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January Signings

by GerrardsRitePeg (U13811833) 31 December 2009
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Right we havent got the best squad depth and we need some back up for Torres and a class winger. If we have the funds IMO we should try to get David Silva or Mata (I repeat IF we have the funds). There's talk that we're getting van nistelrooy on a 6 month loan deal and I think this would be quite good for the team he's a natural goalscorer. Only thing worrying me is his lack of match time he has under his belt, however I'm sure it wont take him that long to adjust back to the english game.

Another winger that might suit us is David Bently. He aint the best but I think we should get him on a loan basis until the end of the season, he would help to get extra width on the right flank as we all know kuyt isnt providing that but he works hard and I still like him for that reason at least he works his socks off.

So who would you want to see at Liverpool in January?

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posted Jan 1, 2010

haha- deluded scousers talking about signing fantasy players like Turan, Villa and Silva.... stick to signing players like Kyriakos and Voronin type players.

If a mega club like Man Utd are feeling the effects of the recession, what makes you think Liverpool will splash out?

Given that Benitez has already wasted 40m on a defender that cant defend and a midfielder who doesn't play then don't be too upset with the Owners when you buy second rate players like Heskey!

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posted Jan 1, 2010

Seriously the manc who thinks Johnson cost 40mil should either learn to type or learn to read. The papers reported 17-18mil depending on which one. However the important thing to remember is Pompey were struggling to pay for Crouchie, we made a 6-7mil bid and agreed to wipe off the remainder owed for crouch. *TOP BUSINESS*

Back to the point and the transfer window. As previously mentioned the two areas we need to strengthen, and *IMO* have needed to for 2 seasons, are upfront and wide RIGHT Midfield. Typically these are two of the most expensive footballing positions. I believe we can strenghten this window without breaking the bank and not weakening the squad.

In - Ruud Van Nistlerooy. Loan (Free in summer)
Goran Pandev - Free
Maxi Rodriguez - Loan (Free in summer)

Out - Voronin - anywhere but anfield
Dossena - See above

We'd be bringing in Tremendous firepower, back up for Torres, but also the option to go 4-4-2 as a plan B which we clearly lack at the minute

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posted Jan 2, 2010

I am not bothered who we bring in as long as these 2 names are not there: Ruud van Nistelrooy and Emile Heskey. Whatever Rafa has done in the past he has never gone backwards and a past it ex-utd striker on loan and an ex-player that doesn't score are just players he won't sign. I guess what targets Rafa has will all depend on what formation he sees us playing for the rest of the season.

If we are playing 4-2-3-1 then cover for left midfield with Riera's injury problems is required. I think Benny is an able deputy playing in his preferred position in the hole behind Torres if stevie is injured instead of being stuck out on either wing. Ngog has a fantastic scoring record for us deputising for Torres this season and was the one bright light during our bad run of games.

As well as left midfield we need a proper right back to cover Johnson's injury. I think this will come in the form of a cheap international like Kyrgiakos who is our cover in the middle. Would be interesting to see if we could nab Everton's right back although I think is it Pantsil would be ideal. Really I would prefer us to give Kelly or Degen a run in the team though.

Another concerning thing this season has been the poor form of Dirk Kuyt. He has persistently been our worst player even when people like Dossena and Voronin were on the pitch-passing the ball off the pitch or to players that weren't there. If we could get a right winger I would be amazed. (don't know who it would be though). Perhaps El Zhar returning from injury will at least give him a challenge for Kuyt's starting position. The little I have seen of El Zhar he at least knows how to cross the ball and has an awful lot of pace.

To sum up left winger (cover) and right back (cover) and right winger (first team).

Rafa has continually shown that he doesn't want to buy a striker as cover for Torres and this is probably as he doesn't feel he has enough funds to buy the quality that he wants. I would love it if we could go to playing 2 up front some time in the future but this would only happen if Stevie goes back into midfield-if this is not going to happen until Stevie G is no longer at the club-or retires-I don't see anything changing with regards to the lone striker.

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posted Jan 2, 2010

There's pretty much 3 major areas we need improving in my opinion, left back, right wing and up front.

