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International Ireland
by biltongbek (U14044738) 28 November 2009
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You certainly have to congratulate the Irish for their tenacity.

They defended like trojans and their line out work has definitely by far superceded anything else the Springbok team have encountered this year.

Attacking wise they had a number of open starts from ironically their scrums which was rather poor. Sadly they didn't manage any finishes from there, with South Africa's cover defense doing a great job.

Sexton is a fantastic new guy for Ireland and I personally think that O'Gara's days are numbered.

I still do not like the interpretation from these NH referees at the breakdown. Somehow Ireland on Attack got penalised once and South Africa 4 times.

What I think the Irish need to work on is firstly their scrum butmost importantly their backline options, there were a number of times where specifically O' Driscoll made some odd decisions in not passing where he had an overlap on the outside.

South Africa played like automated robots with no individual thinking and no variance in their gameplay, I still believe however that they did not deserve to lose this match.

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comment by Ric (U11191877)

posted Nov 30, 2009

As a neutral another case of SA not whingingdoh SA once again showing what such bad losers you really aredoh be gracious for once accept it and move on you are still RWC and SH Champions all this whinging is why a lot of people have no respect for yousmiley are you going to wear armbands demanding Jamie Heaslip be banned on the allegations of a SA newspaperdohpeacedovebiggrincheers.

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posted Nov 30, 2009

Gentlemanricardo, you should go work for Marvel comics, they do love their illustrations over there.

I can already see it, "the killer case of the smiley face."

Allow each of us to provide our opinions and if you don't like it, do't read it.

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comment by Ric (U11191877)

posted Nov 30, 2009

biltongbek - I am enjoying your childish little rantssmileyyou are just proving what a bad loser you really arelaughI have an opinion which I am also entitled towhistleYou are correct 100% in that you are also entitled to your opinioncool like I said move on you are still RWC and SH championsapplausebe gracious for once in defeat your coach has done nothing but whingedohpeacedovebiggrincheers

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posted Nov 30, 2009

Biltongbek you seem like a reasonable guy, and I know you must be embarrassed by and his ilk.

Watching the Lions tour this summer, I told people that Ireland would beat the Bokke. I based that assessment on Ireland's back 3 being very good under the high kick, and the Irish pack being very good at the breakdown and especially the lineout.

Comparing the two teams from 1 to 15,

1 Cian Healy vs The Beast.
Too tight to call. Both offer a lot in the loose, both very powerful. Think Healy will eventually be a better scrummager, but for now The Beast just edges it.

2 Jerry Flannery vs John Smit.
Jerry edged this battle, showing the Lions what they missed with his excellent throwing. As Captain, Smit failed to realise what was needed.

3 John Hayes vs BJ Botha.
Botha is a far better scrummager, Hayes is better at everything else. So it depends on what style you'll play. For his line-out work and bulk in the driving maul, Ireland will always pick Hayes over 'just a scrummager'.

4 O'Callaghan vs Bekker.
Bakkies Botha would have been a different prospect, and that's what Donnchadh was ready for, Bekker is not yet in this class.

5 O'Connell vs Matfield.
The two best locks in the world. O'Connell was better on the day, helped by a better team performance, but Matfield isn't past it yet. Tie.

6 Ferris vs Burger.
Ferris has the potential, but Burger has done the business. Burger.

7 Wallace vs Broussow.
Ireland had 'figured out' Broussow for this game. Wallace is a better ball-carrier. Wallace by a hair.

8 Heaslip vs Roussow.
No contest, Heaslip dominated.

9 O'Leary vs Du Preez.
O'Leary continues to get better, but Du Preez sets the scrum-half standard.

10 Sexton vs Steyn.
Sexton just has more to his game.

11 Earls vs Habana.
Earls is good, but Habana is the best.

12 Wallace vs Olivier.
Um, neither? How about D'Arcy vs De Villiers? Of the 4, I would go for JDV, but only just.

13 O'Driscoll vs Fourie.
While he's better that Adi Jacobs, Fourie is not yet in BOD's class.

14 Bowe vs Pieterson.
Since moving to the Ospreys Bowe has been a revelation, JP is just not that good.

15 Kearney vs Kirchner.
Kirchner looked alright, may have a big future ahead, but Kearney is the man for now.

Given that a lot of these calls would depend on style of play, perhaps it's better to assess which players the other team would take if they could?

South Africa would take O'Connell and Heaslip ahead of Bekker and Roussow. They'd also take BOD, Bowe and Kearney.

Ireland would take Matfield ahead of O'Callaghan. They'd also take Du Preez and Habana.

I think Ireland are looking in better shape for the next World Cup.
South Africa need to find 5-6 new players, and discover some attacking play.

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posted Nov 30, 2009

Ruckmaker, I admire your assuredness in comparing these to team's players.

I have been guilty of watching mainly SH rugby and honestl do not know enough about the NH players to do a comparison such as yours.

What I can say however, is that supporters are extremely fickle when it comes to their teams and often find it hard to be as objective as possible.

Whislt I pride myself in being as objective as I can be, I started screaming and shouthing at the referee during the first half for decisions in the ruck I simply could not understand. Now by getting so angry during that half I stopped being reasonable and then reading some posts admittedly from some arrogant Irish supporters put me right over the edge.

I have said long before this test match that to my mind the Irish play a very similar game to SA. Dominating forwards, good kicking and some fast backs. The fact is that game was very close, and even those Irish that care to be reasonalbe will admit this game was anybody's.

But alas not every person listens to reason and I suppose it is fun to get the dig in when you seldom get the chance.

Fact is Ireland hasn't been to SA in a while, wonder when that will happen so we can readdress the balance.

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posted Nov 30, 2009

hmm my previous post got removed by the mods. so not going to repost the whole of it just to say as a neutral

Ireland deserved the win and congratulations to them, no way did South Africa deserve the win...least no by the match I saw.

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comment by Nhando (U10094360)

posted Nov 30, 2009

I think the Irish deserved the win. I don't think it would have been the case if a full strength (and less jaded) Boks squad were present, but they played the team in front of them, and took their chances better.

I can't see why anyone (whinging Irish and Bok supporters) can't appreciate two good sides playing each other. Most likely you did not actually play the game, so have less respect for the game itself!

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posted Nov 30, 2009

"I still believe South Africa did not deserve to lose to Ireland on Saturday" - BB

Why they make a link to such stupid comments on the main page is beyond me!

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posted Dec 1, 2009

Best team on the day won thanks to Declan Kidney who cleverly motivates his guys to motivate themselves.

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