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BBC blogger needs your help!

Huddersfield Town
by Paul Fletcher (U1816326) 17 November 2009
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Now then,

My name is Paul Fletcher and I write a Football League orientated blog on the BBC website. Those with spectacularly good memories might remember a piece I did with Blackie last season.

I noticed that the oldest player in your team that thrashed Wycombe was 27 (I say I noticed, that's what I was told).

With this in mind I wanted to get your thoughts on a number of things.

What do you think of the club's youth system and its ability to bring through home-grown players to the youth team? If you rate it, why?

And what do you think of your manager's activity in the transfer market? Do you rate the job he is doing?


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posted Nov 17, 2009

Paul thanks for the request.

The academy has always been an important part of the club and was headed up by the gent Gerry Murphy for over twenty years. During this time we have had the likes of Damian Duff, Andy Booth and Jon Stead pass through and move on to play Premiership football. Today we have a number in the first team squad including the highly rated goalkeeper Smithies...

As for purchases, we have been very lucky in this department to have a local boy done good who has become our owner and Chairman - a life long Town fan (I like to think about him as our own Steve Gibson). Dean Hoyle started a card stall with his wife which has now grown into a national chain...Card Factory. As with his business endeavours he has taken a pragmatic approach to managing the club, bringing in a young, hungry manager backed by a wealth of experience in the coaching team and a strong executive team to ensure the sound financial management of the club. As I think one of the boys mentioned above we have been in administration in recent times and Deano is ensuring that we can 'balance the books' as soon as possible.

With this sound management philosophy under Lee Clark we have bought a number of young, hungry, talented players (as you noted our old men in the team are mid 20's !) for reasonable fees. This approach is already showing dividend at home as we have become a exciting, free scoring team and the away form is also starting to pick up.

Interestingly (although it pains me a little as a fan to say this) due to a combination of attention to the finances and buying young, hungry talent our 'assets' such as Smithies, Pilkington and Rhodes are worth far more than their purchase price (if applicable). This should give us a safety net in the future if required.

The executive team are also developing the perception of the club in the local area and have shown great support for local charities.

As you will have seen with the style of football displayed on Saturday it is a good time to be a Town fan!

All the best with your blog.

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posted Nov 17, 2009

Our academy has been something us town fans have held up with pride for many years and have formed the core of our teams for the past few seasons at least
although many of the players are not of premiership quality they are right now good solid football league players who would not be out of place in the championship. the most notable player we have produced recently would be Alex Smithies our young goalie who has been attracting allot of attention from all over the country

as for the transfer market, Lee CLarke has made some excellent signings since he joined the club.
most are young fast exciting players, People like Rhodes and Robinson who have 13 and 9 goals respectivly in all competions, but for me his best signings have come at the back 4 . Peter Clark has been a revalation at centre back and club captain, ( i thinks hes the old one at 27) and the young right back Lee Petier has also shown he is an excellent player. and its starting to pay off , i think in our last 5 games we have only conceded 1 goal

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posted Nov 17, 2009

Agree with all the Town fans, spot on.
Once you have gathered this information can you pass it on to the producers of the football league show please?
The constant mistakes made on that show is ridiculas from so called experienced ex pros.


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posted Nov 18, 2009

Hey up

Not only was 27 the oldest player on the pitch on Saturday, we've not had a player older than 27 play yet this season! (Goodwin's the oldest so far, he's 28 this Friday).

We've a very young team this season so I think the blip we had earlier can be expected but the transfer policy of bringing in these young, exciting players packed with potential is absolutely spot-on but it's not just players we've bought who are contributing, the likes of Smithies, Skarz, Collins & the Clarke brothers are all academy graduates and have all at some point been first choice this season.

This is no new thing however, I seem to remeber a game towards the end of 2007 / 2008 season where we put out a team of:

T. Clarke
N. Clarke

All this team apart from Glennon were academy graduates (technically Schofield may not have been but he was bought from non-league aged 17) but not only that it was part of a six game unbeaten run and a five match run without conceding a goal.

It's been a common theme having young players over recent years, initially due to financial constraints but now we do seem to have a little backing behind us Clark is definitely going about things the right way snapping up the players with bags of potential, such as Rhodes, Peltier & Pilkington. These players could be important to Town for years to come and if not it is likely to only be because they've been sold at profit to play in higher leagues. Much preferable to the 36 year-olds on mega bugs Ternant bought in last summer like Lucketti & Unsworth!

