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The last one

by LTFC39 (U14020857) 01 January 2010
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Tomorrow, I believe will be the start of the end for the BDO Lakeside World 'Professional' Darts Championships. Olly Croft, Tony Green, Martin Fitzmaurice, Martin Adams and Bob Potter can dress it up as much as they like but to be honest, it's going to happen. This will be the last credible year of the championships as I believe Scott Waites, Tony O'Shea and possibly even Ted Hankey may switch at the end of this tournament. Another BDO player Tony Martin (Anastasia's husband) is also definitely moving over next year.

They can come up with phoney excuses such as bigger, deeper trebles and the slanderous 'maths behind the averages' argument, but then again why not? If it makes the game more entertaining, I'm all for it.

The counties will have their say and will jump ship with Hearn and Co. I would be slightly dissapointed if the BDO did become defunct, as there is a need for them in the amateur game, and I hope they still exist at one level. But there can't be 2 World Championships running parallel. It just makes the game a farce and is definitely not good for the sport.

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posted Jan 1, 2010

This will not be the beginning of the end, that would of happened at time of the split, Lets not forget when the tour card takes affect
you will have players not wanting to switch over to the PDC. I am a fan of both codes, and enjoy both cosiderably. I have good friends who play in both worlds, they dont seem to mind the situation, so why should we as spectators, I would like to see just one world championships, but while there is 2, I got room for both. Lets all just enjoy whats left of this PDC event, and look forward to the Lakeside starting, the more tv darts the better, Come on Webster, Come on Chisnall.

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comment by g9mccle (U8419617)

posted Jan 1, 2010

Spot on Murf Jack, there's room for both Worlds like in boxing, i'd just like to see the bbc back the BDO more and give it more exposure, Hearn may provide this if given the opportunity.

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comment by LTFC39 (U14020857)

posted Jan 1, 2010

Yes, I agree with your points there, thats why I personally think that the tour card idea is a rubbish idea. It is doing what an open organisation shouldn't be doing... blocking anyone else from entering.

I enjoy watching both world championships, but you can't have two men calling themselves the world champion.

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posted Jan 1, 2010

I don't think it will be the end, 1994 showed that.
I do however think that super Ted Hankey will win The World Darts Championship at the Lakeside wilst Taylor wins the PDC Ally Pally Championship.

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