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england world cup squad

World Cup England
by liverpoolmadjamo (U14277482) 30 December 2009
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Here are my players who have a potential world cup chance

GK David james
he is a good keeper but his attention can wonder and every now and again he makes bad mistakes
chance: he's probaly are no1

GK Scott carson
he is in my opinion a better keeper than james however he goes unnoticed at wba and he is very young. please note he has champions league experience and a medal after his amazing performance against juventes for liverpool
chance: maybe next time but at the moment he goes unnoticed by cappelo

GK hart
good solid young keeper
chance: maybe

GK Robinson
good keeper who is finnaly coming back to his best after bad form after 2006 world cup
chance: on the plane

GK green
good solid keeper
chance: probably on the plane

GK Kirkland
ok keeper has a champions league medal
chance: maybe never

GK foster
poor keeper
chance: unfortunly he has a good chance

RB johnson
good player weak defensefly
chance: no 1 RB

RB g. neville
doubtful as is old
chance: probably not

CB upson
good defender
chance: on plane

CB lescott
good solid defender
chance: on plane

CB terry
amazing defender
chance: best centre back in the world no1

CB ferdinand
amazing defender
chance: off form and injury prone maybe not

CB cahill
good solid defender
chance:ferdinand is injured so maybe

CB brown

LB A. cole
great left back
chance: no1

LB bridge
good defender

W a.young
world class

w becks
solid player with best right foot in world
chance: good

w milner
good performer
chance:unlucky but probably not

w lennon
fast and good

w J.cole
chance: if fit on plane

w walcott
great player
chance: good

w wright-phillps
good player
chance:like milner unlucky but maybe not

CM gerrard
do i need to say anything
chance: he on the plane

CM lampard
amazingly good
chance: on plane

CM Carrick
solid defensive mid
chance: good

CM barry
consistent player

st cole
good player

st defoe
top scorer in the prem
chance: good

st crouch
his good partner at spurs
chance: good

st rooney
one of the best in the world
chance:on plane

st zamora
ok player
chance: maybe next time

st heskey
ok player
chance probably

st agbonglahor
good player
chance: defianatly next time

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posted Jan 4, 2010

comment by Get in my Colli-Son (U10964636)
posted 16 Hours Ago

why has walcott got more of a chance than Walcott?

capello prefers lowercase.

and why are so many players on the plane to south africa already when the seasons only half over? their managers will be furious.

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posted Jan 4, 2010

Dr_Shutup (U14161044

oops my bad.

i meant Milner obviosuly.
Thanks for pointing that one out.

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comment by Nick B (U9715924)

posted Jan 4, 2010

Yeh I've got to disagree with Walcott, how does he have much of a chance than Milner?

Milner's been excellent, Walcott has only shown small flashes of form for the last two years, he's yet to even have a consistent run of form at Arsenal. Whereas Milner's been in incredible form.

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posted Jan 5, 2010

I would not have Owen in my team, let alone on the plane to SA. Getting too slow, needs a lot of shots to have a chance of scoring 1 goal, and as the game against Leeds so eloquently showed, he's more interested in squealing for a penalty, than staying on his feet, and putting the ball in the net.
One footed, more interested in marketing himself as a commodity, and an acknowledged diver as well. If he gets included, he'll get found out in SA, and the national team will suffer as a result. Owen is more interested in Owen the "product" , than fighting tooth and nail for the national side, and it shows.

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comment by TQfan (U894292)

posted Jan 5, 2010

i don't like michael owen, never have, so when he signed for man utd, i did wonder why!! i still don't like him, and that blatant miss against leeds, kinda proves why he shouldn't be playing. i wouldn't have him in my england team, he's not playing or scoring enough, there are other (younger) players i would take instead. although he's only 31, i do think owen is passed it. just live neville, i wish he'd give up too, he's making too many mistakes nowadays.

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posted Jan 5, 2010

I do like MO, but he has shown atrocious judgement in trying to shortcut his way to trophies $ favour.

He left for the all-time European greats, Real Madrid, and won nothing, while Liverpool went on to win the CL the same year.

Back to Newcastle so as to get "noticed" in England like Shearer, although unlike Shearer, with no sense of loyalty to the club itself. And it showed as the whole mess slipped into Championship obscurity.

In comes SurAlex offering 0 & MO thinks "Big Time". He should have known. At that price he could have been playing every week with a "lesser" club and getting his shooting boots back on.

So even if his erstwhile media partner Beckham will be milking it at the WC, most fans around the world will have forgotten who Michael Owen was. "Scored a good goal against Argentina once" - it's almost like an epitaph, to a player continually chasing the shadow of what could have been a great story.

He traded in his passion of the game for prestige and sold his soul to the Devil. There's no way back from there.

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posted Jan 6, 2010

Well If you leave Darren Bent out of the Squad something is going very wrong.The man will get us goal. he get no service at sunderland but still gets more goals than crouch cole heskey. ?????

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posted Jan 6, 2010

I read this, and i agree with most of it, but I had a few issues.

Foster is not poor for starters, he just needs a little more experience. I also wouldn't say that Carson is better than James. James may be old, but he consistenly plays well. To say he makes bad mistakes is a bit unfair, as he only made a few clangers way back in 2004 or 5. Carson's probably less reliable anyway, his mistake against Croatia at Wembley probably stopped us from going to the Euros. And also, where is Owen on the list? I think that if Fergie gives him a few more games, maybe in the Carling Cup or some of the easier Prem games, MO can shine. Although it has to be said that this is extremely unlikely after what Fergie said. I'd say give him a few games, see how it goes.

Apart from that, good post.

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posted Jan 10, 2010

michael owen and owen hargreaves should be mentioned

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