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The fine is a wrong!!!!

Wolverhampton Wanderers
by panese (U8744667) 18 February 2010
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What a cheek fining you guys for fielding a 'weakened' team.
I thought the point of a squad is you have a number of players to pick from... who is to say it is weakened anyway?

You only lost 3-0 if memory serves me correctly and other teams have done far worse against united fielding their strongest team!

McCarthy did what he thought was best, he probably knew you were going to get nothing from the game regardless of who he fielded and wanted to keep his best players fresh for the next game which he thought he could get something from.

To me that was good management as they won that that game. Wolves are down there scrapping for their lives and if it means he has to do that again then fair play to him. If you survive by a point or 2 then it will have been the best bit of management of the season.

The FA should stay out of the team selection policies. If it is a case of always playing your strongest team then how is anyone ever going to break into a team? Who cares if it is 1 player dropped or 11, that is what the squad is for.

I don't see the FA fining United, Arsenal, Chelsea and Liverpool for fielding weakened teams in the Carling Cup or even the FA Cup.

Stinks of one rule for the big 4 and one rule for the rest!

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posted Feb 19, 2010

This has been a well supported 'debate' and I do hope that someone at the Premier League has the good sense to print it all out and send it to their 'suits', so that they can reconsider and, hopefully, reverse their decision. The VAST majority of 'posters', who are Premier League fans by association, obviously feel they haven't represented us very well!

A shame that so many 'posters', despite the best efforts of a (very) few, blamed the FA who, for once, are absolutely blameless.

Also, unfortunately, it has, understandably perhaps, been a 'right' or 'wrong' discussion ONLY, with few constructive suggestions. How about the following to advance the debate.

Firstly everyone (including the fans) require a full and explicit definition of 'FULL STRENGTH' that is beyond fiddling by devious managers (all twenty of them, not just 'the usual suspects' [SirAF, AW & RB!]).

Secondly, a limited maximum number of players in each squad registered to play in Premier League matches. Changeable, for injuries and 'form' but not suspensions, of course, but certainly not 'overnight' unless confirmed by independent medical opinion. Any 11 of such registered players can be selected to play in any match without silly disputes such as this.

Points deduction, not fines, for CLUB offenses
(including non-payment of playing staff). Actually I'd like to see that for non payment of taxes too - fans pay tax promptly, why not clubs?

Next, an acceptance that the PL is a season long marathon with very large rewards at stake' It is not 38 sprints, with relatively little reward accruing from any single one.

Further, amend the points system by giving 4 points for an away win, 3 for a home win, 2 for an away draw and 1 for a home draw. Not only might that have made a difference to Mick's decision (and others considering a similar one) but it has a very good chance of sustaining interest in the relegation struggle (and for Euro places) at the end of the season.

Finally, the FA might like to jump on the bandwagon and impose some regulation on team selection for any team wishing to participate in domestic cup competitions - say five of their 'normal' starting eleven. That might prevent the disappointment of lower division club fans when Premier League clubs put virtual youth teams out against them - so destroying the 'value' of ticket prices not to mention the competition itself.

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posted Feb 19, 2010

Interesting article where Premier League exec Richard Scudamore discusses the Manchester United V Hull game

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comment by ot (U14346676)

posted Feb 19, 2010

disgraceful ! i'm no wolves fan but this is one rule for the top 4 tinkerers and another for the rest. typical premier (it isn't) league nonsense

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posted Feb 19, 2010

I think it's right!

everyone says the top teams do it all the time! OK tell me one occasion when any top team has changed there entire team bar the Keeper to gain an advantege in any competion!

I seem to recall United getting fined for playing too many youngsters about 10-15 years back, but even that was not ten players.

and it was a suspended fine!

I have no problem with teams resting players for bigger games but what would happen if all lower teams started doing this? the top four so to speak would be 60pts ahead of everyone els.

Good tactics though and fair play for doing it but you have to face the punishment.

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comment by shalom (U14346934)

posted Feb 19, 2010

I can understand all arguments but the bottom line, surely, is that the players were part of the first team squad. What is and isn't allowed re. rotation needs to be clarified as there does not appear to be uniformity.

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comment by shalom (U14346934)

posted Feb 19, 2010

May I make a suggestion?
Bombard the premier League with complaints. I've just sent an email to voice my feelings. I've asked them if all teams who field a 'weakened' side will be fined in future and have also asked them why Wolves and why at this time.

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posted Feb 19, 2010

I think its a correct decision and no-one should even contemplate arguing with it.

