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Should Beckham go to the World Cup?

by Jonathan Stevenson (U1987325) 23 November 2009
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On Sunday, David Beckham played in the MLS Cup final for LA Galaxy against Real Salt Lake City in Seattle.

It may have been a far cry from the showpiece occasions he has played in in the past for Manchester United and Real Madrid, but it was an important test for the veteran midfielder.

Six months before Fabio Capello names his England squad for the World Cup in South Africa, the Italian may have used the game to gauge Beckham's form and fitness.

His team may have lost on penalties, but Beckham once again proved to any doubters he is far from finished. I think he should go to the World Cup next summer - but do you agree?

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posted Nov 27, 2009

That star struck, celeb loving Jack Warner FIFA chief whom is demanding to be personally entertained by David Beckham whilst he holds court over the knife edge 2018 World Cup host nation decision? Why doesn’t the F.A just go for it big time by using a celeb-centric lobbying strategy?

Can you just imagine how flattered Mr Warner will be if he opens his door only to be then surprised by a F.A lobbying party consisting of elite Hello Magazine ‘shock-troops’ David Beckham and The Cheeky Girls?

Can you imagine how impressed and won over he’d be by Beckham giving it large with that ‘intensely provocative frowning’ underwear model expression with his usual 0.50MB of vocabulary repertoire all seasoned with added pretence of Dickens ‘Uriah Heep-esque’ mega-humble and mega-insincerity characterisation.

Imagine! Just imagine, yes! picture this in your minds eye at the very same time this is all going on two purple n’sparkly tight hot-pants wearing Cheeky Girls are strengthening England’s World Cup bid even further by doing a teasing and twirling song n’ dance rendition of their top 40 classic ‘Cheeky Song (Touch My Bum)’.

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posted Nov 27, 2009

Could it be that England's promotional problems are over?

Forget Prince William, Lord Coe, Beckham and the rest.

Cometh the hour, cometh the PR brochure. I give you Chelsea legend and one man youth system, opportunist and apparently one of the greatest dads of all time, John Terry.

It seems he is one of the most influential people in Britain and how our sad looking bid team needs his influence as it desperately tries to revive our flagging efforts to snare the World Cup.


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posted Nov 27, 2009

On the subject of sweeping things under the carpet! That story about the Beckham housekeepers whom were quizzed, bailed and then let off by the police for alleged theft of Beckham property? Something does not add up? I thought there would have been a very nice little earner from a Sunday paper 'exclusive' for the housekeepers there?

Strange how it completely disappeared off the medias/newspapers radar? Strange to see a total lack of follow up reporting on what would have been a Beckham story of ‘real’ substance? It was hardly one of those PR initiated non-news stories e.g. Beckham has haircut, Victoria has bunions, Beckham(s) buys this, that, and the other blah, blah, blah! Strange how a media that has reported the Beckham’s every move felt that a ‘real’ news story was not newsworthy? No post investigation interviews with the housekeepers? Beckham’s?

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posted Dec 4, 2009

the corporate media in the UK, know a successful WC bid will bring huge earning potential for all of them.
The boost in advertising alone is reason enough to dump any story that shows the sleezy side of Beckham, and threatens his "reputation" before the bid is decided.

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posted Dec 10, 2009

Why is everyone so negative about David Beckham?

Of course he should go too World Cup along with Michael Owen but whether he does will depend on the UK press who have picked the England team for the last decade.

Sorry but we are talking class players here who can at least get in their teams unlike Heskey who is good enough supposedly to ply for England but not Aston Villa Hmm something wrong there.

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posted Dec 10, 2009

brit1usa- We are talking about a player who was mildly useful player 10 years ago. He now m eanders around the pitch, quarterback position, for a team that would struggle in our Div 1. You believe the hype, we dont!

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posted Dec 11, 2009

Since when has the press been picking Capello's teams?

Owen will be considered if he can prove he is still good enough. Same goes for Beckham when he finishes his winter hols and starts playing at the required level again.

Capello has said as much.

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posted Dec 11, 2009

So have you seen him play in the USA?

Yes I agree the team he plays for would struggle in Div 1 same as all the teams in MLS the standard is very poor, but Beckham is perfoming way over and above everyone else adding a lot of class to a team that needs it.
His ability to cross the ball and find a team mate is something alot of playersin Premier League could learn from, including in this at the moment Stephen Gerrard who seems not able to clear first defender.

Beckham oozes class almost with every touch, he has matured from his days at Old Trafford and has a lot of vision on and off the ball.

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posted Dec 12, 2009

Keep on reading Hello magazine you havent a clue about football.Oozes class my backside.

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posted Dec 12, 2009

If Beckham is such a class above everyone else in the MLS how come he scored just the two goals and had three assists in the seventeen games he could be bothered to play in the season just ended?

No one, including Capello, puts much store in what he does or doesn't do in the MLS. His Milan form will decide what happens in South Africa.

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