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WGC: Accenture Matchplay Championship Day 5

by David Tee (U6814587) 21 February 2010
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Good Morning everyone...

When I said yesterday that there was a lot of golf scheduled for Day 4 of the Accenture Matchplay Championship, I think I may have been underestimating it. First, there was a fascinating battle between Poulter and Jaidee in the Q/F's with Poulter going behind on four separate occasions only to find a way in front on the 17th. Then there was the oddly comforting sight of top professionals making a complete hash of it in desperate weather conditions. And finally, an epic semi-final, possibly the match of the tournament so far, with Casey and Villegas refusing to give way to each other. 23 holes later and we've still to find a winner.

Today we pick up where we left off with Casey and Villegas, until a winner is found. Then the finalists play the first 18 holes of the 36 hole final before breaking for lunch and resuming in the afternoon. The original schedule has the consolation (3rd and 4th place) match starting in the afternoon ("Approximate match time: 12:05 p.m. MT"), but the PGA site is now suggesting that may be changed ("Please note that the Camilo Villegas-Paul Casey match will resume at 9:10 p.m. ET on Sunday. The 36-hole championship final and 18-hole consolation final will begin shortly after that.").

Once again, the weather may play a part today. The latest forecast is "mostly cloudy with a 20 percent chance of showers. Highs 60 to 65. South wind 5 to 15 mph becoming southwest 10 to 20 mph in the afternoon."

What are they playing for?

550 Fedex cup points

315 Fedex cup points

Third Place
200 Fedex cup points

Fourth Place
140.Fedex cup points

This mornings odds (UK bookies) are:

Poulter evens
Casey 9-4
Villegas 7-2

My pick? Ian Poulter. Yes, because there's 36 holes and he won't be as knackered as the others but also because he's shown that, even when he's playing badly, he refuses to give in - and at his best he's remorseless in driving home his advantage.

Overall, it's been an enjoyable tournament although I have a problem with a course where so many good shots seem to be punished. A few golfers (Garcia, Wilson, Cink, Singh, Jaidee, Donald come to mind) will be leaving Arizona feeling more optimistic than when they arrived. For others, including some Ryder Cup hopefuls, it'll be time to regroup.

Final thought - we don't see enough Matchplay. Brilliant format.

* * * * * * * * * *

Semi-Final resumes (times are GMT, WGC Matchplay records shown for each player)

14:10 pm (2) Paul Casey (14-7) vs (5) Camilo Villegas (6-2)

* * * * * * * * * *

Final (36 holes)

Ian Poulter (16-7) v winner of Casey/Villegas

* * * * * * * * * *

Consolation match (18 holes)

Sergio Garcia (11-9) loser of Casey/Villegas

Live TV coverage is scheduled to start at 3pm.

* * * * * * * * * *

North America (started with 23 players, 0 left)

Europe (started with 25 players, 2 left)
England (2)

ROW (started with 16 players, 1 left)
Colombia (1)

Saguaro (front 9)
Tortolita (back 9)

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comment by Tano (U13770795)

posted Feb 21, 2010

Fantastic stuff Poults!

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posted Feb 21, 2010

I'd have to say that I'm very happy for Poulter. He's definitely run the gauntlet. Hats off to the pink. Both of these guys played it to the tilt this week. Casey's consecutive 2nd place finishes are a fine accomplishment.

Sergio's my matchplay partner in the fantasy league and though I'll gladly take the free points, it's more about the absurdity of the 3rd place match having to take place but also the vacillation in Sergio's attitude depending on the situation. Camillo is the winner in more ways than one.

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posted Feb 22, 2010

Excellent performance by Poulter, but all credit to Casey, given his drawn out semi.
Look beyond the weird fashion (who buys these clothes?) and applaud a very determined and skillful Englishman. At the top level, they're in short supply at the moment

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comment by Pharce (U13100887)

posted Feb 22, 2010

Great stuff from Poults, lets see if this can spur him and Casey on to great things this year.

Just a shame the trophy was so hideous really!!!

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posted Feb 22, 2010

Yep, well done Poulter. Not his biggest fan, but he played some excellent stuff. Casey wasn't quite "at it" ... every time Poulter missed a green, Casey followed him!

Have always been a fan of Sergio (even though he can't putt for toffee these days), but thought his attitude yesterday was a bit of a disgrace to the game TBH. He played like a 10 handicapper. OK, I never really see the point of 3rd/4th placed games either, but if you have to play one then at least make some effort for the paying public, surely?

How bad was some of the US coverage? Only TWO players on the course, and they still couldn't show us all of their shots in the correct order. I ended up recording it, then catching up at x30 at various points in the day! Watched an 8-9 hour programme in about 2 hours. Highly recommended. <laugh>

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posted Feb 22, 2010

A splendid win by Poulter; sound, intelligent and occasionally inspired golf. Not only did he win the championship, the cash, the points and the trophy, I also think he came away with a lot of respect from people who were otherwise undecided about him. All thoroughly well earned and deserved.

Casey said the tiredness wasn't an issue, he was simply outplayed and beaten. Fine words and all credit to him for making a match of it - there was moment when he came so close to pulling it back to just one hole. I have no doubt that he'll be picking up a trophy sometime later this season.

Garcia needs to sort himself out. Unquestioned talent but highly questionable motivation. There was talk earlier on in this thread about him and Seve. The big difference? Seve hated losing - hated it with a passion. Garcia thinks he can get by on his talent alone. He's wrong.

Nice to see Villegas back. There was more than a hint of determination about him, something that I haven't seen for a while. He's another one who has the game to get into the Top 10.

Back to Poulter... He has a habit of winning, or coming close and then going completely off the boil immediately afterwards. 3rd in the French Open last year was followed by a 32nd place at the Scottish Open and a missed cut at the Open Championship. 1st in the Singapore Open was followed by 45th place in the WGC HSBC. 2nd in Dubai this year was followed by a missed cut at Qatar. The victory at Arizona is brilliant - now let's see him really stamp his credentials on the WGC-CA tournament at Doral in 3 weeks time.

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posted Feb 22, 2010

Well done Ian didnt see the tournament but great win

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posted Feb 22, 2010

Only thing which irks me about Poulter was the number of adverts he had splashed about his closed. Two on his collar, another couple on his sleeves, three on his hat etc. etc.

Is he really that hard up for money?

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posted Feb 22, 2010

well done.

i hope the doubters are starting to realise this cat is v good.

and two englishmen in the final- come on.

just saw the rankings list

4th westy
5th poults
6th casey


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posted Feb 23, 2010

Glad Poulter had had a win, shame it was Casey who lost.

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