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England selection analysis.

by matt (U10908550) 23 November 2009
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What will jonno have learnt from an autumn series ravaged by injuries.

Hooker. one position jonno will be pleased about, hartly and thomson both look useful and will be in the 22 going forward

Props. dont think he'll have much of an idea here. sheridan when fit? wilson showing promise.

locks. borthwick will remain captain, showed he can perform in an england shirt jonno will stand by him. shaw until he retires. lawes shows promise but only promise not established at all. beyond those 3 who knows...

6. croft dropped and called back due to injury clearly question marks there

7. moody put in a big claim here, could well be established.

8. i think haskell has shown he should be part of the 22 but where, needs to establish himself in a position and hold on to it. easter should return.

9. no one established here for me, lots of options leaves more questions than answers

10. jonny's great defensivly but im not sure about him going forward, flood could be an option coming back and geraghty looks better at first reciever than elsewhere. cipriani?

wings. cueto and monye are the players in possession but there are so many other options. people are crtical of banahan but he definately offers extra power.strettle, JSD, sackey, varndell loads.

centres. flutey has had long term injury, tindall offers expereince other than that, will jonno have a clue...

full back. armitage is number one when fit but again long term injury is a problem

Seems a lot more questions than answers. I think balance and consistency in selction is key to england playing as a cohesive team and ultimatley being sucessful. good luck jonno i dont envy you.

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posted Nov 24, 2009

don't know what happened to the rest of the team in the middle of that. should have been-

sheridan, mears, vickery, shaw, borthwick, croft, moody, easter; ellis, wilkinson, monye, flutey, tindal, cueto, armitage

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comment by lorus59 (U6516963)

posted Nov 24, 2009

I would ban the drop-kick. It's unsatisfying way to win the game in my opinion.

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comment by Silk (U1717598)

posted Nov 24, 2009

englandglory4ever is insane. Obsessed with size.

Flutey is our IC. no question about it. And Croft is by far our best attacking forward. He makes yards, none of the others (bar Easter) do.

Banahan couldn't catch a cold. If you want a winger who can score tries, but is solid in the tackle and has a sound defensive game, Cueto is the man.

If Banahan wants to play, he should replace Borthwick at Lock.

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posted Nov 24, 2009

I am pleased to see that Easter has finally started getting some recognition on 606, it was not long ago that people were saying he is to slow, not dynamic enough, not carrying etc etc.

Ok, yea I know, I am a Quins supporter, just an observation.

ps re. the 9's it is not easy to comment on the ability of any 9 in an England shirt at the moment. He can only provide good service to the fly half if the forwards provide him good service. That said, agree that Simpson should have had a run out.

Last comment, please Mr Johnson sir, boot borthwick, play Lawes

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posted Nov 24, 2009

Last season Englansd started playing well with Flood, Flutey, Ellis, and Armitage.

Tindall did have a role in this.

All five have been injured so frankly I am sure MJ will bring all five back knowing how conservative he is.

So you will have Ellis, Wilko, Flood, Flutey, Tindall, Cueto, Monye, Armitage.

Flutey can play outside centre if Wilko and Flood play together leaving Tindall out.

Geraghty and Banahan should remain in the squad.

Banahan is still learning the game and has great potential as an outside centre.

My worry is the selection of the forwards - Wells, Rountree, and MJ are all renowned forwards and yet they made mistakes with retaining Payne, Deacon, and playing Crane is the first test match.

Why did Crane leapfrog Haskell all of a sudden bearing in mind MJ's conservatism?

is it because of pique as a result of his move to France even though MJ has been selecting players based in France for some while????

This is a tad contradictory which was indeed rubberstamped by Baron at the end of last season.

Do these guys not know how they contradict themselves?

Selecting Crane instead of Haskell may have cost England the game against Oz.

But then what about Payne who is struggling these days in the scrummage and he missed Lawes nick in the line-out from an Aussie throw and that lead to the key second try.

It worries me that real talent such as Foden and Lawes who are at the very least good game-breakers if not quality starters were never really given a chance.

Why was Deacon on the bench against NZ.

Why was Care on the bench?

Surely Foden could have covered both FB and SH?

Personally I am going to send a few articles to Martyn Thomas including those in the Times and the Rugby Paper.

As Baron is at last going, perhaps they should move Andrew upstairs and put a real technical director in post such as SCW or Geech.

Intersting that Andrew did not say anything about England players going to France but MJ and Baron did - what does Andrew actually do?

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posted Nov 24, 2009

I honestly think the weakest link is the 'Manager'. Yes he had a lot of injury issues to deal with but to put the scrummaging hooker against Australia and the ball player against Argentina can't be a winning move. Stating that worseley is world class, yet not good enough to play Australia? Selection is one of the biggest influences as a coach you can put on a game. To be as confusing as Johnno is can't be helping the team to play.

If you set out that you want game plan X, pick players who will conform to game plan X, not Y!

My front row, when fit/available wouldn't include Thompson or Vickery (which as a Cornishman hurts to say) Wilson needs someone to show some faith and let him have a run, Hartley could do with the same. Lets pick a scrum half from the half dozen names thrown at the hat and then pick the best of the rest to keep the heat up. Cipriani and Wilkinson should push each other to new heights once both are fit.

I think there are problems with the locks, the flankers and 8, partially who plays where, partially who plays at all.

Who should be captain? Who's guaranteed selection every time, even Wilko doesn't appear confident enough. His kicking from hand was shocking and that attempted drop goal should have been an attacking move, that just screams no confidence in what's outside.

MJ needs to move from Leicester, progress from 2003 and find a playing style and intensity that suits 2011, preferably by the next AIs.

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posted Nov 25, 2009

Moody 'walks the walk' and talks like a captain. For me, he gave the captain's speech after both games. Borthwick has not got the nous or leadership qualities. All the qualities of a captain. Jonno should follow suit.;-)

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posted Nov 25, 2009

Carter has now eclipsed Wilkinson, for all round game. Cipriani needs to concentrate on his rugby or forever remain a 'what might have been...'. He could be as good as Carter in some facets of his game; his defence and kicking under pressure at test level is still questionable, but the boy needs more experience. I have to say though, I am not averse to the idea of Geraghty as a test 10. He is phenomenally talented, runs goods lines, is very solid 15 1/2 stone. He could improve his kicking game further. Wilkinson needs to stand alot flatter and attack the gain line more. I agree with Guscott's selection for the backs. I think we have to use more and more younger players, like Australia. Only then can our youngsters get Test experience. Equally, the RFU needs to address why our youngsters coming through the ranks are not making the transition to the EPS squad. 'Something is rotten in the state of Denmark'. Hopefully with Francis Baron's retirement, the RFU will get simplify its structure. I would still like to see the return of SCW or even the Great Geech. <smiley>

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posted Nov 25, 2009

Was it the right move for Geraghty to go to Saints from Irish. I can't help thinking this has impeded his test rugby. He stands way to deep away from the gain line. Mind you so did Jonny...Humph

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posted Dec 2, 2009

Geragthy is playing well - maybe he or Flood should play 10 with Wilko at 12 and Fltey at 13.

Yes, I agree about the point regarding selection.

If Worsley is world class why was he not selected against Oz instead of Deacon who is not world class.

Croft could have played lock forward.

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