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Rafa Too Negative

Premier League Liverpool
by Swoopuk (U10800750) 10 February 2010
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I'm Sorry Rafa it was too negative for too long. Arsenal were not playing well. We invited pressure on us. As soon as we went more attacking Arsenal was on the backfoot.

Plus Howard Webb how did you not see the handball. Cesc should of been sent off. Would not of changed the game though. But still The Refs have been poor for us all season.

I realised something tonight. David N'Gog can only play up front on his own when we play at home. Otherwise he needs a partner. Him and Babel worked well at the end. Also Again where is Aqua Man? Is he not creative midfielder. Him and Kuyt have played well together...

Your sensible thoughts please?

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posted Feb 11, 2010

2 even worse dives from your captain, used to really like watching him, but last 18 months to 2 years he just become a out and out cheat.


Cant even support him as an England player. He has a divine sense of privilege and now just does whatever he can to referee matches. He is disgusting. Wait until he leaves Liverpool at the end of this season and then tell us what you think of him when he is playing for someone else and you don't have the specs on. He is a disgrace. Great player still - but a bare faced and open cheat.

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posted Feb 11, 2010


I have watched all of them play in the last 2-3 years and none of them are good enough.

Aurelio is not reliable with so many injuries and Benayoun wants out.

It was not a reaction to the game vs Arsenal....Just an opinion from watching them. winkeye

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posted Feb 11, 2010


My comment was not a reaction to the gunners game. Just an observation from watching all the youth reserve and 1st team games. Whats the point of having these players in reserve if they are not going to make it. Some have shown promise but dont look up to it.
In my opinion for what its worth I think Gulacsi,Kelly,Mavinga,
Amoo,Ince, Ngoo (not ngog) and super forward Lauri Dalla Valle will make it. smiley

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posted Feb 11, 2010

Penalty? You must be joking. Sorry stevie but maybe if you didnt go round throwing yourself to floor in every game i might have some sympathy.
But i dont.

Also terrifictraore if your out there......dont ever come on banging the drum after last weekss pathetic derby victory. 2-1 vs the champions elect. Thats how you bounce back mate


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posted Feb 11, 2010

I don't agree that our squad is lacking, although not as good as other top 4, we have the players to contest EPL even with injury.

The problem is Rafa plays the wrong players in the wrong positions and continually chops and changes each game so the team nver settle in their role and colleagues cannot get on the same wavelength.

That plus the awful passing and delivery by Lucas is why we are not contending. Rafa is forcing Lucas into something he will never be, that is a provider of quality balls that frontmen can run onto at speed. Masch is streets ahead of him as a def MF which we only need one of!

It almost clicked at Bolton and ball was being put in space and everyone seemed to be running the right angles. Mainly because Lucas was not playing. I think Aqua will be the answer once he gets more games under his belt in the same role but again will be down to what the hell is going on in Rafa's head!?

Kuyt will never be a right sided player! When recently forced to play up front for 3 games he looked twice the player, against Spurs for example.

Carragher has been forced into right back due to injuries and after a stint there seems to be getting little better each game. His confidence to cross the ball and take on a player is much better. Although never a right back this sort of proves the point that we need selection and positional consistency.

Gerrard needs to be his central midfield. Kuyt and Torres up front.

Take your pick on left and right wingers. Pachecho,Babel, Benyoun my choice in order on the right with Johnson RB. Riera, Insua Maxi, again in order, on left with Aurelio LB. and before you bag Babel and Riera for their inconsistent performance this is again down to inconsistent selection by Rafa!

Kuyt up front with Babel the answer while Torres injured.

See our squad is not so bad. If Rafa used it properly I reckon we could get 20 or 30% better which maybe enough.

Sorry but even if we get into CL place Rafa cannot take us any further, or rather he is not willing to due to his inflexibility regarding squad and tactics!

Who would I replace him with? Well look it is not rocket science. Just somebody who would pick a team in their right places as I stated above. We can all see they play better when this happens. There are plenty who would do this and does not have to be non british. Steve Bruce, Redknapp. Or maybe this is just too simple. Would never even consider that clown Murinho!

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posted Feb 14, 2010

I find it brilliant that Arsenal fans believe that the handball was outside the box. Watch the reply and it shows when Fabregas moved his foot was on the line - on the line is a penalty.

And Arsenal fans also feel that Bendtner should have had a penalty. No, he should have had a Sliver Medal for that performance! (Pity that the gold medal would go to Gerrard though!)

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posted Feb 20, 2010

what are you on man?
how could you say to get rid of them? half of them are on loan already and san jose is doing very well! benayouns been the most consistent performer this year? kyriakos is only just coming into his own and is playing brilliantly?!
aurelio is the best left foot we have? and has a brilliant cross? and young nabil el zhar will turn out to be a very decent winger if given the chance.clueless...

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posted Feb 21, 2010

San Jose may be doing well in spain, But lacks pace. He is not as good as Kelly or Ayala.

Benayoun is worth cashing in on now before its to late.

Anyway....If we dont win today and I hope we do we will have bigger problems than worrying about san joses and ayalas because gerrard and torres will be off.

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posted Feb 24, 2010

Anthony Courntey (U14335184)

If you read each of the Liverpool supporter's comments, you'd realise we aren't all defending them! smiley

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posted Apr 6, 2010

comment by 4ever_reds

What has Benayoun done bad this season he has been quite good, he had a hard job to take over from Alonso and he did quite well. Get rid of Cavalieri

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