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Can Searle make it to 2012?

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Greg Searle is making a return to competitive rowing, and hopes to compete at London 2012, when he will be 40 years old.

More in today's Telegraph:

I'm hoping to interview Greg at trials on Saturday and will write a blog afterwards but, in the meantime, what do you make of his return? Can he make it to London?

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posted Dec 16, 2009

Yes. Greg Searle is capable of being selected for the GB team in 2012. What will be interesting is how he will be managed in the team as he is considerably older than all the other athletes his recovery time will be slower and this will need to be addressed by the coaching team.

Searle is no doubt able to move a boat fast enough to deserve a place on the team, then it is down to British Rowing to ensure his needs as an older athlete are addressed and managed to ensure he reaches his maximum potential.

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posted Dec 17, 2009

There are a number of variables here, I think, and it probably depends how they balance out. Searle obviously has skill, speed and experience on his side, but will he find it difficult to get into the right mind set again having had a break from the measure of commitment and intensity necessary for rowing at the top of the game? And age itself? Well the effects of that are very individual. He certainly won't be the first sportsperson to make a successful comeback. And, of course, a lot will depend on the quality of the competition within the GB team. An interesting time ahead for Greg and for his followers!

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comment by askhams (U6670950)

posted Dec 17, 2009

Wow! Greg Searle is amazing. Of course he can come back, if the team dynamics are able to accommodate him. Jurgen can call people into his office mid-Olympiad, whilst still ranked third or so on one particular side and tell them that although currently near the top of the squad, forecasts show that their performance will be beaten as younger guys develop. 'Biff’ is a case in point. Ranked 3rd on stroke side in Athens, above even Hodge, but pursuaded that results were not going to be there in the years to come.

I for one hope this acts as inspiration for James Cracknell to make a comeback also, as he has clearly retired to young, and is in good shape, those two would certainly boost the 8. Maybe even Steve Williams may come back. But let’s look at a list of top heavy sweep guys now.

Hodge, Langridge, James, Partridge, Gregory, Eggington, Searle, Reed,

It is looking very exciting for 2012, there are 8 guys there with world golds, and Olympic golds and silvers. Jurgen should now definitely be aiming for two golds in London.

It will be interesting to see what he does, with the pair situation now. I think leaving Hodge in there with either Reed, (or my choice Langridge) would leave the 4 more open, and therefore there would be great competition to get into it, which will only further develop the squad.

And, just imagine what the squad would look like if one (or more) of Williams, Cracknell or even Pinsent were to make a comeback. I hope that if any do, the Squad come be made to find space for them. Maybe a year in the 2+, or in a young 8 to get them started, it’s a real pity that the 4+ is gone, that could have been a good return vehicle for ‘old boys’ attempting to make the 8....

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posted Dec 17, 2009

Sure he can but before he goes gungho for squad selection I want him to race the single against Jamie Koven who is also in pretty good shape and would make for a fun return to the summer of '97!

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comment by askhams (U6670950)

posted Dec 23, 2009

It would be interesting to know what not being 'at the top' of the erg scores means. In 2006 he was still pulling 16:40ish for 5km, on or around the minimum target for U23 guys.

Keep up the good work Greg!!

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