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Nigel should get over it !

International Northern Ireland
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As if any one needs reminding . 3 players born within the borders of Northern Ireland have made themselves available for future selection for the Republic Of Ireland international team.

These 3 players (Gibson, Duffy & Wilson) were able to do so due to the Good Friday agreement. Good luck to them i say, they aren't actually doing anything wrong.
No Footballing laws are being broken or interfered with in anyway.

Obviously from a footballing perspective this is bad news for the NIreland football team. Here we have 3 very promising young players who are all on the books of Premiership clubs who have in effect turned their back on the NIreland Football team.

I now believe it is time for NIgel Worthington to accept this situation and move on. The more he goes on about it the more bitter he appears.

So a message to Nigel . Get over it and channel your energies into getting the most out of the players who do WANT to play for OWC.

Starting with the Albania friendly next month

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posted Feb 28, 2010

Well you are wrong surrey guy. But lets not let the facts get in the way eh?

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posted Feb 28, 2010

I am sick making the same points over and over again. The NI haters just do not see our point of view.

The endless list of third rate English rejects is just not enough for them!

One rule for the Republic....!!!

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posted Feb 28, 2010

"if you were born in this country play for this country. any objections, don't bother playin for us"

If only I had a coach and horses handy.

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comment by stax (U14361633)

posted Mar 1, 2010

if marc wilson claims to have always supported ROI, how can he pull on the northern ireland shirt at any level.
hypocritical hired hand comes to mind.

international football is about national pride- you are chosen, you dont choose

the drain of any players from one association to another needs to stop

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posted Mar 1, 2010

This is a ludicrous situation, if a player wants to play for Brazil can he do so - no. If a player from Northern Ireland, The North, the 6 counties call it what you like opts to play for the Republic of Ireland to express his Irish nationality, does that mean that those players who play for Northern Ireland are somehow less Irish? We don't have one team as in other sports, it is unlikely we ever will, and there is only one possible outcome while this situation remains that Northern Ireland will become a protestant team for protestant players and that cannot be good for sport, or for Ireland.

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posted Mar 1, 2010

I agree if they have no intentions of playing for us then they should state it before playing for any of our representative teams.Anyway Marc Wilson is not good enough to get on either team.

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posted Mar 1, 2010

Bottom line Windsor,

These players are entitled to declare for Ireland and not Norn Iron.

They're legally entitled as Irishmen living in the 6 counties to do this.

Nothing you or the IFA say is going to change this.

Most important of all, these men had the FREE WILL to decide if they wanted to play for Norn Iron and decided not to as they felt no allegience to that team. Are you going to deny them their legal rights and right to choose.

Do you want to coerce people who don't want to play for you into playing for you??

As for English cast offs, they've done pretty good for Ireland down the years, seem to remember us beating both Norn Iron and England pretty handy until their respective fans through the rattles out of the prams....

Like it or not guys, a very large minority of people in the North define themselves as Irish, have no allegience to Norn Iron and any footballing talents from this community will not want to play for you, not with union jacks and GSTQ etc.

An all Ireland team is the way forward in my opinion. Same as the rugby team, no controversial flags or anthems from either side, just a green jersey representing the Island and all it's people, why can't this work in soccer?

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posted Mar 1, 2010

In fairness surreyguy, totally different situation. Neil Lennon was told he'd be murdered and was sent death threats by NI "fans" simply for playing for them.

Sure, Ireland fans scream abuse at Rangers players in Dublin, but they haven't threatened to murder them or sent credible death threats to them!!!! Don't see how you can compare this.

And that was Ireland fans shouting abuse at opposition players!

Neil Lennon received death threats from the "fans" of his own team simply because of his religion and because he had the audacity to play them!!!!

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comment by BGoose (U14362708)

posted Mar 1, 2010

"What about the incessant abuse ROI fans give players from Glasgow Rangers .. be they Dutch / Georgian / Danish / Scottish ... I do believe FIFA fined them for sectarian abuse - people in glass houses shouldn't throw stones !!"

I agree that this was scandalous and has no place in sport - but I don't think its comparable to abusing and sending death threats to YOUR OWN PLAYERS - and NI fans wonder why these lads don't want to play for them.....

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