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reffing in the all black italy game

by Seanies Hand Off (U10811173) 14 November 2009
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Anyone think the ref is having a brutal game. He seems to applying different laws to each side in terms of advantage, He plays 3 second advantages to the Italians and 30 seconds for the all blacks.He hasnt penalised the all black flankers for not binding on the scrum at all
He should have binned an italian player by now(other than the dangerous tackle) seeing as though he has penalised them numerous times for being off their feet and probably 7 times for offside
He is just having a brutal game for me

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posted Nov 14, 2009

Absolutly disgracful by my ABs, I'm embaressed by that in a way I havn't been for years - echos of the early 00s when the Canterbury team worn black and lost to England and almost Ireland through a weird unwillingness to play rugby. Also this ridiculous equal oppertunities rule whereby the IRB feels compelled to give Aussie refs a certain number of tests to control must end now, its ruining to much rugby.
This awful game represents a missed oppertunity for rugby, for which I don't blame the limited Italian team who played to type (ie dull but willing). Not only were the ABs lacking in ambition and character, but in that blatent cheating in the last minuetes by our front row was every bit as cheap and cowardly as the actions of Gethin Jenkins in the final scrums against Samoa.
I thought we were above that, naivly as it turns out. Sad.

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posted Nov 14, 2009

Oh No, Dickinson had a poor game, I've never heard this before.

What did you say? He doesn't ref the scrums or offside properly, ahem...I've been saying for YEARS, he is an A Grade TOOLBAG.

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posted Nov 14, 2009

Stu Dickenson should be dropped from reffing internationals immediately! He's cocked up far too many times and this one takes the cake! <steam>

And the AllBlacks should be ashamed of themselves ... they shouldn't have resorted to the kind of tactics they used. Poor show.<cry>

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posted Nov 15, 2009

By all accounts the AB's literally should be ashamed of themselves, i didn't see any of the game so cant offer my own input.
and as for Dickenson, he has been ruining international rugby since his first match in charge.

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comment by B (U6857088)

posted Nov 15, 2009

"i personally would have given a penalty try if for no other reason than to give the 80,000 that went to see the game something to crow about."

This is one step away from taking bribes and an absolutely disgraceful comment to make. We can all take comfort from the fact that the closest you will get to refereeing is a match involving the bed bugs on your bed vs the termites on your lounge suite!!

I gave up watching this game as it was unbelievably boring, some of the selections in black for this tour are strange ones.

I expect alot of the team that played this match to fall into obscurity as younger players from this years NPC develop in next years S14....I refer to Cruden, Whitelock, e.t.c

Personally i wouldve taken them on this tour,
Cruden has been picked for the hurricanes and some of the teams they will play are stronger then this italian side, so this was the game to see if he has what it takes...

Unfortunately its lead to alot of players that are all blacks this year but wont be next year coming on this tour.

Interesting comments from Nick Mallett here:
"We had an opportunity to finish with a try and I think we would have scored a pushover try had there not been penalties.

"To not get seven points at the end was disappointing because I thought my forwards deserved it."

A bit of a lack of ambition being shown here if you ask me, if your coach is talking about a opportunity for a try in the last 5 minutes to close the gap to 7 - instead of his teams lack of enterprise and skilled play that might have lead to the gap not being 14 points with 5 to go in the first place - well maybe its time to look at a more ambitious coach.

Though i respect

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comment by B (U6857088)

posted Nov 15, 2009

In Summary - Italy were given the chance of a lifetime to beat the All Blacks, most likely the weakest A.B combination in 100 years of rugby.

he B Team of an A Team where there are obvious areas of weakness is obviously going to have even bigger problems.

Instead they and the ref perhaps also mistook it for a bit of force back and wrestling

Of that All Black line up probably numbers from 4 through to 12 will never play in black again. Perhaps McAllister will get some time in the reserves, but he looks a worse player for his european experience, and perhaps lacks the mental strength to work and improve on his games weak areas.

Expect a carter-cruden inside back combo next year, and the donalds of this world to go find some game time in europe.

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posted Nov 15, 2009

MBTGOG, everytime the italian pack got a push on and started going forward the kiwi front row dropped, how you can say from 5 meters out, with momentum behind them and the opposition front row falling apart that they were not next to certain to score a try if play was allowed to continue(ie the all blacks didnt drop the scrum) for another 5 seconds is beyond me

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posted Nov 15, 2009

The only thing disgraceful woody is your over the top knee jerk brand of self righteous twaddle. Although, it's followed closely by your lack of functional literacy.

'That' comment made by someone who has never bothered to ref, let alone an international talking about reffing decisions on an internet board, with the whole tenor of his post being that the AB's are NOT favored by the ref is a fair few steps away from the step of 'taking bribes'. About as far away as your little reply is from winning a nobel prize in literature one suspects.

It was an allusion to the guts shown by the Italian team, the support showing by the Italian crowd and that the only decision which was crucial that went against the Italians was arguable.

The sentence 'You are not a complete tool woody' is one step away from the sentence 'You are a complete tool woody'. It is however, one step too far.

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posted Nov 17, 2009

Was at the game and it was terrible both from in terms of action and refereeing. I never understand how the all blacks are allowed to do whatever they want at every breakdown. Everytime an Italian was tackled the All Blacks flew in off their feet and lay all over the ball without reprimand. Likewise the Italians never bothered with the offside lines and were largely left to do this.

As for the scrum situation: a penalty try can be awarded if the all blacks are believed to have intentionally and illegally stopped the scrum being driven over the line. Since everyone, even the ref, had seen the Italians destroying the All Black front row all game and since the referee yellow carded the all black prop for repeatedly wheeling the scrum illegally whilst five metres out, and since the ref had already given atleast one (I think two) penalties in a row for all blacks collapsing the scrum as Italy pushed forward. It is surely obvious that a penalty try should have been given. Shame, was no less than Italy deserved.

Gatland was right, remember how much stick Wayne Barnes was given after France beat NZ at the world cup. No referee wants to be responsible for giving big decisions against the all blacks.

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posted Nov 18, 2009


I'm just telling you what the situation is.

Also, referees are being told to be a lot tougher giving those penalty tries especially after Nigel Owens last year gave one before the ball was even put in <doh>

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