Imagine if 15 of the premier league sides decide that they have a winnable fixture after playing the likes of Arsenal, Man Utd and Chelsea and have a very slim chance of winning those games.

The top sides will be playing stupidly weak sides week in week out except against each-other, creating an even bigger gap and in reality a two/three teir league.

The premier league would be dead as you would only see the top players play in 15/20 games a season as they are not needed to feature against reserve sides.

To all those saying that the top clubs do it regularly can you name a game in recent memory where it has happened? How about a game where even 5 players were rested other than for injury?

How many games has Rooney played this season? Fabregas? Drogba? Lampard? seen any of them dropped for a game against a weaker side? Nope, their clubs are out to win as much as possible which creates competition.

If your club wants to field weak sides against better sides then your club is a joke and quite frankly has no place in a competitive league. As fans that have payed to go to the game you would be embarressed as were those Wolves fans who were chanting at the game. They know what they paid to go and see and were shown a complete mockery of the premier league.

With MM stating that he rested his squad for a game they can win his managerial career should be extinct a complete mockery if you ask the majority of fans.

Imagine if Man United fielded a reserve side against Chelsea as they have a easier run in than them so to keep their players fresh they forfiet that game knowing that Chelsea will field a strong side and will wear themselves out.

You are bording on a fixture dictated league rather than league based on quality football throughout the year.

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posted Feb 19, 2010

I think the news media should push for clarification regarding why the Wolves team was not acceptable and other diminished teams were?
Was it due to an admission by Mick or the number of players changed?
Would it have been acceptable to change 7 or 8?
If Mick would have said it was not a diminished team, would we still have been fined?

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comment by Samir1 (U14341444)

posted Feb 19, 2010

Rob Nox

How do you work this rule - here is my suggestion. All teams must submit an official ranking for each of their players. That way it is clear who is considered to be the first eleven and who would be considered weaker players if brought in. Then introduce a points system - you can only play a side with a minimum ranking of 75% of your best possible side, otherwise that is considered a weakened side and you are fined / points deducted etc.

That's really going to boost a players confidence when he finds out his manager only rates him as 3rd choice ;-)

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posted Mar 1, 2010

I got a response from that email I sent to the Prem League...

I wrote this:
I am a Newcastle United fan and as such have no particular interest in Wolves.

However, I must say that the decision to impose a fine of Wolves for fielding a weakened side against Man Utd is completely ridiculous! How on earth can this be justified? It is a stupid ruling, and one that absolutely reeks of double standards.

Firstly, who are the Premier League board to decide what Wolves' best starting elevin is? Surely that is the manager's job. What happens when a manager is concerned for the fitness of his players? Is he not allowed to rest them without first seeking approval?

The fact of the matter is that Wolves are facing an absolute dog fight just to survive in the league this season. On the back of a 1-0 victory against Spurs, the decision to rest the players involved against Man Utd so that they'd be fit to play burnley was exactly the correct one. It meant Wolves took 6 points from a maximum of 9 over the course of three difficult matches.

Also, AND THIS IS THE IMPORTANT PART.. Why is it that the so-called top teams in the Premier League would never have this kind of sanction imposed on them! Man Utd, Chelsea and Liverpool rest their best players all the time!!! Especially when they have euro matches midweek.

I look forward to Man Utd and Chelsea being fined later this season when they rest all of their most important players for a weekend Prem game, because they have a Champions League Semi Final to play in midweek.

Get it into your thick heads!!! Targeting the fixtures where the team can get the best result is a managers job! Why dont you lot simply pick the sides?


Thank you for your email.

I am sorry that you are disappointed by the Boards decision to charge Wolverhampton Wanderers following their breach of rules E.20 and B.13. The Premier League Board has issued Wolverhampton Wanderers FC with a suspended 25,000 fine after deciding that the team fielded in their League fixture against Manchester United on 15 December 2009 was not full strength and therefore in breach of Rule E.20. The Board also deemed that the Club had failed to fulfil its obligations to the League and other Clubs in the utmost good faith and was therefore in breach of Rule B.13.

The Board considered submissions from Wolverhampton Wanderers FC and had sympathy for the explanation submitted by the Club in relation to similar cases from previous seasons. However the Board ruled that this case could be differentiated from the other matches cited and that disciplinary action was warranted.

We would like to assure you that the Board also wants to put Clubs on notice that any future Rule breach of this nature would be subject to a Disciplinary Commission.

We understand your frustration, as a loyal and passionate supporter, and we thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Kind regards,

Communications Team

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