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Ranking the best swimming nations ever ?

by westybeast (U13809447) 19 December 2009
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most people would i think have usa first and austaralia second, but would the european nations currently in the duel of the pool event be ranked 3rd to 5th ? who else would be included in the top 10, maybe china, japan , south africa and russia/soviet union. as we are doing evr then japan and china would not be ranked as highly as nations performing now , so countries like canada would be included.

with african and other smaller nations now medalling , how could this change over the next decade or so ?

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comment by NOSIDA (U2837376)

posted Dec 20, 2009

Brazil, Italy, France, Netherlands, Denmark, Germany, Algiers. Tunisia

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posted Dec 20, 2009

why have you chosen these countries - are you going for p4p rankings ?

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comment by tony (U9487795)

posted Dec 20, 2009

France, GB, China and Germany probably just below Australia now, with Russia following. These are countries with strength across a wide range of events as well as depth.

China and GB will improve, possibly over taking Australia come London 2012. GB's position largely thanks to incredible current strength and improving position of the women.

Algiers = Algeria.

South Africa is the strongest Africa nation. Don't think that will change much. Most countries I suspect only think of football.

In Soth America, Brazil will continue to dominate but will not be a power globally. Things will get a bit better for them in the run up to their olympics but I suspect not by much.

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comment by VAMOS (U8288837)

posted Dec 28, 2009

soviet union? what decade are you living in?

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posted Jan 1, 2010

Defo USA are the best just the depth in talent makes them streets ahead of the rest with swimmers like phelps, spitz and evans
second must be aussies Thorpe, hackett, rice, jones say no more
third is tough a battle between GB, ger, france, russia, china i'd say ger are third
fourth brits
fifth french
sixth china
seventh russia
eigth brazil
my tip for the future russia watch out i say

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