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Nick signs for Merc

Formula One
by The Lucky No22 (U10246532) 04 February 2010
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Going through the bar on the BBC Sport homepage is that "Quick" Nick Heidfeld has joined to complete the German line-up at Mercedes.

He will be the reserve driver, but the details of the deal are presently unknown.

Personally I think he is better off as 3rd driver for Mercedes than race driver for say Renault... It may be a gamble that really pays off should Great Uncle Michael fail to complete the season. Although this is looking unlikely at the moment, there is always the possibilty that Schumacher will not be able to finish a full season. Also, should Nico leave at the end of the year Nick is in a prime seat. A coy move from Heidfeld I think, and maybe a very good one.

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posted Feb 4, 2010


Heidfeld been lucky that he's been funded by Mercedes to get into F1 and BMW took him on because he happens to be German as well as a seady driver for so long

He did not get the Sauber drive because of money clearly but also Peter Sauber knows in his heart Nick wants a Mercedes drive so no point hiring someone who really is not focused driving for the team... Renault probably came to the same conclusion as well

Heidfeld gambled on MErcedes and Mclaren drives based on his past association and he lost to better and world class drivers. People see Heidfeld as a solid driver

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posted Feb 4, 2010

It's a good move.

What's to say Schumi won't get injured in 2010, or his neck injury returns?

I'm not wishing an accident on anyone, but new cars, qualifying tyres for the top 10, inexperienced drivers, pressure etc.

He's gone off and injured himself before.

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comment by pete6l (U1650500)

posted Feb 4, 2010

Nick Heidfeld is either very under-rated or Kubica over-rated. Heidfeld has come out ahead of his team-mate in two of the last three seasons and has scored more total points in that period. I'm amazed no one's given him a test seat.

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posted Feb 4, 2010

Laszlo Panaflex & McGeeF1 -

What's with all this Heidfeld praise? He strikes me as being very ordinary. 10 years in F1 and he's never looked like winning. He had his records of consecutive race finishes, but how many of them were in the points? Seemed like most of the time he was more worried with keeping his record going. I wouldn't be that quick to say he's any better than Nico - last season for example, he had 5 points finishes to Rosberg's 11. I'm not convinced about Rosberg being good enough to be a championship contender with Mercedes, but I rate his chances better than I would Heidfeld - someone who has been consistently out-pointed by his team mates (while the opposite is true of Rosberg).

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posted Feb 4, 2010

Heidfeld and Kubica were team mates for 3 years.

Heidfeld outscored Kubica in 2 of those 3 years.

Amazed he doesn't have a race seat.

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posted Feb 4, 2010


RetiredNo6 tooks the wrods straight outa my mouth.

And to add on.
Heidfeld had Kubica as a team-mate.
Rosberg Had Nakajima as a team-mate.
'Nuff said.

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posted Feb 4, 2010

Heidfeld is considered a solid "Steady "driver who is still in F1 partly because of his nationality with BMW and Mercedes

Kubica is considered a potential world champion judging by the incredible speed he was showing as BMW third driver in 2006 and the tremendous performances in 2008 when he eeked every 10th out of the BMW to challenge Ferrari and Mclaren

Heidfeld only beat Kubica because Robert decided to go all out for victory 2 laps to go in Melbourne. There was nothing special about Nick Heidfeld's performances last year as Malaysia was considered flukey.

People think Heidfeld at 32 years old has reached his peak or even past it whereas Kubica has still room for development at 25 years old

10 years in F1 should have been plenty of time to make a name for yourself.. there is no excuse for it

he had his opportunity in a GP winning car in 2008 but was blown away by Kubica and who's own assault on the drivers championship was derailed because his boss said focus on 2009 and give more support to Nick... that sticks in the mind of a lot of people

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posted Feb 4, 2010

Feel abit sad, because Heidfeld is far to good to be sat on his arse all season waiting for a chance to drive. TBH I can't understand why he wasn't given a drive at either Campos or USF1 or even a better side.

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posted Feb 4, 2010

This is an excellent deal for Nick, and a much better outcome than I'd been guessing for him.

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posted Feb 4, 2010

Heidfeld will not drive for either Campos or USF1 because neither will do his career any good except start sending him packing into retirement

Plus he's not wanted on either list given he does not bring money nor does he add any commercial value to either team

Simple Heidfeld gambled on driving for Mclaren or Mercedes and lost out to world class drivers for either seat

He could have pushed himself harder for the Renault seat but his affiliations and loyalty lies with Mercedes

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