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Del Potro and the near future of tennis

by Dan the guitarman (U9587655) 29 November 2009
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Although Del Potro was outclassed by Davydenko today I still get a great feeling about him. His progression has been outstanding. It was only last year that his four tournaments wins in a row were derided by many, this year he won the US Open and in the lull following it he was again written off by some until his great showing at the WTF.

I think as soon as next year Del Potro could become part of the main rivalry, something to replace the Federer Nadal one, which can't last forever. I think at first Federer may cling on and it will be Del Potro and Federer battling out many classic matches. However Federer can't do it forever and then maybe it will be Del Potro and Djokovic or Murray that will be the main rivalry in tennis.

I'd be interested to see some Djokovic-Del Potro matchups. Novak is the only top player yet to be beaten by the Argentine but he's improved so much that I'd have to give the edge to Del Potro now. Who knows though?

I feel 2010 could be the least predictable year yet. Unsure of where Federer will be, still waiting to see if Nadal can come back, Del Potro emerging, Djokovic finding form again, Murray still consistant but looking to win the big prizes amongst a fast developing field, Davydenko reminding us he can beat anyone, Soderling and Verdasco making big statements, Roddick possibly having another great final in him? Add to that the prospect of another player breaking through (Cilic perhaps?)

2010 could be the strongest and toughest year in a long long time. Can't wait til it starts! The only downside is that there are too many players I want to see win a major and not enough of them to go around. My preference would be Federer, Djokovic, Roddick and Del Potro... but Davydenko actually winning one would be incredible for him, and it would be weird for Rafa not to pick up one (still think he's the favourite for the French Open but we'll have to wait for the clay season to see)

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posted Nov 30, 2009


Even the very greatest players lost sets, and you're not questioning their dominance.

If anything, it shows a huge amount of fighting spirit. It would be very easy for the great man to lose a set and go out of a tournament with a whimper, but he fights to the very end.

Let's not forget his age. He is still learning the game, and is head and shoulders above the quality that Federer (and many others) was at the age of 21.

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posted Nov 30, 2009


my expectation is that DEl Po is going to be very hard to beat in any match next year, as long as he is trying his best.

I also expect him to end 2010 ranked either #1 or #2.

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posted Nov 30, 2009

Thoughout next year, I expect Del Porto to climb in ranking and pass Murray at some point, but at the end of next year, he will be behind Murray again.

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posted Nov 30, 2009

I fail to believe in Delpo. Thatīs just my impression,heīs a kind of Safin for me. But I think time will tell, since there are many factors that can interfere in a career, itīs difficult to guess his future.

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posted Nov 30, 2009

I think in a Top 5 head to head situation Del Potro is the easiest one to beat

This is because if you're a Top 5 player, you should have the necessary variety of skills to blunt his power game

It won't be easy, but he looks remarkably subdued when you stand up to him for EVERY point

I don't believe it's an age thing. That frame means he will never be one of the best movers like any of the Top 4 - who are arguably the best in the game

Like I said add their subtle skills and it's not a good match up for Del Potro

I like him and well done. But I still maintain that Fed lost his two recent games with him, because of his daft tactic or lack of confidence, than Del Potro being that much better

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comment by vbrege (U13804448)

posted Dec 1, 2009

I think in a Top 5 head to head situation Del Potro is the easiest one to beat
Disagree there banbrotam. Del Potro has improved a lot over past few months and room for improvement is maximum for him than the other 4. Stamina is the key thing since he has lost quite a few matches because of that.

But as far as recent months are concerned, he has beaten Federer twice (once on the BIGGEST stage) and has thrashed Rafa. Even if you concede that Rafa is not at his best yet, thrashing him is not easy as he is the best fighter currently. Murray has beaten him twice recently but had to play very well himself and you will agree that Del Potro's level dropped considerably in both matches in the decider. Thats not an excuse for him but that will not necessarily happen always and sometimes maybe Murray's level will drop too.

Del Potro's movement has certainly improved and the slices from Federer and Murray dont frustrate him that much these days. The top 4 would have to be on their toes to beat him in future. He has come to a level where you can say Top 5 now, not just top 4.

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posted Dec 1, 2009

unless Nadal returns to form we will be cack to a top 4 again

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posted Dec 1, 2009

I'd agree with vbrege that it is looking like a top 5 going into 2010 (though things can change rapidly within a few weeks).

For example, if Djokovic, Murray and Del Potro all make the SF of the AO in January combined with "early" exits for Federer (and his run of 22 consecutive SF or better must end sometime) and Nadal (who currently does look under threat regarding both form and fitness) then the current points spread of nearly 4000 between Federer (1st) and Del Potro (5th) could compress to not much more than 2000. And either Djokovic could replace Federer as no. 1 or Nadal could fall to no. 5 (but not both, as the first would require Djokovic to win the tournament, and the second would require Murray and Del Potro to be the 2 finalists).

The possibility of such change in a single tournament does make it a genuine top 5.

My current major reservation about Del Potro - I would agree his movement has improved, but I'm not sure he'll ever quite have the variety of the other 4 - is concerning his recovery time between matches. He seems better able to cope with 5-setters every other day (the GS format) than a succession of 3-setters every day (the Masters format). No reason why he can't improve on this as well, but I think it is an area he needs to work on, otherwise he will continue to fall short in the later stages of Masters.

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posted Dec 1, 2009

Although I'm a Davy fan and loved watching Del Po get totally dismantled in the O2 Final, so many really low balls pinning the big man down on one side only to be left like a stranded whale out wide, watching a finisher whizz down the opposite side, sorry getting carried away there, I know Del Po was tired....but yes Del Po has a big, big game and is going to get better and better...bigger/stronger/fitter as the song goes...and he is such a nice guy, good man Del Po, I'm resigned to Davy not really having the game to dominate in the Slams but look forward to my second favourite player Del Po swatting old Fed... again and again and again and again...

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posted Dec 2, 2009

I really donīt agree that Delpo has a great game, he hits the ball like crazy, but I fail to see his superb tecnique and I think we have no elements whatsoever to assume that his game will get better and better.
Regarding Davy, he is a good player, but has no game to dominate either to win Slams at this point of his carreer.

And regarding Federer, he is big shoes to fit!
Letīs not overhype new guys. They need to prove they are that good.

Fed has nothing to prove. He is tennis legend.

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