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The Perfect World Cup

by Hardy Eustace (U10287133) 04 December 2009
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Is it possible that FIFA have got what they want? They have got in actual fact, basically, the perfect world cup.

No serious team is drawn in the same group. Without tempting fate surely the 'big teams' will qualify from there groups and the knock out rounds will be where the real competition is at?

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posted Dec 5, 2009

It does seem there is a tendency among British sportsmen/fans of wanting to be labeled best in the world without beating the best. Thats certainly true for some of the boxers from here who spent their careers ducking or avoiding the best and yet still want to be considered the best p4p fighter ever.

With all this hullabaloo one cant help getting the feeling England would rather go all the way to the final against sides like slovenia, north korea,and possibly a final against new zealand, then crow about it till the turn of the century. Would a side like Brazil for instance like it that way? I doubt that very much, these are sides who dont fear anyone, and would not care who they meet early on as if you want to win the WC then you gotta beat the best at some point.

I dont see anything to get all excited about this draw. In fact it means England are happy that at least they're assured of surviving the first round while praying sides like France, Portugal, Germany, etc, all fall out at the first hurdle. Hardly world title material.

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posted Dec 5, 2009

Qualifying stage looks dull but that has always been the case in all tournaments.
England look good to reach the semi final where I expect them to play Portugal or Brazil, so two great performances by England is all that is needed to win the world cup.
It is sooo easy :)

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posted Dec 5, 2009

This is perfect. England have an easy group and now they think they have an easy passage to quarter finals. What a laugh it will be to see them NOT qualify from the group stages. Be very wary of USA and Algeria


Not as funny as seeing Scotland not qualify... again!

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posted Dec 5, 2009

Ok let's put this USA v England argument into a neutral perspective...
USA fans: England's biggest problem has nothing to do with overconfidence and everything to do with massive public expectation. Remember that my fellow posters here are FANS, not part of Mr. Capello's squad. That said, I think they will give you guys a lesson in the difference between the Confed Cup and THE BIG PRIZE. You'll finish 2nd in your group and who you face is anyone's guess. Personally I hope it's the Socceroos so that we can put you on the plane home as a special thanks for the comments of coach Arena back in 2006 that Australia were the weakest team in the competition. ;)

England fans: Why do so many of you always do this to yourselves? "This is our year", "this is our best chance" ... The weight of expectation over here for the England team is so incredible, and when the hype is added to by the local media it places undue pressure on your players to perform. You have a great team, a master manager, and I'm tipping you to make the final, but to expect it is never healthy in a footballing world where any of the top 30 ranked sides could beat one another on their day.

On to my beloved Socceroos for a bit...
Our draw was always going to be tough given our pot, barring a major stroke of luck. That said I'm happy with who we have and LOVE how seemingly every journalist and poster on is tipping Germany & Ghana to progress with us a sure bet for last place. We beat Ghana (1-0, friendly) at a canter in London last year with an experimental lineup, and only lost by the odd goal to Germany in Germany (4-3, confed cup). Since both of those games we've beaten Holland away, drawn with them at home and have the good fortune of playing Germany first.
I'm confident that we can progress, but not game to even try and predict our group with confidence as I feel that overall it is the 2nd toughest after Brazil, Ivory Coast, Portugal and the unfortunate North Korea who needn't bother unpacking. I'll still tip later though.

Winners: I'm going with Spain to beat England in the final. Despite the comments of Stevie G they gave you guys a masterclass in your recent friendly and will break the "European teams never win outside of Europe" hoodoo.

Dark Horses: It'd be unpatriotic of me to not place the Socceroos here and I genuinely believe that should we top our group (and thus avoid England in the 2nd round) we will make the quarters and perhaps even cause a shock there. One side I can't bring myself to rule out is Chile as they have played some mouth-watering football in qualifying, and perhaps more importantly, they play at altitude.

The flops: Portugal and France to go out at the group stage. Portugal have a tough group and I just can't see them getting past Brazil and the Ivory Coast. France will repeat the toothless calibre of performances that they produced in qualifying and be well beaten by Mexico then seal their fate with a loss to an ever-improving Uruguay side.

Kopite's group tips:
A - Mexico, Uruguay
B - Argentina, Nigeria
C - England, USA
D - Germany, Australia
E - Holland, Cameroon
F - Italy, Paraguay
G - Brazil, Ivory Coast
H - Spain, Chile
(Those aren't necessarily in order)

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posted Dec 5, 2009

There are two main reasons why I want to see England fail -

Jonathan Pearce and that twerp that commentates on Champion League games on ITV

To hear these two eat humble pie would be very pleasing.

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posted Dec 5, 2009

"In all seriousness, does anyone else find each world cup getting less appealing than the last?"

Tends to be a footballing let down . The best and most interesting part is the first two rounds of the group stages.After that teams sit back and try not to lose rather than go for victory.This equates to usually dull football. To the ultimate winners this matters not nor to the victorious fans

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posted Dec 5, 2009

England won't meet Germany in the quarters, they CAN'T play someone from that group in the quarters, they'll play them in the 2nd round, then play someone else

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posted Dec 5, 2009

To thecrumblingcookie:

I think what he means is England and Germany should both win their groups, then their second round matches and meet in the quarters.

Also I can't believe everyone is predicting an easy second place for the USA - Slovenia could certainly beat them and Algeria probably will beat them.

What will ruin this world cup [if not France's football :)]...the Vuvuzelas (the horns) which will mean you have a headache at the final whistle of every match you watch.

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posted Dec 6, 2009

Aussie kopite obviously been away from home for a long time. If any nation on the planet has a tournament won before it starts it's australia. I was there when they qualified for the last one and I've never seen such hysteria. Got through on penalties after playing no one in oceania again and carried on like you'd won it. repeated for months on every tv channel, front page news for ever on how Guus was going to mastermind your incredible win.....and don't the locals just looooove us. Rounded off by the disgraceful antics of kewel swearing and calling the ref a ****ing cheat after you were knocked out. He had to be cheating, "we lost" Waaah. Pity FIFA didn't run the magnifying glass over things like that, as they do with just about every sneeze the English team make.
Don't talk about the English and how they support their team. We're English and England expects. We invented the game and most others that the world plays, then of course we have to change the rules to make countries such as Australia and the US feel better. We have history and tradition and expectation of our team and when they play well we get upbeat and enjoy it and them, and think about ways we can do well.
I pray England win their group and Australia finish second in theirs which I think will mean they meet in the next round. Then you'll see what it means to play an England side determined to win a competition with a good manager for a change.Will just love to send you home.
As for the other so called home nations doomsayer's, you've got nothing, absolutely nothing, again, and all you can do is whinge from the sidelines and watch as you always do. God you lot must be fed up with not going.

I really won't mind if we don't win it, I'll be disappointed true, but we will be there or thereabouts....and you all know it!

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comment by MGUK82 (U4314603)

posted Dec 6, 2009

OK, I'm not arrogant enough to believe that England inventing football means that we have a divine right to be a major power.

Having said that, any Celt that 'again' wants us to go home early is a petty idiot.

I expect this to be the best World Cup I can remember from an English perspective. That means getting to the semi finals. If we go out in the quarters yet again having done amazing in the qualifiers, I'll be annoyed.

Having said that, both Spain and Brazil are still a grade up from us. Once we hit the semis then barring some very good luck, we will run into one of those two. And we will get whacked.

Other than that, we can and should beat any other team in the tournament though.

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