burn himself out before the WC.

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posted Mar 4, 2010

England have enough world class players to win it and it's just about getting them together as a team. and the fifa world rankings mean nothing! Greece are ranked tenth?! and Portugal are ranked above us even though they only scrapped through.

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posted Mar 4, 2010

Hopefully Crouch has booked his place now, his record for England astounds me. Defoe will go but I'm still not sure how good he is, I know he's scored a few in the league for Spurs but I'm still not totally convinced!

We need Lennon, he was flying before injury and in my opinion much better than Walcott and par or just slightly better than SWP (his crossing has been much improved this year!).

What an earth is going on with the pitch?

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posted Mar 4, 2010

When England beat Croatia 5 - 1 i stood by the bar slating Theo Walcott because he cannot control a ball for toffee......bangs in a Hat Trick and i have to sit there and try and argue that aprt from the three goals he was utterly useless in that match.

Yesterday, same bar, i got on the Wright-Phillips case of how he never looks up, runs like a headless chicken into corners where he cannot cross a ball...... 1 goal 1 assist.

But despite these 4 goals and one assist these would not be the 2 out of the possible 6 i'd take, not by a long shot.

If fit, Lennon stil holds the No 7 shirt for me, and if we need someone to whip the balls in it'd have to be Beckham as he has the most consistant output of the lot. as for Bentley & Young i fear they are too short of form to make the cut this year.

Crouch has to go, has end product, can hold the ball up, height and 2 good feet. Heskey has height and two left feet.

Rooney/Defoe are givens

Though Carrick really stood up and took control in the middle of the park..... maybe stevie g & lamps should take notes. woeful again from those 2 who are nowhere near the players they were at club level let alone at international. Barry was strong again and Milner's a definate go as not only is he in form but he's versatile and maybe the key to solving the right back issue....... the glen johnson not being fit issue i mean, not the wes brown's got a peg leg defensive issue that all england fans had to suffer yesterday.

Think the keepers are set, Capello will take Hart, Green & James but feel sorry for Robinson as he's starting to come back but maybe too little too late.

Thought Terry & Baines improved as the game went on and should the ex mr tweedy not be fit he'd do a good enough job at the back (didn't think he was helped by the rotten pitch yesterday much either).

Upson was dodgy and quite far out of his comfort zone. You'd expect Rio & Terry to start but if one of them were to pick up a match suspension then.....ok, here we go.... Ledley King could play that ONE game and you know your defence is gonna be solid. He'd be pushing the main centres if not for the injury, so if you've got a sticky wicky then Kings your solution.

I hate myself for saying this but the only lefty i'd give a ticket to at the moment would be stewart downing. i thought he was an ok player at a cack club when boro had him, but he's been in terrific form for villa and with a natural lefty it provides anew dimension that i we're not used to from the likes of "i like to cut in" joe cole or "i like to cut in" ashley young or the "i like to cut in" steven gerrard.

As for the other lefty depends on Joe Cole.....if he can be the player of 2 years ago then flap your wings son, if not, give the young man city kid a chance, sometimes he looks like he doesn't know what he's gonna do so at least there's the element of surprise

As for the last striker, they're all 4th choice strikers, so keeps them level. Zamora's the form guy so that nudges him a place on the hopscoth but then Owen's been there and done it (and overdone it) however, 85 minutes to go and one of either Heskey, Agbonlahor, Cole or Owen is one on one i'd back owen not to bottle it...... especially seeing as we're notorious for bottling it....especially penalties.

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posted Mar 4, 2010

benchy - the main point was that Heskey shouldn't be playing at all and if playing Rooney with Heskey gets 5 goals between them(all Rooney) and Crouch and Owen get 6(4 Owen 2 Crouch) then you shouldn't be scared to drop Rooney.

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posted Mar 4, 2010

What an interesting fixture this has proven to be when bombarded with all the injuries and moral issues. According to many, fans and media alike, England had a poor keeper, two second tier fullbacks, two out of form centerbacks, only one on form midfielder and one super striker.

After taking the first half to settle down, the team produced a fine performance against one of the current best dozen sides in the world. Not bad, eh? (Obviously Canadian)

From these posts, it seems obvious that many fans are loathe to acknowledge the stature of players from opposing clubs. Indeed many of the media seem prepared to only accept their own preferences, eg. McNulty for Gerrard.

Fabio fortunately rises above such limitations with the results that we have seen for the past couple of years or so. What may you expect if injured players regain fitness and form?

England are then most assuredly among the front runners, regardless of the nay sayers!

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