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Will cup of Nations affect your team?

Premier League
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Despite some reservations whether it will be ready in time the 27th edition of the African Cup of Nations will begin on 10 January and its effect will be felt clubs teams across Europe.

The Premier League could miss up to 31 players with Chelsea set to lose stars such as Didier Drogba, Michael Essien and John Obi Mikel.

Other sides such as Manchester City and Hull will lose three players each while another 11 teams will be missing one or two key players for what could be up to six weeks.

But it is Portsmouth, with six players travelling to Angola, who could be hardest hit and even if Drogba thinks Chelsea can cope during the meantime, others are confident about Pompey.

Do you think your team will suffer during this period? And do you think it's time for a re-think about whether the tournament needs to be every two years, as even Drogba has suggested himself?

No-one is saying that international tournaments should bow to the Premier League, but with the Africa's first World Cup looming does this Cup of Nations pose more problems than it should?

Of course, it does provide competitive matches ahead of South Africa 2010, which will be invaluable to the teams competing, but you would hate the World Cup to be deprived of Essien or Drogba at their peak because they have already burnt out.

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comment by ilokid (U8469420)

posted Dec 16, 2009

Sorry - didn't realise that your command of English didn't extend to proper names and/or items requiring emphasis. I promise to be more 'circumspect' in future. How do exclamation marks sit with you?

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comment by aruako1 (U1901776)

posted Dec 16, 2009

Africa will do what is best for African football and not Europe and a few pampered players. Europe does not need the Euros every 4 years because of the large number of European teams playing in the World Cup. Only 5 out of about 52 countries from Africa get to play in the WC. That means that most countries would only play a tournament every 4 years. Club football is not as strong and popular as it is in Europe and many African fans look to their national teams. 4 years is too long for African fans. The 2 year format may not suit the European clubs and fans but the first priority of the ACN should be the African fans who are happy with a 2 yearly competition. Again as noted earlier it is an opportunity for smaller states to develop their infrastructure.

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posted Dec 16, 2009

neova2 all the teams know what the deal is when they sign African players. Those that have a problem with it simply DO NOT sign African players. Live with it.

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posted Dec 17, 2009

The African football authorities have no obligation whatsoever to accomodate European clubs.

However, you have to question the logic of having one major tournament just six months before the big one. You would think the risk of exhaustion/injury would increase because of this.

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posted Dec 17, 2009

Chelsea shold play Borini with Anelka when the ACON is on i am confident we can overcome this period and we might have Essien and Drogba back early if there teams go out early.

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comment by aruako1 (U1901776)

posted Dec 18, 2009

norniron_pete the risk of exhaustion and injury is there anyway because if the players were not playing for their countries they would be playing for their clubs anyway during the same period.

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posted Dec 20, 2009

I know that Chelsea can not have any problem, although most people are saying No Drogba, Essien, Mikel, Terry and Lampard No chelsea i decline it because i know chelsea can do it this time around without all these 5 key chelsea player. I can say it depends on the tatics of the coach to win the game. Whereas we still have some defenders, mid-fielders and strikers that can do it. Also i think the pairing of Anelka and Borini with the support of lampard, kakuta, Zihckouph and balack as standing 4 can bring something out of each games.

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posted Dec 21, 2009

There is no point in playing the ACN after four years. I think teams in the French league will suffer more than those in the PL

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posted Dec 22, 2009

I share your hopes for the ILS but surely you are wrong that Ghana and Ivory Coast cannot meet in the final, they are both drawn in same opening group so can only meet again in the final as happened with Cameroon and Egypt two years ago.

As they are in the easy half of the draw I would expect both to make the semi-finals, Cameroon have the hard half of the draw and would have to beat either Egypt or Nigeria in the quarter-final before then having to beat both Ghana and Ivory Coast most likely. Cameroon also start the tournament last so have the most condensed set of fixtures but then they are the ILS.

I appreciate the article says a potential 31 players will be called but as has been said in other comments, in practice it will be fewer than that number. George Elokobi will not make the 23 man Cameroon squad, the left backs selected will likely be Assou-Ekotto and Bedimo.

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comment by Dawlish (U4743790)

posted Dec 23, 2009

i noticed that no top manager is making an issue out of this any longer. Arsene Wenger did a few years back.. but he seems uninterested in the moaning about the timing and frequency of the ACON this time around. Only Avram GRANT is behind the times here. Portsmouth was not winning much with the African players.. they will not win much without them... As for Chelsea ESSIEN is injured and ANELKA and Lampard can score goals given the upcoming fixtures.. this is a red herring debate that fills the pages every two years to no avail..

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