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posted Nov 18, 2009

To be fair, everyone was calling for an experienced partner for Nat Clarke at the back, because Clarke&Mirfin wasn't working.
With the past experience of Lucketti at town, all Town fans (on 606 AND DATM) were raving the signing as he could bring Nat & Mirf on in their game.
It has obviously not worked out. And Lucketti only wanted to come on a 2 year contract, for which we are paying the price now.

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posted Nov 18, 2009

comment by LeedsScouser (U14151317)
posted 15 Hours Ago

Rhodes looks like Huddersfield's brightest prospect. Apparently he wants to play in the Championship next season so he could well be joining Leeds United.

Yes but he would want to stay in the championship so he would never jojn you lot. As one of your supporters said to a Peterborough fan thanks for keeping our place warm, bottom of the championship!! You aint got promoted yet so stop pretending you have

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posted Nov 18, 2009

The amount of youth players used in the last few years - particularly since administration - has been as much through necessity as anything. It is fortuitous that Gerry Murphy has provided us with as talented a generation as he did - so many of them are playing league football, if not at Town, as with Skarz, Clarke (N & T), Smithies, then elsewhere - as with John McCombe, who'll be featuring against us in the FA Cup soon, David Mirfin, who keeps showing up in the Championship looking disappointed as Scunthorpe concede, and Nat Brown, who drifts in and out of Macclesfield games as only he can.

A lot of the players brought through ARE local, too, which is a good thing in my book; Wakefield and Halifax spring to mind.

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posted Nov 18, 2009


The last home game we had there was 20 plus scouts at our match most probably watching our goalkeeper -

Alex Smithies who has all the ingredients to make it to the top.
He has great reflexes has improved is kicking dramatically to last season and cant half throw a ball to set up crucial counter attacks when other teams have corners etc which is a crucial weapon to have, it is always useful to have different options in a game such as long throws etc, he is the best player to come through towns academy in years and he is ENGLISH weyyyy!!

Also we recentley signed Anthony Pilkington from Stockport County in January for 500,000k, whom they signed from non league a year before that, he is also great And has potential to make it the top he has 2 great feet for a winger which i think is crucial in todays football to make the rise to the premiership, he is so comfortable when passing,crossing and shooting with both feet its unbeleaveable, he also is great at heading and is also pretty pacey and a great dribbler.

I predict good things for this lad so watch out for is name.

Also Jordan rhodes was signed from Ipswich in the summer for around 300,000k plus add ons which could rise to 850,000,

Ipswich fans were really unhappy when Roy Keane decided to get rid as they believed he would be a hit this season and the BBC Message boards were full of articles from Ipswich fans declaring there anger towards the sale of Rhodes.The rumour has it that the day he had is medical at Huddersfield he passed, but straight after was desperate to contact Keane as he wanted to stay at Ipswich but he wasnt interested in speaking to him and wanted rid.

Obviously only interested in spending big and not using youth players.

There loss however is our gain and Jordan Rhodes has scored 13 goals this season the most notable was his hatrick against Exeter of which was all with is head and now holds the record for the quickest ever headed hatrick, Rhodes however doesnt have a great deal of pace but makes up for it with is movement on and off the ball and he plays off the shoulder of the defender and is a great header and finisher of the ball and can link up play great he has a big future in the game and is also English, he has 13 goals this season.

Also nobody has noted Lee Novak who we signed from Non League Gateshead last season whom joined for the start of this year.

This lad does'nt stop running and closing defenders down and putting pressure on which has been crucial as in any league its crucial to put pressure on players when on the ball, he and Rhodes have been a revalation playing together.

Although Novak has only scored 3 goals he has been a great success in our play this year and a crucial player for us and has made the step up with ease and the goals will come for this lad.
So watch out for this lads name in the future.

There is also Lee Peltier,Gary Roberts,Theo Robinson,Lionel Ainsworth and Micheal Collins who are great players at this level and could quite easily play in the championship.

There are currently 6 players in the matchday 18 who have come through the academy.
They are Alex smithies,Nathan Clarke,Tom Clarke,Joe Skarz,Micheal CollinS and James Berrett.

Huddersfield town are a club on the up and a team to watch out for in the future as we have a chairman with a plan and money to spend behind us.

Hope this is a great help!

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posted Nov 19, 2009

Yo - a big thanks to (just about) everyone who has posted on this thread. You have been a massive help. I've lined up a chat with Clark and hope to get his take on the young guns at Town.

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posted Nov 19, 2009

What is “yo”? Is it a yo-yo that will go down the string, but fails to return to the top, or is the British Broadcasting Corporation trying to gain some street cred?

Nation shall speak American slang unto nation.

English language R.I.P.!

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