Last season we were solid in defence and that was for the most part without Agger, so I see no reason why with a bit of confidence, Agger Skrtel and Carra wouldn't be incredible again. Same with Johnson, needs confidence but with a solid defence behind him would help. Left back, as much as I rate Insua, him Aurelio and Dossena are pretty awful defensively. Dossena will go, I hope Aurelio goes in the summer because he's a luxury player and although can score occasionally from set pieces, doesn't offer us much otherwise. Insua has the potential to be a class act, but that's just potential, we need quality right now. I'm absolutely certain it won't happen but we need a player like Leighton Baines or Stephen Warnock (back), get someone with English grit, doesn't do anything fancy just gets the job done. We're fine other than that in defence, and we're fine in central midfield. Aquilani will need to be given time, just like Xabi was given when he first came and look how good he turned out to be. Aquilani will soon realise that fancy touches and flicks mean nothing if you cant pass a ball and he will come good. Lucas has impressed me this season and the end of last season as much as people slate him. I think he's been one of our best players if I'm honest, Alonso's boots are tough to fill and he's played pretty well considering his still tender age and the slack he's taken from some fans and the press. Masch and Gerrard - incredible, we cannot afford to lose Masch simple as that, but if we do, i'd like to see a move for Scott Parker as I think he's the type of player who gives you something extra like Masch. Gerrard is gonna have to move back to centre midfield if another decent striker is brought in, and probably for the best as we need some top quality delivery in the middle of the park. Left midfield is always a dodgy one, Yossi can play there and can do a decent job but he's better in the centre just behind the striker IMO. Kuyt can also play there but I'd like to see Riera given a long stint there when he's back fit and raring to go. A natural left winger who can cross the ball for Nando and hopefully a new striker would be a justified selection from Rafa. Right midfield, I hear the rumours of Maxi Rodriguez and I think that he'd be a quality buy/loan. He's technically very good, physically very good and his creativity is second to none, feeding the likes of forlan and aguero for Atletico. He's got pace and would be a very welcome addition to the squad. If the Van Der Vaart rumours are true (which I highly doubt), I think he would slot in nicely to our 4-2-3-1 formation but wouldn't fit in unless he played left midfield if another quality striker was bought in. I think Rafa's plans may be to bring in a right midfielder such as Rodriguez and play Kuyt and Torres up top, which would be fine by me, at least we would be playing 2 up top and having a go.

As for outgoings, Voronin and Dossena look certain to leave, Babel is a possibility although if we're not spending anywhere near that amount I'd like to see him stay just to give us more options in attack.

I'd probably rule out Kjaer and Srna coming by the way, Srna is predominantly a full back/wing back, and Kjaer is unlikely to go for 20 million plus Skrtel, let alone 5/6.


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posted Jan 2, 2010

What has it come to even contemplating past their best players such as RVN? OK if looking for emergency back up if you have enough striking power but not to build for the future.
Why do clubs automatically look to foreign shores for players and managers? Are you telling me that there isn't even one young striker in the whole of the North West worth a chance?
Whatever happened to the canny scouting system that served the club so well previously? This isn't right.

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posted Jan 2, 2010

The latest is a loan move for Maxi Rodriguez from Atletico. This makes sense on a few levels. 1) It's a loan move with no fees. 2)Rodriguez is the Argentinian team mate of Masch and Insua - potentially providing some more support for Masch and preventing him from doing one in summer - especially if we can get Maxi permanently.

He offers more options wide than we have - so it seems a good piece of business to be getting on with.

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posted Jan 4, 2010

what about Jermaine Beckford at Leeds? He's been bangin them in for fun in the championship, even scored against Man u the other day! Hes being sold for 3 mill to newcastle. Surely he would be a better choice than some 31 year old has beens. Word on the grape vine is Masch is valued at 65 mill by barca. for that much I'd let him go. Bring in Arron lennon, his pace and crossing skills with Gerrard and Torres would be awsome. imagine the counter attacks!!!

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posted Jan 5, 2010

I may be the only one thinking this, but if anyone needs to be sold to raise money, then I think it should be Gerrard.
His whole body languadge looks so poor this season, he drifts in and out of games, often contributing very little to the team.
As a midfielder, he loses the ball far too much, as evidenced by Benitez' reluctance to play him there, and although he can be devastating in behind Torres, he often flatters to deceive.
This could be our last opportunity to get the major money for him, as he edges closer to his thirties, and the money would allow us to replace hime with some fresh blood, and give everyone a much needed kick up the backside.
As for replacements, I do like Rodwell down the road at Everton, although he may be hard to get, or maybe with his departure we could freshen up the tactics and bring in some creative wide players such as Lennon or Ashley Young

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posted Jan 7, 2010

Am i the only Liverpool fan who has had enough of Dirk Kuyt on the wing. If he isn't a striker, then dont play him out on the wing. He cant cross, he can't beat a man for pace and his passing is terrible ( see last 2 mins of reading match for confirmation ). He may work hard but that isnt enough - at a time like this we need quality and confidence. Too many times, he gets into a good position but refuses to shoot and then looks for a pass that simply isnt there - chance is lost. RAFA - What do you see in this man an what dont you see in Yossi who gets dropped more often than not.

Rant over - Well still finish in the top four easily.

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posted Jan 8, 2010

If Liverpool is to have any hope of finishing in the top Four(4)this season,they have to effect the following changes.What I do think the team needs is to acquire a right-sided midfield player because Dirk Kuyt is not suited for that role.During some games,I find it difficult to know his role on the field apart from his work rate.For me the other concern is Lucas Leiva.His passing is woeful and his tackling irresponsible.He is always fond of giving off senseless free-kicks.He should be aware of the fact that Liverpool has always been poor at defending set pieces.For me Lucas should be on the bench.Benayoun or Gerrard partnering Mascherano in the mid-field
is a perfect mix.
Ngog has done well so far but,Liverpool should look for strikers that are good at scoring goals and assist ing in getting them inorder to alleviate the pressure that is upon Torres.When are mean strikers,I'm not talking about Van-Nistelrooy or Heskey.
In short,Liverpool needs striker,right-side

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