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Who should follow Terry as skipper?

International England
by Mark A (U5611457) 05 February 2010
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Manager Fabio Capello has decided John Terry will not be captain of England.

After two weeks of intense speculation and scrutiny over allegations of an affair with the ex-girlfriend of former team-mate Wayne Bridge, the Chelsea defender will now be handing over the armband.

Cappello's former vice captain Manchester United's Rio Ferdinand gets the job for the time being, while Liverpool midfielder Steven Gerrard will be deputy.

But who will get the job for the World Cup? South Africa is only four months away. Is Ferdinand the right man? And how crucial is the job anyway?

Ferdinand has plenty of experience but could his fitness be an issue? How about Frank Lampard or Wayne Rooney? Some people even think there should be a different leader for different games.

Give the world your thoughts.

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posted Feb 10, 2010

To my knowledge, Wayne Bridge hasn't said much about the whole affair, instead choosing to remain quiet!! And come on - if you think that this is the reason Terry has lost the captaincy, you're sadly mistaken!! It's just the final nail in the coffin, proving that the man has no integrity.

As far as you know Bridge has kept quiet?
You may well know him to that level of closeness, I dont, so i cannot comment on your statement either way, but im sure that some one has been talknig else why did the city players have shirts in support of bridge?

As for suggesting JT has done other things, well if he is losing his captaincy for one thing, it should be made clear what it is.

Apart from that, im sure there is no real proof that what ever JT is alleged to have done in your statement above, happened.

So apart from trying to take my comment out of context, the rest of your comments is based on what exactly?

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posted Feb 22, 2010

this lads different class by the way


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posted Feb 22, 2010

I doubt Wayne gives a monkeys.
He never wanted a relationship with her, that's why it only lasted 5 minutes. She trapped him by getting pregnant.

Including Wayne and JT, I know of SEVEN Chelsea players (although 1 wasn't playing for Chelsea at the time and 4 are no longer at the club) she slept with.

Do you think they don't talk amoung themselves? Do you think Wayne wasn't aware she'd been around?

He probably wishes everyone would just shut up about it.

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comment by J (U14344913)

posted Mar 1, 2010

It Is a shame as Terry Is a natural leader of men,I remember from his Eastbury day's at school,even at a young age he commanded respect, an hard but fair guy through my own personal experiences.

Off the field Is exactly that but when you are england captain It's a double standard responsbility.

I hope he learn's from his errors and I hope his family keep him out of the paper's also as our press don't need much meat on their bones do they.

Personally I think this will make his game stronger and we shall see this come to fruitation in the world cup.

For wayne I Feel sorry for and respect his actions on not shaking hands but I can't help notice the yellow that run's through him.

A real man would of fought the guy ... yes or no if your that cut up about it ..would of crushed his hand,looked him in the eye and told him
'im going to rattle you when I get the chance'

But to allow the press to continue the witch hunt encouraged by his lack of gut's.

The england boy's will be split In support but If I Was on of them I would not want Wayne In the team If he is not man enough to face his tormentor.

On another note It could be said that Fabio is not as tough as he makes out .... If it were a lesser player would he not drop them completely all together and the same applies with Cole.

Rio .... I agree is not fit to be captain in every capacity ... the guy is daft as a brush,best day's behind him (Man utd fan) and Is never far from scandal himself.

Maybe Rooney In the future who seems to be maturing at really decent rate or a sensible choice like Barry if Gareth Is stay a regular. England need's a level head at the moment and that would be my choice for now.

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posted Mar 7, 2010

cheryl cole

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posted Mar 8, 2010

Mahatma Gandhi.

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posted Mar 8, 2010

comment by Baggyjon (U13758510)
posted 4 Weeks Ago

It says something about the moral state of this country when it takes an Italian to make a decision that our lily livered FA Officilals refused to make.


Get a grip, the Italians won't even vote in an MP unless they've had a string of affairs, check out Silvio Burlosconi.

The French take a similar view of marital indiscretions, and I'd bet that Capello is bemused and annoyed at the hypocrisy of the English fans and media, forcing him to accept 2nd best for his team.

Let's face it Capello took a long time deciding who was going to be captain, and if hr thought Rio or Gerrard were better options they would have got the job.

They didn't and are now 2nd choice appointed by the media!

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posted Mar 8, 2010

The captain in Italian football is about as important as the mascot.
Capello probably enjoyed the opportunity to put the players in their place.

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