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Your Thoughts On The Match

Premier League Chelsea
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Some questions after the match:

1.) Who was your MOM?

2.) What did you think of Kakuta and Borini?

3.) Our performance

4.) Mikel's mistake...

5.) The best goal

6.) What did you make of Zhirkov? Should he play in the left-side of the diamond more?

7.) Any other things you'd like too say

My answers:

1.) Malouda

2.) Kakuta looked a very effective number 10, and Borini was like Michael Owen, came alive in the box!

3.) Very Unlucky, we dominated, but if it wasn't for individual error, we would have won!

4.) Shouldn't have happened

5.) Drogba's goal

6.) Zhirkov was very good, never knew he had so much pace. I think we should play him more in left-wing, could become very good!

7.) nothing left to say

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posted Dec 9, 2009

Also- to the poster that says Ancelotti is rubbish:

Mate, he hasn't even had one season with us yet. We are playing the best football we have for years, our squad looks fit, organised and most importantly, motivated. Despite our apparent "old age" factor, we are top of the league and have a 100% record against the rest of the 'Big 4'.

Add to the fact that he is the most successful CL manager currently in the competition, along with us using our talented youth players more frequently than the last three managers combined, and I think we are doing pretty well under him... Let's give him the chance he deserves no?

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posted Dec 9, 2009

1) Zhirkov

2) Kakuta showed some very nice touches, perhaps needs to make a bit more space for himself but did very well overall.

3) Apparently Carlo had asked the team to 'entertain' and they did. Some very nice football on show, but at the losing our cutting edge a little. Looked a bit Arsenal-like at times, playing in front of their 'back eight'. For a nothing game I don't think it's serious not winning, worst result on the night was Essien coming off injured.

JT would normally have cleared that ball and Mikel's pass was slack. I think we'd had it too eqasy up to that point and just lost concentration. Joe Cole improved again, ran his socks off, but his passing is still a bit poor at times. Unlucky to see his headed effort ruled out.

4) It was a mistake... they happen, let's hope he learns from it. We should have had the game wrapped up by then anyway.

5) JT's offside volley? ;) Seriously if JT was offside then the scorer of their first was also. He was offside, but not interfering with play when the shot came in and if it had gone in the goal would have stood I'm sure... it comes back out off the keeper; he should no longer be offside. They'll never get that rule right...

Essien's strike was class, but so was Drogba's. Very different goals of equal quality in my opinion.

6) Zhirkov looked good enough going forward to get a place in midfield, we're lucky to have such an able replacement for Ashley Cole. Woud like to see how he gets on at LB against better opposition, but was excellent last night.

7) 'nuff said.

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posted Dec 9, 2009

7 goals conceded in three games, not good. However, you will always find a sticky patch in any season. Its as well to have it now, losing in the Carling Cup, and a meaningless CL game. The only blip was City, who I thought were magnificent against us. Back to normal service on Saturday. No more messing. Best team out and lets win the next 6 PL games. Roll on you Blues !!

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posted Dec 9, 2009

I'm very disappointed! Chelsea have gifted a result to there last three opponents. Hilario gifted Blackburn an equaliser, Cech did the same against City and Mikel did it last night. What is the cause of this, lack of focus, lack of concentration or simply lack of interest and intensity. Ancellotti needs to address this issures immediately because I've watched Deco, Ballack, Mikel, and Cech saunter through games as though they were on a training ground. Belletti despite his effort is too slow tracking back and THAT MEANS WE HAVE FIVE PLAYERS WHO PLAY REGULARLY THAT ARE CURRENTLY SUB-STANDARD! I feel sorry for Essien and Drogba in particular who keep setting us up and ready for a victory only to be let down. Chelsea need to buy a central midfielder such as Hamsik to add intensity and drive to our midfield and someone like Aguerro who can compliment a team because of his skill and accuracy. Chelsea must be the most wasteful team considering te level of chances created. There are shades of Scolari starting to reappear and our tactics and focus need to be readjusted as we are veering of course

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posted Dec 9, 2009

1) Zhirkov

2)Kakuta done well, kept the ball well and what a through ball for Joey Cole (should of done better)
Borini worked his socks of, looks like he could be a good player, just needs the confidence boost only a goal can bring

3) Lazy

4) it happens, the only thing that disappointed me was that instead of running himself into teh ground to try and correct it he just put his hands on his head - that is unacceptable regardless of if he could have gort back or not, what did teh England lads say bout Capello?

5) Their first

6) Superb work rate and good delivery, either position suits him

7) no

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comment by jiko (U13953879)

posted Dec 9, 2009

.) Who was your MOM? Zhirkov

2.) What did you think of Kakuta and Borini? - excellent

3.) Our performance 70%-30% position

4.) Mikel's mistake... always does it, but so some others

5.) The best goal second great team work

6.) What did you make of Zhirkov? Should he play in the left-side of the diamond more? before Malouda maybe

7.) Any other things you'd like too say Essien and JT should have been rested

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comment by jiko (U13953879)

posted Dec 9, 2009

also JC goal was as much offside as their first goal

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posted Dec 9, 2009

1) Zhirkov merked the set

2)Kakuta showed some neat passing and touches. Borini looks like a real predator

3)Could of converted a few more chances

4)He had a great game apart from that mistake what everyone will remember


6) Zhirkov is the don-dizzle

7) sack ancelotti, its not good enough


Sack Ancelotti?!

Absolute idiot <ok> Chelsea fail to win a game where they dominate and have already topped their group.

If you get rid of every manager after a poor result we would be going through managers after every few games!


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posted Dec 9, 2009

Well, things like this only expopses the frailties of the team. We expected more from Chelsea, more especially it was acclaimed that the Chelsea team had hit form. You would expect a team that lost a Carling Cup and a League game, to react. But I do not think there was any drive.

I can only hope that ME is not badly injured.

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posted Dec 9, 2009

Chelsea need more drive determination and concentartion. Hiddink brought this last season and Chelsea need to rethink their approach and strategies because you can't allow a culture of sloppiness and laziness to creep into the club. Three games and a litany of excuses and mistakes....something is wrong and needs to be sorted out! I firmly believe Chelsea need to buy two players, one central midfield player and an attacker. If Ancellotti thinks he won't miss Drogba and Essien, he is mistaken. He is going to need replacements for the Anc and more importantly to ride out the ban and replace some of the more ineffective players currently siphoning cash from Chelsea.

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