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Big Mistake or Genuine Boast?

Premier League Liverpool
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I hear from listening to five live that Rafa has come out and guaranteed that Liverpool FC will finish in the top four.

I don't think he was wise to say this, has he just heeped even more pressure on his threadbare squad, is it a big mistake or will it show the squad he means business?

It goes without saying that if asked a question he needs to answer, however, telling everybody he actually guarantees top four sounds like he desperate and has set himself up for either walking out or being sacked if you finish outside the top four.

It's easy for non Liverpool fnas to have a pop but what do you guys think, will his claims lead to a boost in confidence or too much pressure?

If you finish outside the top four, will the fans finally turn on him, I know some already have but will the majority call for his head?

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posted Dec 16, 2009

"BUT who could replace him? who would want to take on this now very difficult situation?"

The Special One?

He loves the English Media, they love him. He's no less arrogant than Rafa, but he's better in the transfer market, and he's already won the EPL more than every EPL-era Liverpool manager combined.

Let's face it, we all miss Mourinho, and this looks like the best fit on the near term...

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posted Dec 16, 2009

Hopefully Shankly will be looking down and scare some sense into Liverpool fans that RAFA NEEDS SACKING!!!!

There will be a few men on street corners near Anfield tonight Selling LARGE!!! GET RAFA OUT banners for only a quid.
Make sure you get one and support the protest.

He has to go... NOW NOW NOW!!!! I'm sure many scousers will sleep better knowing that fool isn't managing the club anymore. My dog could do a better job than him SERIOUSLY....




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posted Dec 16, 2009

Comment by Richard

comment by ian_jamsie (U3738714)posted 8 Minutes Ago

"As for the guy who says young, agbonlahor and Friedal get injured; we have a better reserve keeper, who was the main reason USA beat Spain in the confedorates"

If he's better why's he in the reserves?

"We have downing who plays on the left now as well"

Oooooooo! Downing! I bet fullbacks the length & breadth of the Prem are shaking in their boots!

Brad Guzan is in the reserves because Friedal has been faultless for us. On what logic can you drop him?

Ashley Young and Gabby have been pretty poor this year, but despite that have more craft than the whole of the Liverpool outside of Gerrard and Torres.

Since Downing came into the team we have won every game and that includes beating Manure.

He is maybe just an under rated player. I would have him over any of Liverpool's wide players.

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posted Dec 16, 2009

Giving a top four guarantee is probably the stupidest thing Rafa could have done under the circumstances. Itís the last act of a desperate man. If he hadnít said it but had started getting some ok results, maybe he could have weathered the storm, but if it gets close to Easter and itís not looking likely, he will have to go for sure. No buts.
The thing to do, as a manager when your teamís under the cosh, is to stay beneath the radar and try to do your job, but heís just not very good at doing that.

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comment by voland (U7032225)

posted Dec 16, 2009

The pressure on a manager such as Rafa at this time is immense - and it's obviously rubbing onto the team. I think Rafa is saying that if LFC doesn't make top-4, he would be willing to tender his resignation - but I hope it doesn't come to that. Rafa is the closest thing to Wendger and Ferguson in terms of thinking long-term - and I cannot think of anyone with EPL experience who combines tactical nous at this level with this kind of thinking outside these three managers.

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comment by Kapow (U14260746)

posted Dec 16, 2009

Utd fan here and i'll even admit i don't like Rafa!!!

However looking at his comments about a top 4 finish i think most of you are making a big deal out of nothing.

All Rafa has said is pretty much what everyone is expecting of him anyway! Before his lastest news conference everyone (fans, ex-liverpool players, those idiots on MOTD) was saying that Liverpool must have at least a top 4 finish now and start again next season... just because hes gone ahead and said it most people here are saying hes insane and dumb for saying it...

Now for my dig at him, i personally think hes well screwed, i don't think Liverpool are going to finish in the CL spots.

@whoever said Liverpool are because of the overall poor quality of the premier league just go back to that rock you crawled out from! To say those things about Spurs, Villa and Man city but not include on how Liverpool blame there poor results on no Torres and Gerrard is just so clueless on your part!!!

You all saw how well spurs did last season under Harry, Villa are a good side and will no doubt drop points as the season continues but so will Liverpool and I am almost certian City will spend more in January so things are not looking good for Liverpool. You'll get Europa at best :D

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posted Dec 29, 2009

He knows that if the club finish in the top 4 he will keep his job and if he doesn't the club can't afford to sack him and replace him.

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posted Dec 29, 2009

Maybe it's looking like Rafa's guarantee of a top 4 finish is looking likely. Another win against Spurs and he be almost there.

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posted Jan 14, 2010

Read this artical and comments.....this is 4 weeks old??

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posted Jan 14, 2010

Nothing much changed as far as I'm concerned.

This is one of the pitfalls of the 4 CL spots. Top 4 is now the be-all, end-all.

The day L'pool were knocked out of the CL, gaining a spot for re-entry next year took the utmost precedence.

The rest was clutter, and needed to be gotten out of the way.

Dropping out of the CL is now viewed as a disaster akin to relegation, not just because of the financial repercussions, but because it attracts top players like a lightbulb attracts moths.

Switch the light off and the moths disband.

That's the prospect.

Don't expect too much from the Europa League either. Rafa will probably field weakened teams there until an unlikely semifinal, where he'd try to rally his troops into putting in an extra effort, providing the position in the League is either looking that much healthier or simply out of reach - in which event Rafa might well not be there anyway.

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