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Six Nations England
by goldenbales (U8682389) 27 February 2010
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This is the worst england team i have seen in decades

The whole management and playing style of the team is a laughing stock. You would think they would at least be strong in the forwards but they are desperate.

Sack Johnson before its to late he is living off his playing career.

I have never seen a backline so ineffective.

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posted Mar 1, 2010

i know what you mean jim, but if you looked at the game again you would see that england got more things right, and largely error free, than for quite a while. the weather was atrocious and the quality of the play remarkably good considering how bad the conditions were. england did have more possession but that was because the kept hold of the ball and played it through phases, rather than ireland choosing to play the conditions by kicking it back to england most of the time. italy tend to dominate possession for the same reason against the big guns but they can never make much of it. the difference in the game was that the irish strike runners had a slightly greater cutting edge and their back row were awsome, as we already knew they were.
we nearly edged out a top side, jim. we don't have the cutting edge that ireland, france and wales have yet, but we have plenty of heart, fire and power to compete.

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posted Mar 1, 2010

"Also remember you rattling on about good ball - When he gets it, Care must distribute good ball quicker, not look around to make sure everyone is 'in place'. International players should be in place. If JW is not in place - then good players will compensate and drop in at 10 to keep the play going. "

Absoloutely spot on.

I had a very good coach once - went on to coach Super14's waratahs back in the 90's.

He always said do the right thing at the rigth time and let the others worry about executing it from there.

If the ball is quick distribute it and let the players outside you be int he right place. The mistake if it breaks down is theres not yours.

Now thats a bit simplistic but essentially if you have ball and the correct option is to move it quickly then do so, at worst you'll get another breakdown and keep forward momentum.

I find it odd that fluety and wilkinson didn't interchange a lot more often.

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comment by bopper7 (U3034491)

posted Mar 1, 2010

i'm sorry but 8 missed tackles from 29 for an interntional side is appaling!! its bad for a colts side let alone england!!
danny care is a good sniping scrum half but the 2 steps he takes everytime he passes the ball is killing us
the backrow were nowhere to be seen on saturday, why exactly is james haskell there??
Foden looked like our most dangerous player when he came on. Give Armitage time to get back into form with london irish and give ben foden a run in the team. Also as solid a cueto is he doesnt have the pace that he used to. we should give ashton or JSD a go.
and why oh why is deacon anywhere near the england team??

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posted Mar 1, 2010

None of the "home nations" have been playing very well - including Ireland. This has been a defense driven 6 Nations with excessive kicking and little creative play. Wales have turned it on a few times but have been very poor the rest of the time, England have been the epitome of mediocrity, Ireland just haven't fired and Scotland have not been good enough. France should win the Grandslam but this IMO is not a "great" French side. Poor all round - let's hope things pick up and coaches allow some shackles to be released!

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posted Mar 1, 2010

"Maybe we did try and play a little too much when we had lost momentum and Ireland will turn you over when you try to do that," he (MJ) told BBC Radio 5 live.

That happens because the players do not think creatively making their idea of open rugby very predictable. The opposition know how to defend and the England are going into unfamilar territory with a lack of conviction, confidence and most importantly of all a lack of experience. Now whose fault is that? Plans B, C and D please.

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posted Mar 1, 2010

This a a reletivly new side. I think everyone needs to get off the England teams back. Give them time to gell as a team.Ireland did not have there best game against France but they took positives from it and went on. We have some very good players and it wont be long until we start to tick.

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posted Mar 1, 2010

Alexander Ramsden, Goodnumber10 and others. The focus should not necessarily be on the players.

Against Italy we kicked most possession, against Ireland we barely kicked.

The coaches can't expect a team to go from one extreme to the other. That kind of shift in gameplan indicates the coaches really don't have a clue.

The facts speak for themselves, 7 pick and drives in one passage resulted in minus 3 yards and the ball turned over.

We had one offload in the tackle the whole game. If you keep taking the ball into the tackle you are presenting opportunities to turn the ball over.

99 tackles 1 missed for the Irish - 29 with 9 missed for England - That shows we made it so easy for them to tackle us. If you pull defenses wide you end up making it difficult to make tackles. If everyone is in the right place at the right time its easy. Its not rocket science. If you go from side to side plodding around - its simple to defend.

The coaching staff have no idea what they want to do. Forwards in the way, Tait, Flutey and Wilkinson interchanging at 10 - when someone does kick, no one chases.

Just a few turnovers all game, no running from Haskell, the second row offered nothing around the park, Care has to delay the pass until it gets sorted behind him and wingers and full back offer nothing in attack.

This is not a selection issue - this is exceptionally poor coaching and game management.

And that was not a good a performance despite Johnson's own little PR trained bubble he lives in claiming otherwise.

Well done Ireland - It was like Foreman v Ali - Foreman spends round after round pounding on Ali, then when he gets the opportunity, Foreman is out for the count.

Woeful England - no progress, no inspiration, and the same PR world that Robinson lived in thinking the world was great, does not wash with the outside world.

Shape up, or ship out. Simple.

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comment by Bruce (U14292407)

posted Mar 1, 2010

I don't get this England bashing. Last year England were runners up in the Six Nations. This year, with largely a scratch team, only France have conceded fewer points and only Wales and France have scored more points; both are teams that have been years in the making.
Those people who think you can throw a group of people together and expect them to play polished, flowing rugby do not understand the game. Some of the people who have been so critical ought to know better because they have played at this level.
This is a transitional team, it will need time to bed in to match the standards of the 2003 World Cup winning team. That team had been together for five years before they started to perform at world class level. Look at their results in 1998 and, in comparison, this England team is in a much better position.

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comment by John (U14363453)

posted Mar 1, 2010

in my opinion england need a complete change in personal. They lack creativity in all areas of the field. They are far to predictable, people talked about how many tackles the irish made against england but england made it easy for them. The backs never dared try a move and the forwards tried to go over the top of the irish pack. These tactics will never work at the world cup. England need new blood. Im irish and i would not play half the english players who are currently playing at the minute. My england 15...
Wilko (still a class act)
Care (if he gets the ball out quicker)
Sheridan (when fit)
Borthwick (very strong in line out)
Moody Captain

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posted Mar 2, 2010

While I agree 100% the present and post 2003 England performances are very poor indeed I believe there must be a far more fundamental reassessment by the RFU. Starting point must be that referees MUST enforce the Laws of Rugby to enable more room for players to be creative. Offside at the breakdowns and ALL the scrummage laws. Next, the professional rugby player MUST get a life outside rugby for more of life's reference points, this will give the individualism and decision making skills so sorely needed on the pitch. Next, Coaches MUST train their players less, 'gym bunnies' I read one journalist accuse the England players of, not far off the mark in truth - I fear we have a national set up made up from brainwashed individuals, they spend too much time concentrating on the game, free the mind! Lastly, stop making excuses and deliver a game worthy of the sums of money we have to pay to watch, and for which you are paid.

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